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Congenital Zika virus increases risk for sensorineural hearing loss

September 29, 2016

Children impacted by congenital Zika virus should be considered at an increased risk for hearing impairment and late-onset hearing loss, warranting regular follow-up after initial screenings, according to a recent MMWR.

“Hearing loss is a well-established feature of other congenital infections, including cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis, herpes simplex and syphilis,” Mariana C. Leal, PhD, professor of otolaryngology from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil, and colleagues wrote. “In these syndromes, the hearing loss is sensorineural, usually bilateral, and severe or profound; it is often undetectable at birth, and sometimes it is progressive or fluctuating.”

Senate approves $1.1b in Zika funding as part of stopgap spending bill

September 28, 2016
The Senate on Wednesday passed a bill to keep the federal government running through Dec. 9, including $1.1 billion in long-awaited emergency funding for prevention and…
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Provider-based data reveal greater asthma, reduced eczema rates

September 28, 2016
Provider-based diagnosis data yielded an association between food allergy and the development of respiratory allergy, along with lower rates of eczema and higher rates…

HHS releases EHR contract guide, IT 'playbook' for clinicians

September 28, 2016
HHS has released a pair of practical online guides aimed at assisting clinicians and hospitals to manage their electronic health records and other information…
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Universal HAV vaccine protects children in Argentina up to 9 years

September 28, 2016
Children aged 1 year in Argentina experienced sustained immunologic protection up to 9 years after receiving a single-dose of a universal hepatitis A virus vaccine…
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VIDEO: Flublok demonstrates superior efficacy over IIV

April 21, 2016
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