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Pediatric EDs report limited adherence to antibiotic stewardship

February 27, 2017

Despite high antibiotic prescription rates by ED providers, pediatric EDs reported a lack of involvement in antimicrobial stewardship policies, including the creation of antibiotic recommendations, prescription monitoring and regulation of ED antibiotic prescribing, according to a recent survey.

“Each year, approximately 250 million antibiotic prescriptions are written from the ED; as many as 30% of antibiotics prescribed in the ED are considered either inappropriate or unnecessary,” Rakesh D. Mistry, MD, MS, of the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, and colleagues wrote. “ASP implementation for EDs can be challenging because of the unique approach to antibiotic prescribing in this fast-paced clinical setting, where need for empiric antibiotic therapy in the absence of a confirmatory diagnosis is common.”

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