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Evaluation of child-abuse victims for fractures varies across hospitals

July 28, 2015

The evaluation practices for occult fractures in pediatric patients diagnosed with abuse varies significantly across U.S. hospitals, revealing an area for improvement in quality of care, according to a recent study. 

“Our results show a lack of uniform adherence to occult fracture evaluation recommendations in young victims of abuse,” Joanne N. Wood, MD, MSHP, of the division of general pediatrics and at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and colleagues wrote. “The marked variation in occult fracture evaluation rates among infants with high-risk injuries raises concerns for missed opportunities to detect abuse and protect children.”
Researchers gathered a cohort of 4,486 pediatric patients aged younger than 2 years with a diagnosis of abuse and children aged younger than 1 year with a non-motor vehicle crash related brain injury or femur fracture. This data was collected from 366 hospitals, using a large database that includes medical information from more than 2,000 hospitals and clinics.

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