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Antimicrobial stewardship reduces pediatric C. difficile infections, costs

October 9, 2015

SAN DIEGO — Rates for Clostridium difficile infections declined significantly among hospitalized pediatric patients after implementation of an antimicrobial stewardship program, according to data presented at IDWeek 2015.

“Hospitalized children were three times less likely to become sick with Clostridium difficile, a serious bacterial infection that can occur after prolonged antibiotic use, following implementation of a physician-led antibiotic stewardship program,” Jean Wiedeman, MD, PhD, of the department of pediatrics at the University of California, Davis Medical Center, told Infectious Diseases in Children. “These programs reduce the misuse of antibiotics and therefore C. diff, and also result in antibiotic cost savings. By reducing antibiotic use, the hospital saved 20 percent in antimicrobial costs after the program was implemented.”

New wound closure technique may decrease infection after scoliosis surgery

October 9, 2015
Surgeons at NYU Langone Medical Center have developed a new wound closure technique following scoliosis surgery to reduce infections, according to a study recently…

CMS, ONC issue new rules to make EHR better accessed, more useful

October 9, 2015
HHS has issued new rules to the Electronic Heath Record Incentive Program and the Health IT Certification Program that will make EHR information more available to…
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Cerebrospinal fluid test for detecting multiple pathogens gains FDA allowance

October 9, 2015
The FDA recently allowed marketing of the first cerebrospinal fluid nucleic acid-based panel for concurrent detection of multiple pathogens responsible for central…
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Psychostimulants may reduce risk for anxiety in children with ADHD

October 9, 2015
Results from a meta-analysis show a reduced risk for anxiety among children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder receiving psychostimulant treatment compared…
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Prosthetics Pediatrics Video
VIDEO: Presenters discuss prosthetic management for children with fibular, tibial hemimelia

VIDEO: Presenters discuss prosthetic management for children with fibular, tibial hemimelia

May 15, 2015
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