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Age at gluten introduction not linked to risk for celiac disease

January 30, 2015

Results from a prospective, multinational study indicate that age at first introduction to gluten is not an independent risk factor for celiac disease.

“The incidence of celiac disease is increasing in the Western world. The optimal age at first introduction to gluten to avoid development of celiac disease has been rigorously debated,” study researcher Carin Andrén Aronsson, MSc, of Lund University in Malmö, Sweden, and colleagues wrote. “Several studies hypothesized that the age at first introduction to gluten could influence the onset of the disease. Others claim that breast-feeding and its interaction with gluten during weaning could reduce the risk for celiac disease.”

Anne Schuchat

As measles count rises, CDC encourages MMR vaccination

January 29, 2015
Since Jan. 1, 84 cases of measles across 14 states have been reported, 67 of which have been linked to the outbreak stemming from Disneyland resort theme parks…
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Arizona tracking hundreds of people after possible measles exposure

January 29, 2015
Public health officials in Arizona are monitoring 1,000 people, including 195 children who may have been exposed to measles, stemming from the outbreak that originated…
Elizabeth A. Sinclair, PharmD In the Journals

Higher doses of vancomycin linked to kidney injury in children

January 29, 2015
Acute kidney injury was common among hospitalized children who received vancomycin, with higher doses associated with an increased risk for kidney damage, according to…
Ravi M. Patel, MD, MSc In the Journals

Mortality declined among extremely premature infants

January 28, 2015
The rates of overall mortality decreased among extremely premature infants from 2000 through 2011, specifically infant deaths ascribed to bronchopulmonary dysplasia and…
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