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ACP states support for eliminating non-medical vaccination exemptions

July 29, 2015

The American College of Physicians has added “eliminating existing exceptions for immunizations,” other than “medical reasons,” to its list of policy recommendations, according to a press release. 

“Allowing exemptions based on non-medical reasons poses a risk both to the unvaccinated person and to public health,” Wayne J. Riley, MD, MPH, MBA, MACP, ACP President, said in a press release. “Intentionally unvaccinated individuals can pose a danger to the public, especially to individuals who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.”

EMA approves use of Mosquirix for malaria prevention among sub-Saharan African children

July 27, 2015
The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use of the European Medicines Agency recently adopted a positive scientific opinion for the malaria candidate vaccine…
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Vaccine program protects Australian women against 4vHPV

July 27, 2015
A national vaccine program has yielded nearly complete control of human papillomavirus types targeted by the quadrivalent vaccine in Australian-born women aged 21 years…
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Investigational vaccine MenABCWY produces strong immune response

July 21, 2015
Recent data showed that children and adolescents who received two or three doses of MenABCWY had immune responses greater than or comparable to a single dose of…

Identifying and Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

Pediatric Annals, April 2015, Volume 44 Issue 4
In the 20th century, the introduction of multiple vaccines significantly reduced childhood morbidity, mortality, and…
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Immunization An Update

Keck School of Medicine of USC and Pediatric Annals

In the current environment of increasing vaccine refusal, the pediatrician has a powerful role to play as a trusted…
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Vaccine acceptance strategies must affirm safety, efficacy of vaccines

Vaccine acceptance strategies must affirm safety, efficacy of vaccines

May 6, 2015
SAN DIEGO — Kathryn M. Edwards, MD, an Infectious Diseases in Children Editorial Board member, highlights some…
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Edward A. Bell, PharmD, BCPS Pharmacology Consult

New antimicrobials: What took so long?

Infectious Diseases in Children, March 2015
Edward A. Bell, PharmD, BCPS
A relative lack of new antimicrobial drugs has plagued the infectious disease arena in recent times. As microbial pathogens deftly and rapidly…
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Rates of health care-associated, antibiotic-resistant bacteremia increase in ED

March 11, 2015
Bacteremia among children presenting to the ED is becoming increasingly health care-associated and resistant to empirical antibiotics, according to…
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Centralized immunization reminder/recall system more effective vs. practice-based system

March 10, 2015
A collaborative centralized immunization reminder/recall notification system was more effective and more cost effective compared with a…
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Statewide universal vaccine policy reduced rotavirus strains, hospitalizations

March 9, 2015
MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Implementation of a universal pentavalent rotavirus vaccine in Rhode Island significantly reduced the number of…

Study uses real-time Twitter data to understand vaccine refusal

March 7, 2015
A multi-institutional team of researchers has initiated a study which will draw in part on Twitter analyses to better understand vaccine refusal…
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Infants younger than 3 months with pertussis show greater mortality risk

March 6, 2015
MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Infants aged younger than 3 months exhibited the highest morbidity and mortality from Bordetella pertussis infections…

EMA approves immunization schedule for pediatric 6-in-1 vaccine

March 5, 2015
The European Medicines Agency has approved a “2+1” immunization schedule for Hexyon, a pediatric vaccine that protects against multiple…
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Most pneumonia hospitalizations occur in children aged younger than 5 years

March 4, 2015
Seventy percent of pneumonia hospitalizations were among children aged younger than 5 years, according to study findings published in the New
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Parent-requested delays in pediatric vaccinations require intervention

March 2, 2015
Many pediatricians and family physicians report receiving parental requests to spread out children’s immunization schedules, and despite…

ACIP confirms recommendation for annual influenza vaccination

February 27, 2015
In a unanimous decision, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices supported the recommendation that all people aged 6 months and…
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