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Female clinicians more likely to initiate vaccinations at acute visits

May 27, 2016

Recent research in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that, along with other clinical characteristics related to vaccination, female clinicians were more likely to administer vaccinations to adolescents during acute care visits.

“Because little is known about gender-related differences in delivery of adolescent preventive care, we examined the relationship between clinician, child, and guardian gender and receipt of HPV vaccine compared to Tdap and MCV4 vaccines, which are not associated with a sexually transmitted infection or gender-specific diseases,” Laura Johnson Faherty, MD, MPH, of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program at the University of Pennsylvania, and colleagues wrote.

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Neither financial nor educational programs improve vaccination rates

May 26, 2016
Recent study data showed that participating in a financial services program or virtual learning collaborative led to self-reports of increased vaccination rates…
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Infant rotavirus vaccination program reduces hospitalizations by 70%

May 25, 2016
Implementation of a rotavirus vaccination program in Ontario resulted in significant decreases in hospitalizations and ED utilization, according to results published in…
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FDA approves Flucelvax Quadrivalent

May 24, 2016
The FDA recently approved Flucelvax Quadrivalent — the first seasonal influenza vaccine to be cell-derived and to protect against the four major strains of…

Prevention and Control of Influenza and Dengue Through Vaccine Development

Pediatric Annals, August 2013, Volume 42 Issue 8
CME Educational Objectives 1.Review the impact of influenza infection in the pediatric population. 2. Discuss the…
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Operation Immunization 2016: Enhancing HPV Immunization

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Merck & Co. Inc.

During the last decade, several new vaccines, including the meningococcal conjugate (MCV4), tetanus, diphtheria…
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PAS 2016

PAS 2016

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Recommendation challenges persist for HPV, influenza, meningoccocal vaccines

November 21, 2015
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Incentives improve rabies vaccination coverage

December 17, 2015
Recent findings published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases showed that brightly colored dog collars and owner wristbands, which distinguished…

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FDA expands Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine approval to boys, young men

December 16, 2015
The FDA expanded the age indication for Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine to include boys and men aged 16 to 26 years, according to a press release from Merck…

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Investigational hexavalent vaccine safe, effective when given with RotaTeq, Prevnar 13

Infectious Diseases in Children, December 2015
An investigational combination hexavalent vaccine for protection against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliovirus, Haemophilus influenzae type b…

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Home intervention, education improve childhood vaccination rates

December 8, 2015
Among children at high risk for poor health outcomes, home interventions with trained health care workers who provided information and education…

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Measles and rubella eliminated in the Americas; more work needed for global elimination

December 8, 2015
NEW YORK – Louis Z. Cooper, MD, of the department of pediatrics at Columbia University, discusses how rubella and measles have been eliminated…

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Two strategies emerge to eradicate polio from Nigeria

December 7, 2015
Researchers from WHO discovered that engaging youth groups and tracking vaccination teams with smartphones were two effective strategies to deliver…

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Polio declines in Pakistan; complete immunization remains a challenge

December 3, 2015
While immunization gaps exist, the number of people with polio in Pakistan declined 84% during a 9-month period this year compared with 2014…

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Infection control in day care centers crucial to reducing burden of infection

December 2, 2015
NEW YORK — Infections among children initiated in day care settings can affect the health of parents and staff, requiring greater compliance…

Experts: Promotion of HPV vaccination must focus on cancer prevention

December 2, 2015
In December 2014, the FDA approved a next-generation HPV vaccine that protects against nine HPV types among females aged 9 through 26 years and males…

Vaccine-derived poliovirus emerges in Laos

December 1, 2015
WHO has reported three cases of vaccine-derived poliovirus circulating in the Bolikhan district of Laos, according to a press…

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