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Maternal immunization protects infants against influenza for 8 weeks

July 25, 2016

Influenza vaccination during pregnancy protected infants against the illness for a limited duration of 8 weeks, a recent study reported.

“The incidence of influenza illness among infants is high and is associated with a substantial increase in outpatient visits and hospitalizations during the influenza season, especially among infants younger than 6 months of age,” Marta C. Nunes, PhD, of the respiratory and meningeal pathogens research unit at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, and colleagues wrote. “While active annual influenza vaccination is the most efficient mode for the prevention of influenza, current vaccines are poorly immunogenic and not licensed for use for infants younger than 6 months of age.”

Complications common in Spanish children with extrapulmonary TB

July 15, 2016
Recent findings from a Spanish study showed that immigrant status, immune disorders and drug resistance were linked to pediatric extrapulmonary tuberculosis, with 40% of…
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Meningococcal B outbreak response reveals higher frequency of vaccine-related health events

July 14, 2016
Data from research conducted during an outbreak of serogroup B meningococcal disease on a university campus revealed that vaccine-related health events occurred more…

Arizona measles outbreak grows to 22 confirmed cases

July 12, 2016
An outbreak of measles associated with a private Arizona immigration detention center has grown to 22 confirmed cases, according to news releases from the Arizona…
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Navigating Parental Vaccine Hesitancy

Pediatric Annals, August 2010, Volume 39 Issue 8
Pediatricians routinely encounter families who question the safety and necessity of childhood immunizations. Responding…
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Immunization Updates 2015: Pediatrics & Adolescents

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Despite the proven remarkable effectiveness of vaccines and the striking global impact of immunization campaigns in…
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PAS 2016

PAS 2016

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HPV vaccination falling short due to providers, not parents

November 22, 2015
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VIDEO: New approaches needed to address vaccine resistance

April 19, 2016
BALTIMORE — Gregory A. Poland, MD, head of the Vaccine Research Group at the Mayo Clinic, discusses the reasons for vaccine resistance and…

World marks switchover to bivalent oral polio vaccine

April 15, 2016
Between April 17 and May 1, 155 countries and territories around the world will stop using the trivalent oral polio vaccine and begin using a…

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PCV13 vaccine deemed effective in preventing pneumococcal disease

April 13, 2016
The majority of pediatric patients who received the 13-valuent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in this study showed no signs of pneumococcal disease…

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Rotavirus gastroenteritis creates $50 million annual burden in Malaysia

April 12, 2016
Recent findings published in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal showed that annual rotavirus gastroenteritis incidence in Malaysia resulted in…


Operation Immunization 2016: Enhancing HPV Immunization

April 28, 2016 Expires: 4/27/2017
During the last decade, several new vaccines, including the meningococcal conjugate (MCV4), tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis (Tdap), human…

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Five things to know about the flu vaccine

April 10, 2016
As the 2015-2016 influenza season is coming to an end, Infectious Disease News has compiled a list of five stories that added new information about…


‘Epic fail’: Pediatrician hesitation hinders HPV vaccination

Infectious Diseases in Children, April 2016
Jason V. Terk, MD
A couple of years ago, “epic fail” was the phrase my teenage son used as I unsuccessfully attempted to beat him in a game we were…

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Concomitant administration of Trumenba with Menactra, Adacel passes noninferiority trial

April 7, 2016
A phase 2 noninferiority trial suggested that concomitant administration of Trumenba with Menactra and Adacel induced the same immune response as…

Measles case prompts charter school closure, quarantine in California

April 4, 2016
A student diagnosed with measles while attending a charter school in Nevada County, California, which maintains one of the lowest immunization rates…

H1N1 dominates mild 2015-2016 flu season

April 1, 2016
The 2015-2016 influenza season has been milder than the previous three seasons and appears to have peaked later than normal, according to the CDC…

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