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IBD treatment increases children’s risk for varicella, herpes zoster hospitalization

IBD treatment increases children’s risk for varicella, herpes zoster hospitalization
February 10, 2016

Children who receive immunosuppressive therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases are at an increased risk for varicella- and herpes zoster-related hospitalizations, according to recent research in The Journal of Pediatrics.

“We identified a significant association between [inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)] and hospitalization for both varicella and herpes zoster among hospitalized children,” Daniel J. Adams, MD, and Cade M. Nylund, MD, both of the department of pediatrics at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. “The effect size of this association was comparable with that observed in children with HIV, malignancy, and primary immune deficiency.”

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