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Complications common in Spanish children with extrapulmonary TB

July 15, 2016

Recent findings from a Spanish study showed that immigrant status, immune disorders and drug resistance were linked to pediatric extrapulmonary tuberculosis, with 40% of patients presenting with complications.

“Our study describes the epidemiology, clinical spectrum and diagnostic challenges of pediatric [extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB)] in a low-burden region,” Begoña Santiago, PhD, at Hospital General Universitario Gergorio Marañón in Madrid, and colleagues wrote. “Few reports have specifically addressed pediatric EPTB, and this represents the largest series from a low-burden region over the last decades.”

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Meningococcal B outbreak response reveals higher frequency of vaccine-related health events

July 14, 2016
Data from research conducted during an outbreak of serogroup B meningococcal disease on a university campus revealed that vaccine-related health events occurred more…

Arizona measles outbreak grows to 22 confirmed cases

July 12, 2016
An outbreak of measles associated with a private Arizona immigration detention center has grown to 22 confirmed cases, according to news releases from the Arizona…
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Maternal influenza vaccination linked to reduced respiratory illness among infants

July 11, 2016
Infants born to mothers who received influenza vaccine during pregnancy were less likely to be hospitalized for acute respiratory illnesses during influenza season…

Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks: Still with Us After All These Years

Pediatric Annals, April 2015, Volume 44 Issue 4
Outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases continue to occur in the United States, and they have been occurring at…
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Immunization An Update

Keck School of Medicine of USC and Pediatric Annals

In the current environment of increasing vaccine refusal, the pediatrician has a powerful role to play as a trusted…
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PAS 2016

PAS 2016

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VIDEO: Recent progress in development of universal flu vaccine

April 19, 2016
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Influenza vaccine effectively treats obese children

December 23, 2015
Influenza vaccine was effective among a cohort of obese children, a population that tends to have longer duration of illness when infected, according…


Infants infected with vaccine-derived polio in Myanmar

December 22, 2015
Two children have contracted circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 with accompanying acute flaccid paralysis in Myanmar, according to WHO…

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Vaccine coverage among teens with chronic health conditions above average

December 18, 2015
Vaccine coverage among adolescents with chronic health conditions was greater than that of healthy adolescents, highlighting important gaps in…

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Incentives improve rabies vaccination coverage

December 17, 2015
Recent findings published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases showed that brightly colored dog collars and owner wristbands, which distinguished…

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FDA expands Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine approval to boys, young men

December 16, 2015
The FDA expanded the age indication for Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine to include boys and men aged 16 to 26 years, according to a press release from Merck…

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Investigational hexavalent vaccine safe, effective when given with RotaTeq, Prevnar 13

Infectious Diseases in Children, December 2015
An investigational combination hexavalent vaccine for protection against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliovirus, Haemophilus influenzae type b…

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Home intervention, education improve childhood vaccination rates

December 8, 2015
Among children at high risk for poor health outcomes, home interventions with trained health care workers who provided information and education…

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Measles and rubella eliminated in the Americas; more work needed for global elimination

December 8, 2015
NEW YORK – Louis Z. Cooper, MD, of the department of pediatrics at Columbia University, discusses how rubella and measles have been eliminated…

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Two strategies emerge to eradicate polio from Nigeria

December 7, 2015
Researchers from WHO discovered that engaging youth groups and tracking vaccination teams with smartphones were two effective strategies to deliver…

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Polio declines in Pakistan; complete immunization remains a challenge

December 3, 2015
While immunization gaps exist, the number of people with polio in Pakistan declined 84% during a 9-month period this year compared with 2014…

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