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HIV Vaccine Awareness Day: Research continues for effective preventive, therapeutic vaccines

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day: Research continues for effective preventive, therapeutic vaccines
May 18, 2016

National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day is observed annually on May 18 to mark the progress made in developing an effective HIV vaccine, to acknowledge those who have contributed to vaccine research and to educate communities about the importance of this research.

“The road to finding a vaccine for HIV has certainly been a long and arduous one,” Rowena Johnston, PhD, vice president and director of research at amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, told Infectious Disease News. “It began in the earliest days of HIV research in the 1980s as soon as they discovered the cause of AIDS as HIV. Some people thought that at least having identified the virus would help in terms of developing a vaccine. It turns out that HIV is so exquisitely adapted for the human body that so many of the things we try against the virus just don’t work.”

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Uniformity in male HPV vaccinations encouraged in Canada

May 18, 2016
A recent Canadian analysis published in CMAJ reported that male vaccination programs are necessary in order to ensure equality in protection from HPV-associated diseases…

Ongoing varicella outbreak affects 75 children in New York

May 17, 2016
The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene recently issued an advisory to physicians concerning an ongoing investigation into 75 cases of varicella in the…
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Electronic data exchange improves child, adolescent vaccine status

May 16, 2016
Exchanging data between a city-run immunization registry system and patients’ electronic medical health records helped to improve child and adolescent vaccine…

Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks: Still with Us After All These Years

Pediatric Annals, April 2015, Volume 44 Issue 4
Outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases continue to occur in the United States, and they have been occurring at…
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Operation Immunization 2016: Enhancing HPV Immunization

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Merck & Co. Inc.

During the last decade, several new vaccines, including the meningococcal conjugate (MCV4), tetanus, diphtheria…
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PAS 2016

PAS 2016

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New mothers preferred to receive vaccine information from pediatrician vs. obstetrician

May 12, 2015
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More effective, timely HPV vaccine recommendations effective at increasing coverage rates

May 2, 2016
BALTIMORE – Improving the quality and increasing the frequency of HPV vaccine recommendations “drastically” increased overall…

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Adolescents with anxiety, depression more likely to exhibit HPV persistence

May 1, 2016
BALTIMORE — Stress and maladaptive coping mechanisms impacted HPV acquisition and persistence among girls and women, indicating a link between…

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Pertussis incidence significantly declines in New York after legislation

April 30, 2016
BALTIMORE — Data presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting showed that pertussis incidence decreased by more than 50% after the…

Six measles cases reported in Tennessee outbreak

April 28, 2016
Tennessee Department of Health officials have reported six cases of measles — five among unvaccinated infants and one in an unvaccinated adult…

Harvard mumps outbreak reaches 41 confirmed cases

April 27, 2016
The current outbreak of mumps among Harvard University students, faculty and staff continues to grow, with 41 confirmed cases, according to Harvard…

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Health workers identify motivators for OPV refusal in Pakistan

April 26, 2016
Health workers reported that parents in regions of Pakistan where polio is still endemic refuse oral polio vaccines for their children due to…

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VIDEO: Limited knowledge about Zika poses challenge in vaccine development

April 25, 2016
BALTIMORE — Col. Paul B. Keiser, MD, from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, reviews current progress in the development of a Zika…

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HPV vaccination increases among teens with health-seeking behaviors

April 21, 2016
BALTIMORE — HPV vaccination rates increased among high-risk urban youth with health-seeking behaviors, highlighting the significant influence…

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VIDEO: Flublok demonstrates superior efficacy over IIV

April 21, 2016
BALTIMORE — Lisa M. Dunkle, MD, chief medical officer and head of clinical research at Protein Sciences Corp., discusses results from a recent…

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VIDEO: William Schaffner, MD, discusses ACVR highlights

April 20, 2016
BALTIMORE — William Schaffner, MD, an Infectious Disease News Editorial Board member and medical director of the National Foundation for…

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