Infectious Diseases in Children


The following articles appeared in the print edition of INFECTIOUS DISEASES IN CHILDREN.

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Recent deaths, microcephaly cases in Brazil linked to Zika virus infection

Increased congressional funding supports antibiotic resistance effort

TB Alliance announces first-ever, fixed-dose TB drug designed for children

WHO: Young children account for 30% of foodborne illness-related deaths

Cover Story

‘Media hype’ distorts public view on infectious diseases

Everyday Pediatrics

Wrestling with the ghost of pediatrics yet to come

William T Gerson, MD

FDA News

FDA advisory committee recommends approval for Cinqair in adults only

FDA advisory committee recommends banning OTC codeine sold for children

FDA approves QuilliChew ER for pediatric ADHD

FDA proposes tanning bed age restrictions, safety measures

In the Journals

Adolescents recently prescribed ADHD medication at greater risk for bullying

Atopic disease associated with childhood anemia

Early administration of antibiotics helps prevent severe lower respiratory infection in children

Antidepressant use in second, third trimester may increase risk for autism

Meeting News Coverage

Infection control in day care centers crucial to reducing burden of infection

Misinformation, false perception of risk contribute to vaccine hesitancy

Elimination of vaccine exemptions serves children's best interests

Measles, other infectious diseases likely to return without vaccine adherence

Pharmacology Consult

The cost of care: Surging drug prices in the physician spotlight

Edward A Bell, PharmD BCPS

Spot the Rash

‘Sandpaper’ rash spreading over torso, limbs in a 15-year-old female

Andrew C Krakowski, MD; Emily Osier, MD

What's Your Diagnosis?

Widespread appearance of violaceous lesions in newborn male

James H Brien, DO