Infectious Diseases in Children


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Nucleic acid test deployed to screen donor blood supply for Zika in US

5 ‘tough talks’ with parents about preventing recreational water outbreaks

Cover Story

Pool maintenance violations put swimmers at risk for infections, injuries

Everyday Pediatrics

Finding the ‘essence of medicine’ for today’s pediatrician

William T. Gerson, MD

FDA News

FDA expands indication of Teflaro for pediatric patients with CABP, ABSSSIs

FDA approves store brand equivalent for Flonase

In the Journals

Residential moving dramatically impacts children’s physical, mental well-being

Kawasaki disease-linked psoriasiform eruptions differ from classic psoriasis

Nail matrix nevi in children exhibit more melanoma features vs. adults

Parents’ understanding of asthma medications may not match with recommendations

Infants’ peanut consumption found safe for future growth, nutrition

Single dose of oral cholera vaccine less effective in younger children

Access to detailed VAERS reports reduces vaccine acceptance

Childhood asthma increases risk for COPD in early adulthood

Google search trends effective for outbreak surveillance

Concomitant vaccine-related febrile seizures rare among infants

Meeting News Coverage

ACIP recommends that LAIV should not be used

ACIP recommends meningitis ACWY vaccine for persons with HIV

Pharmacology Consult

Sunscreen decoded: Myths about SPF, labels, recommendations

Edward A. Bell, PharmD, BCPS

Spot the Rash

7-month-old female with petechiae, purpura on the legs

Andrew C. Krakowski, MD; Laura F. Sandoval, DO

What's Your Diagnosis?

Summertime sighting: Painful swelling, erythema around the ankle

James H. Brien, DO