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Seven recent developments involving food allergy

October 24, 2014

Recent food allergy studies determined a risk for decreased growth for children with milk allergy, as well as the roles of interleukin-10 in a natural tolerance to egg allergy and interleukin-9 in differentiating peanut allergy from peanut sensitivity.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology has reported the influenza vaccine is safe for children with egg allergies, and it recommended the vaccine for those children. Here are highlights of recent developments presented on Allergy/Immunology:

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Hypoallergenic formula benefited children with food protein-induced GI allergy

October 24, 2014
Young children with food protein-induced gastrointestinal allergy not on a hypoallergenic formula did not receive micronutrient requirements, according to recent study…
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