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  • January 2015
  • Volume 44 · Issue 1
Table of Contents

What About E-cigarettes?

Stanford T. Shulman, MD

Firm Rounds

A 2-Year-Old Male with Persistent Fever and Pneumonia

Robert Listernick, MD

Healthy Baby/Healthy Child

Perpetually Perplexing Pediatric Patients: It’s Complicated: Part 2

Stan L. Block, MD, FAAP

Case Challenge

An 8-Year-Old Male with Generalized Itchy and Scaly Rash for 3 Weeks

Ahdi Amer, MD

Case Challenge

A 14-Year-Old Female with Difficulty Swallowing

Chaitra Mohan, MD; Brian D. Riedel, MD; Linda S. Nield, MD

Guest Editorial

Common Signs and Symptoms and Unusual Diagnoses: Part 1

Joseph R. Hageman, MD


A Neonate with a Vesiculopustular Rash

Dominic O. Ansari, MD, PhD; Gabrielle Lapping-Carr, MD; Mir Alikhan, MD; Maria L. Tsoukas, MD, PhD; Sarah L. Stein, MD; Jill L. O. de Jong, MD, PhD


A 3-Year-Old Female with Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, and an Abdominal Mass

Jaimee Holbrook, MD; Christopher Schneller, MD; Gabrielle Lapping-Carr, MD; Joseph R. Hageman, MD; Andrea Lo, MD, FRCSC


A 9-Year-Old Male with Hypertension

Nicole Poole, MD, MPH; Joel Schwab, MD; Joseph Hageman, MD


An Adolescent Girl with Crohn’s Disease, Fever, and Sore Throat

Richa Garg, MD; Colleen Rusciolelli, MD; Mark E. Gerber, MD


Medically Complex Children and Early Intervention for Comprehensive Medical Care at Home

Wendy Tian; Peter J. Smith, MD; Michael Msall, MD