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  • Current Issue
  • November 2014
  • Volume 43 · Issue 11
Table of Contents

Maltreatment of Children

Stanford T. Shulman, MD

Ask the Experts

School Refusal and Online High School

Robert J. Hilt, MD, FAAP

Firm Rounds

A 15-Year-Old Male with Pain and Numbness in His Right Foot

Robert Listernick, MD

Healthy Baby

“Nailing” the Management of the Ingrown Great Toenail

Stan L. Block, MD, FAAP

Case Challenge

A 9-Year-Old Female with Bilateral Leg Weakness After Influenza Vaccination

Shee Yen Tay, MD; Wing P. Chan, MD

Case Challenge

A 10-Week-Old Female with Fever and an Inability to Move Her Left Leg

Bilge Aldemir-Kocabas, MD; Adem Karbuz, MD; Suat Fitöz, MD; Ergin Çiftçi, MD; Erdal Ince, MD

Guest Editorial

Child Neglect

Howard Dubowitz, MD, MS, FAAP


Medical Neglect

Stephen C. Boos, MD, FAAP; Kristine Fortin, MD, MPH


Adequate Supervision for Children and Adolescents

James Anderst, MD, MSCI; Mary Moffatt, MD


Nutritional and Growth Issues Related to Child Neglect

Maureen M. Black, PhD; Chloe R. Drennen


The Safe Environment for Every Kid Model: Promotion of Children’s Health, Development, and Safety, and Prevention of Child Neglect

Howard Dubowitz, MD, MS, FAAP


Advocacy and Child Neglect

Scott D. Krugman, MD, MS, FAAP


Supraventricular Tachycardia in Infancy and Childhood

Andrew D. Spearman, MD; Paula Williams, MS, MD