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  • November 2015
  • Volume 44 · Issue 11
Table of Contents
Editorial Free

A Mixed Bag: Childhood Obesity and Polio

Stanford T. Shulman, MD

Firm Rounds Free

A 12-Year-Old Boy with Pars Planitis

Robert Listernick, MD

Healthy Baby/Healthy Child Free

Treating Teen Depression in Primary Care

Sabrina Santiago, MD

Case Challenge Free

A 5-Year-Old Girl with Fatigue, Diffuse Edema, and Weakness

Alexandra Barsell, BS; Jamie Librizzi, MD

Case Challenge Free

A 12-Month-Old Boy with a Soft Mass Over His Left 10th Rib

Yasemin Isik Balci, MD; Funda Akpinar, MD; Fatih Firinci, MD; Emine Ozdemir, MD; Emin Mete, MD; Nural Cevahir, MD; Aziz Polat, MD

Guest Editorial Free

Early Childhood Exposures and Risk for Adult Disease

Alison Chu, MD


The Perinatal Origins of Cardiovascular Disease

Alison Chu, MD; Theodore De Beritto, MD, MS


Neurodevelopmental Implications of Neonatal Pain and Morphine Exposure

Kalpashri Kesavan, MBBS


Early-Life Exposure to Antibiotics, Alterations in the Intestinal Microbiome, and Risk of Metabolic Disease in Children and Adults

Sushmita G. Yallapragada, MD; Colleen B. Nash, MD; Daniel T. Robinson, MD


Childhood Exposures and Risk of Malignancy in Adulthood

Vivian Y. Chang, MD, MS; Tom B. Davidson, MD

Feature Free

Common Neurocutaneous Syndromes

Heather Little, DO; Deepak Kamat, MD, PhD; Lalitha Sivaswamy, MD