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Pediatric Annals is America's most widely read journal for continuing education in the field of pediatrics. Each monthly issue provides a thorough, practical review of a single topic in pediatrics, carefully chosen by an editorial board composed of the leading pediatricians in the United States. Three credit hours in Category 1 for the Physician's Recognition Award of the AMA are offered for the successful completion of a CME quiz.

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  • Current Issue
  • September 2014
  • Volume 43 · Issue 9
Table of Contents

What, Ebola Here?

Stanford T. Shulman, MD

Firm Rounds

A 14-Hour-Old Female Infant with Seizures and Hemorrhagic Shock

Robert Listernick, MD

Healthy Baby

Mastoiditis Mimicry: Retro-auricular Cellulitis Related to Otitis Externa

Stan L. Block, MD, FAAP

Case Challenge

A 5-Year-Old Boy with Vomiting, Abdominal Pain, and Fatigue

Demet Alaygut, MD; Suar Caki Kilic, MD

Case Challenge

A 16-Year-Old Female with Anemia and a Dropping Platelet Count

Ugoeze Otome, MD; Lisa Giordano, MD

Guest Editorial

Predictors of Childhood Obesity and Pathogenesis of Comorbidities

Michael Freemark, MD


Screening for Metabolic and Reproductive Complications in Obese Children and Adolescents

Krystal A. Irizarry, MD; Valerie Brito; Michael Freemark, MD


Screening for Hormonal, Monogenic, and Syndromic Disorders in Obese Infants and Children

Kelly Mason, MD; Laura Page, MD; Pinar Gumus Balikcioglu, MD


The Pediatrician’s Role in Community Advocacy for Childhood Obesity Prevention

Julia Wacker, MSW, MSPH; Eric Bosley, MD; Christopher Bolling, MD, FAAP


Bariatric Surgery in Obese Adolescents: Opportunities and Challenges

Halley Wasserman, MD; Thomas H. Inge, MD, PhD


A Pediatrician’s Guide to Caring for the Complex Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Graduate

Zeenia C. Billimoria, MD; Deepak Kamat, MD, PhD, FAAP