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ASD symptom severity differences increased by age 6 years

January 28, 2015

Only a small portion of developmental trajectories in autism spectrum disorder severity and adaptive functioning occurs during the preschool years, suggesting that some children with more severe and stable symptoms show significant improvements.

“This finding highlights the importance of close surveillance of these two domains independently over time,” Peter Szatmari, MD, of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at The Hospital for Sick Children at the University of Toronto, and of the Pathways in ASD Study Team, and colleagues wrote.

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Two-hour limit on screen use may be outdated

January 28, 2015
Data from a cross-sectional online survey of Australian primary and secondary school students indicated many children exceed the recommended 2 hours of daily…
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JIA health status worsens in adulthood

January 28, 2015
Patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis were more likely to report active disease and pain in adulthood than as a child under pediatric care, and physician- and…
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Fast-food labels with caloric, physical activity equivalents encouraged lower-calorie choices

January 27, 2015
Food menu labels that include caloric content may lead to parents ordering fast-food meals with a lower calorie count, and labels that include physical activity…
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Neglect linked to changes in neurocognitive, behavioral functioning

January 27, 2015
Severe neglect in infancy may be associated with changes to brain development and associated behavioral functioning, especially among children institutionalized or…
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Evaluation of the Accuracy of Grading Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Video Images for Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening

Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
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Pediatric Annals November 2014

Child Neglect: November 2014

Keck School of Medicine of USC and Pediatric Annals

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Lessons every clinician should know about lymphadenopathy and lymphadenitis

December 5, 2014
NEW YORK — Mary Anne Jackson, MD, chief of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases section at Children’s Mercy…
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