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HIV testing rates low for gay male adolescents

August 28, 2015

Gay and bisexual teenage boys were unlikely to undergo HIV testing, according to research published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

“As one of the first studies to investigate the HIV testing behaviors of adolescent gay and bisexual men, findings highlight the many modifiable barriers that young men face in accessing testing services,” Gregory Phillips II, PhD, of the department of medical social sciences at Northwestern University, and colleagues wrote. “Barriers such as lack of knowledge about the closest testing site are ones that can easily be addressed through interventions and programs that target high school-age adolescents.”

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Presence of children in household increases likelihood of viral detection

August 28, 2015
Children living in households put each family member at greater risk for viral infection, according to results from the Utah Better Identification of Germs-Longitudinal…
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Active video game reduces lung inflammation in children with asthma

August 28, 2015
Aerobic training with an active video game demonstrated a positive impact on children with moderate to severe asthma, according to study results.Active video game…
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E-cigarette use by teens increases odds of smoking tobacco

August 28, 2015
High school students who use electronic cigarettes are more likely to initiate use of traditional cigarettes than their peers who do not engage in any type of smoking…
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Youth who identify as goth may be more at risk for depression, self-harm

August 27, 2015
Analysis of a longitudinal, community-based cohort indicated more young people who identified with goth subculture met criteria for clinical depression and self-harm…
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