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Associations between H. pylori, asthma, related diseases in children differed across ethnic groups

November 21, 2014

Helicobacter pylori positivity was associated with physician-diagnosed asthma in children up to age 6 years, but had an inverse association with ever wheezing and eczema in children of non-Western ethnicity, according to data presented at UEG Week.

“In young children, the association between H. pylori and asthma or related disease may differ across ethnic groups,” Wouter J. den Hollander, MD, from the department of gastroenterology and the Generation R Study Group at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, told “Why these trends appear opposite is not clear so far, but may be due to differences in the gut microbiome composition.”

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Black children more likely to receive narrow-spectrum antibiotics for otitis media

November 21, 2014
Black children diagnosed with otitis media during an ambulatory care visit were more likely to receive guideline-recommended narrow-spectrum antibiotics than nonblack…
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Component testing for food allergies beneficial when additional specificity required

November 20, 2014
ATLANTA — Component testing for specific food allergies is most beneficial when current diagnostic testing is not adequately specific, according to a presentation…
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Global vaccination coverage progressing, requires further improvement

November 20, 2014
Global vaccination coverage is progressing promisingly, but requires further improvement to ensure all children are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases…
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