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More adolescents with elevated LDLs would receive statins under adult treatment guidelines

April 17, 2015

Applying pediatric treatment guidelines for elevated low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in young adults could result in a six-fold increase in the use of statin therapy when compared with the application of adult guidelines in the same group of patients, according to a recent analysis of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data.

Guidelines for the treatment of lipid levels in adolescents transitioning into adulthood are incongruent in terms of knowing when to switch from pediatric to adult recommendations, according to background information provided in the study.

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Infectious Diseases in Children, April 2015
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Preterm infants show increased adiponectin levels in first weeks of life

April 17, 2015
In very preterm infants, blood concentrations of adiponectin appear to increase significantly within the first 3 weeks of life, according to recent findings. In an…
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Prenatal exposure to environmental contaminants not associated with asthma, eczema

April 17, 2015
Environmental chemical contaminants such as organochlorines and perfluorooctanoic acid were inversely associated with the development of childhood asthma and eczema…
Thomas Frieden

Adolescent use of e-cigarettes has tripled over 1-year period

April 17, 2015
While the use of cigarette, cigar and other tobacco products has decreased among youths, the use of electronic cigarettes and hookahs have dramatically increased since…
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