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Functional Performance Evaluation of NU-FlexSIV Socket

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02678247

Purpose: The overall objective of this study is to provide a more comfortable and functional prosthetic socket for people with transfemoral amputation that will ultimately improve their quality of life.

Young Innovators

Go, Baby, Go

O&P News, September 2016
Students and staff at Wichita State University have launched a program that pairs children with disabilities with toys that fit their needs. It is called…
Research Trials in O&P

OHI-Randomized Control Trial to Evaluate Efficacy, Acceptability and Perception of Benefit of an Innovative Custom AFO

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02819011 Purpose: The investigators propose a randomized control trial to evaluate long-term effects and effectiveness of ankle…
Research Trials in O&P

Virtual Reality Prosthetic Training and Rehabilitation

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02666859 Purpose: The proposed project is to develop an effective prosthetic training and rehabilitation regimen, with the use of…
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Issues of Compliance in Orthotics

O&P News, June 2010
Janet G. Marshall, CPO/LPO
The compliance issue is a dilemma that faces all practitioners, but especially those who have a pediatric patient population. “The orthosis…


Pediatric Amputations Cost $21.6 Million in 2003

O&P News, June 2010
An estimated 956 children and adolescents experienced traumatic amputation-associated hospitalizations in 2003, resulting in 3,967 days…

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Play Nice: Child-Friendly Business Practices

O&P News, June 2010
To be successful in pediatrics, O&P practitioners should be fun-loving, open to the unexpected, and knowledgeable of children’s emotional…

Early Night-Time Bracing Sufficient in Stopping Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis Progressions

May 13, 2010
LEIPZIG — Traditionally, idiopathic adolescent scoliosis (IAS) is treated with full-time bracing which can have compliance problems…

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Partnership for Patient Care

O&P News, May 2010
In the O&P profession, end users are patients, not customers, and that has a definite impact on their treatment. But in the relationship…

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Limbs for Life Featured on ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ on Sunday

April 30, 2010
The Limbs for Life Foundation of Oklahoma City will be featured on the ABC television show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” at May 2…

Research Improves Lives of Children with Birth Defects

April 19, 2010
University of North Carolina (UNC) Charlotte researcher Cynthia H. Cassell has devoted her career to improving the lives of families and children…

FDA Requires Device Manufacturers to Include Information on Pediatric Populations

April 7, 2010
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it will begin implementing a requirement that device manufacturers provide readily…

HHS Promotes “The Secretary’s Challenge: Connecting Kids to Coverage”

O&P News, March 2010
Exactly 1 year after President Barack Obama signed the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA), U.S. Health and Human…

HHS Secretary and Surgeon General Join First Lady to Announce Plans to Combat Obesity

O&P News, March 2010
First Lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin…

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