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Hanger Inc. announces partnership with Camp No Limits

February 4, 2015

LAS VEGAS — Hanger Inc. kicked off its annual Education Fair & National Meeting Feb. 4 at the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino with an announcement that it will partner with nonprofit Camp No Limits on the new Ampower program.

 “We are excited to announce another new element to our relationship with Camp No Limits,” Jennifer Bittner, Hanger vice president of corporate communications, said during the event’s opening ceremonies. “The Amputee Empowerment Partners Program is now called Ampower, and it features a new three-tiered approach of peer mentorship, education and community. Ampower will provide a trained amputee adult mentor at every Camp No Limits throughout the United States, who will assist peer and parent support in building a strong, empowered community of families who are dedicated to approaching life without limits.”

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Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, and Joey Funderburk at the Hanger Education Fair

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Joey Funderburk talks about the non-profit charity Grace's Lamp

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AOPA questions BMJ helmet therapy study results

May 5, 2014
Anita Liberman-Lampear, MA, president of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association, released a letter to The New York Times citing concerns about recent study…

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Kids Mobility Network Announces Benefits Milestone

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Parent Concerns Hinder National H1N1 Immunization Efforts

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The Consequences of Obesity in Children with Spina Bifida

O&P News, January 2010
Janet G. Marshall, CPO/LPO
Children with physical challenges, especially those with the diagnosis of spina bifida, have a special concern within the societal trend of obesity…
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Secretary Sebelius Awards $40 Million to States to Find and Enroll Children in CHIP, Medicaid

O&P News, November 1, 2009
Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced $40 million in grants to 69 grantees in 41 states and the District of Columbia to…
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Are Parents Underestimating the H1N1 Flu?

O&P News, October 15, 2009
With schools back in session, H1N1 flu has become more active across the United States, especially among children. A new vaccine against H1N1 flu has…
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More Than 17 Million Children Live 1 Hour Away from Pediatric Trauma Care

O&P News, October 1, 2009
More than 17 million U.S. children live more than 1 hour away by ground or air transportation from a life-saving pediatric trauma center, according…
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Vaccination of Children and 70% of U.S. Population Could Control Swine Flu Pandemic

O&P News, October 1, 2009
An aggressive vaccination program that first targets children and ultimately reaches 70% of the U.S. population would mitigate pandemic influenza…
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Adolescent Growth Plate Injuries Related to Overuse

O&P News, September 1, 2009
Early diagnosis and immobilization of growth plate injuries is key to putting an adolescent athlete back in the game, according to a recent study…
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