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With Two Hands

O&P News, January 2017

When he was born, Zion Redington had just one finger on each hand and one toe on each foot. When his mother adopted him at the age of 2 years, she knew she would face some uphill battles on his behalf.

Originally from China, Redington relocated to the United States and settled in Franklin., Tenn., where he would begin the process of increasing his mobility.

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OPAF Hosts First Amputee Tennis Tournament in US

O&P News, December 2016
The Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation held the first amputee tennis tournament in the United States as a part of its First Clinics initiative. Held in…
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Össur Hosts its First O&P Women's Leadership Conference

O&P News, December 2016
Recently Össur hosted its first Women’s Leadership Conference. The conference brought in more than 30 female O&P professionals from 11 states. The professional…
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White House Event Celebrating Inclusive Design, Assistive Technology and Prosthetics

O&P News, November 2016
September 15, 2016 | Washington Ic te sus, quibea necatiur, simus quis auda qui oditio veliquias nos modis dolupta cor solores sim autes corem re, coneturiatum hit…
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Orthotic Management Techniques for Children With CP

O&P News, July 2011
The prevalence of cerebral palsy is approximately 2 or 3 per every 1000 births, according to Courtney Dunn, DPT, PT, a physical therapist in the…

Sports Injuries in Children Could Lead to Lifelong Disability

June 22, 2011
The use of public health notices to protect children from lifelong injuries in sports was proposed, according to a press release. Due to sports or…

Researchers Play Key Role in Development of 'Closed Loop' Artificial Pancreas

June 7, 2011
Engineering researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are combining automation techniques from oil refining and other diverse areas to help…

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Case Study Demonstrates Innovative Silicone Technique for Bilateral Wrist Disarticulation

O&P News, June 2011
PARK CITY, Utah — Benjamin J. Koch, BS, CP, Orthotic Prosthetic Center Inc, shared a case study about a boy he is currently working with who, at…


Personal Provider Experiences Contribute to Compassionate Health Care for the Patient

O&P News, June 2011
Health care providers must maintain their objectivity when discussing a patient’s health and treatment options. However, most providers have…

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Qualitative Study Asks Adults Why They Continue Wearing a Prosthesis Into Adulthood

O&P News, June 2011
PARK CITY, Utah — The occurrence of persons born with congenital limb deficiencies is approximately 25.64 per 100,000 live births. Of those…

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Study Tests the Role of the Prosthetic Knee for Infants With Limb Loss

O&P News, June 2011
PARK CITY, Utah — Infants with limb loss at or above-the-knee face numerous challenges, especially during the transition from crawling to…

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Torticollis and Plagiocephaly: A Puzzle With Many Pieces

O&P News, June 2011
Patricia Rogel, CO, OTR/L
The orthotics profession has experienced a mass influx of an entirely new patient population throughout the past 10 to 15 years – infants…

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Help Patients Manage Equinus Deformity

O&P News, April 2011
Cusick Beverly, PT, MS, COF
A paradigm shift is underway, whereby ankle equinus deformity in children is managed with three important factors in mind: 1) as a component of a…

Many Patients With Severe Cerebral Palsy Have Asymmetric Pelvic Bones

March 10, 2011
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center researchers have discovered that most children with severe cerebral palsy have asymmetric pelvic bones. The…

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