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Functional Performance Evaluation of NU-FlexSIV Socket

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02678247

Purpose: The overall objective of this study is to provide a more comfortable and functional prosthetic socket for people with transfemoral amputation that will ultimately improve their quality of life.

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Go, Baby, Go

O&P News, September 2016
Students and staff at Wichita State University have launched a program that pairs children with disabilities with toys that fit their needs. It is called…
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OHI-Randomized Control Trial to Evaluate Efficacy, Acceptability and Perception of Benefit of an Innovative Custom AFO

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02819011 Purpose: The investigators propose a randomized control trial to evaluate long-term effects and effectiveness of ankle…
Research Trials in O&P

Virtual Reality Prosthetic Training and Rehabilitation

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02666859 Purpose: The proposed project is to develop an effective prosthetic training and rehabilitation regimen, with the use of…
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Qualitative Study Asks Adults Why They Continue Wearing a Prosthesis Into Adulthood

O&P News, June 2011
PARK CITY, Utah — The occurrence of persons born with congenital limb deficiencies is approximately 25.64 per 100,000 live births. Of those…

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Study Tests the Role of the Prosthetic Knee for Infants With Limb Loss

O&P News, June 2011
PARK CITY, Utah — Infants with limb loss at or above-the-knee face numerous challenges, especially during the transition from crawling to…

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Torticollis and Plagiocephaly: A Puzzle With Many Pieces

O&P News, June 2011
Patricia Rogel, CO, OTR/L
The orthotics profession has experienced a mass influx of an entirely new patient population throughout the past 10 to 15 years – infants…

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Help Patients Manage Equinus Deformity

O&P News, April 2011
Cusick Beverly, PT, MS, COF
A paradigm shift is underway, whereby ankle equinus deformity in children is managed with three important factors in mind: 1) as a component of a…

Many Patients With Severe Cerebral Palsy Have Asymmetric Pelvic Bones

March 10, 2011
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center researchers have discovered that most children with severe cerebral palsy have asymmetric pelvic bones. The…

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Early Intervention and Orthotics

O&P News, March 2011
Sean McKale
Newer research confirms that having children participate in functional activities early on can help to curb inactivity and subsequent medical…

Haiti One Year Later

O&P News, March 2011
More than one year has elapsed since the earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010 devastated Haiti. The world – along with many O&P providers – turned its…

NIH Grant Supports Research in the Most Common Pediatric Soft Tissue Tumor

February 22, 2011
A nearly $2 million grant from the NIH will help investigators at Nationwide Children’s Hospital search for biomarkers that may be linked to the…

Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence Release Findings on Children With MS

December 16, 2010
Researchers from the Network of Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence established by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society have published new findings…

Study to Examine Obesity in Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities

December 16, 2010
While the nation's obesity epidemic is the target of many programs to combat it, few such programs embrace an often-overlooked subgroup –…

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