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Functional Performance Evaluation of NU-FlexSIV Socket

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02678247

Purpose: The overall objective of this study is to provide a more comfortable and functional prosthetic socket for people with transfemoral amputation that will ultimately improve their quality of life.

Young Innovators

Go, Baby, Go

O&P News, September 2016
Students and staff at Wichita State University have launched a program that pairs children with disabilities with toys that fit their needs. It is called…
Research Trials in O&P

OHI-Randomized Control Trial to Evaluate Efficacy, Acceptability and Perception of Benefit of an Innovative Custom AFO

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02819011 Purpose: The investigators propose a randomized control trial to evaluate long-term effects and effectiveness of ankle…
Research Trials in O&P

Virtual Reality Prosthetic Training and Rehabilitation

O&P News, September 2016 identifier: NCT02666859 Purpose: The proposed project is to develop an effective prosthetic training and rehabilitation regimen, with the use of…
Clinical News

3-D Printing Simplifies Exoskeleton for Children With Muscle Weakness

O&P News, April 2013
The Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton (WREX) is a body-powered exoskeleton designed to assist children with neuromuscular diseases perform simple…

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Simple ways to create a pediatric friendly practice

O&P News, March 2013
LAS VEGAS — A few simple steps can help clinicians create a more pediatric friendly environment, according to a presentation at the Hanger…

Meeting News Coverage

Adolescent athletes who lacked sleep more likely to be injured

October 25, 2012
Athletes in middle and high school who slept 8 hours or more per night were almost 70% less likely to be injured than athletes who got less sleep…

Clinical News

Prostheses Less Effective in Children With Unilateral Congenital Below Elbow Deficiency

O&P News, October 2012
From the beginning of infancy, children with unilateral congenital below-elbow deficiency use their short limb as an exploratory, manipulatory and…

Clinical News

Patients, Parents Perceive Different Stress Levels With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

O&P News, Fall 2012
Patients who undergo conservative treatment for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and their parents perceive emotional stress similarly when related…

Association News

ACPOC calls for papers for annual meeting

O&P News, Fall 2012
Professionals interested in pediatric O&P are invited to submit abstracts and papers for the Association of Children’s Prosthetic-Orthotic…


Long-term Research, New Genetic and MRI Studies Advance Clubfoot Treatment

O&P News, April 2012
Treatment for pediatric clubfoot continues to evolve as researchers cultivate long-term outcomes of conservative and surgical care, identify…

Study Examines Stair-Related Injuries Among Children in the United States

March 19, 2012
Researchers with the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio found more…

Clinical News

New Approach to Equinus Deformity Management Waiting to Gain Traction

O&P News, March 2012
Kevin Matthews, CO/LO, Advanced Orthopedic Designs, attended a lecture at the 2011 American Orthotic and Prosthetic National Assembly by…

Clinical NewsPerspective

New Technology Successful in the Treatment of Blount’s Deformities

O&P News, January 2012
LAS VEGAS — A free motion knee-ankle orthosis may be used successfully in children with Blount’s disease, according to research presented here. …

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