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The K is Silent. The Style Is Loud and Clear.
New Knits for spring from Apex.


The Apex FitLite™ Collection — the Men’s Bolt and the Women’s Breeze — are the ultimate in eye-catching, vibrant knit athletics. Featuring consummate style, superior comfort, and industry-leading construction, each pair is meticulously crafted with the highest quality materials and designed for agility and ultimate durability.


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We did it!

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication Inc is now a fully ABC Certified Central Fabrication facility with certified O & P technicians on site. GPF Inc has over 25 years experience and is an industry leader in O & P. We are proud to achieve this goal in 2015. We are committed to maintaining excellence in O & P. GPF Inc wants to be part of the movement to raise industry standards to improve quality and satisfaction.

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics (ABC) sets the highest standards for quality orthotic, prosthetic care. ABC certification, facility accreditation and mandatory continuing education programs represent the profession's most rigorous professional achievements.

It has been a long year of work and preparation, but it was worth it. Thank you for your patronage. We look forward to serving you in 2016 as YOUR premier ABC accredited Central Fabrication facility in the USA.

The Best Prices On Carbon Tapes!

Carbon Tapes

We offer the best prices on light weight 3K carbon tapes in a finished edge (DW) and non-finished edge (FR) configuration. Our carbon tapes are highly formable, wet out quickly and should be used with all your Carbon or Synthex composite layups.

Sizes: 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6".
Sold in, 10ft cut sections and 50 yard rolls.

Phone: 800.FABTECH

Puma Pro PDAC Approved L0637 / L0650

Puma Pro

The Puma Pro is a serious orthosis with a rigid posterior-lateral shell and anterior plate that provide significant inter-abdominal pressure as well as sagittal and coronal control.

Now available in a universal size.

The Puma Pro

  • Two front plate contours – std. & pend.
  • Four lordoses – 0, 5, 15, or 25 degrees
  • Kydex shell & plate – re-formable
  • Now in universal sizing – Puma Una Pro
  • Six individual sizes – 20” to 70” range

For more, see “Puma Pro ordering information” and “Puma Pro” at

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“The Best Value in Spinal Bracing!”

Blue Diamond OrthopedicBlue Diamond Orthopedic

ALPS Superior Performance Liner

ALPS Superior Performance Liner

The Superior Performance Liner (SP) features a NEW black fabric which allows for additional comfort and stability for active patients. This liner is formulated with both ALPS GripGel and High Density Gel which contain properties that help facilitate donning as well as reduce pistoning and bunching behind the knee. The SP Liner provides superior comfort and diversity and is offered in 3mm and 6mm uniform thickness to accommodate most users.

2895 42nd Ave. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33714

Dynamic Chopart Gait Stabilizer

Dynamic Chopart Gait Stabilizer

This unique AFO has been designed for Chopart amputees that wish to remain active. Often a traditional full length AFO for this patient will be stiff - feeling unnatural. Using a hinged ankle and flexible foot plate with a segmented dynamic filler allows flexion before providing a ‘stop’ that protects the residuum and prevents shoe vamp collapse. The PTB design and the anterior shell re-distribute ground reaction forces up the lower extremity.

Visit for more info or call the lab toll FREE (800) 301-8275.


Unloader® Hip by Össur® – World’s First Brace for Patients with Hip OA

Unloader Hip, available from Össur – the OA bracing innovators – is a revolutionary hip brace designed specifically for patients suffering from mild-to-moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA).

Unloader Hip is designed to optimize hip OA treatment in order to improve mobility and decrease pain.

The sleek, lightweight design includes Össur’s patented SmartDosing® system, allowing patients to adjust the fit to best suit their comfort and activity level.

Learn more at

Endolite introduces élan foot enhancements


The élan biomimetic foot and ankle system with microprocessor controlled plantar and dorsi flexion resistances is now more user friendly. New Micro D port makes for easier charging and blue tooth connection.

  • Microprocessor controlled terrain response
  • Sensors initiate change instantly
  • Batteries contained within the ankle
  • Variable response to changes in speed, inclines and declines
  • Bluetooth enabled programming, new Micro D dongle is easier to attached, features visual connection indicators
  • User friendly charger port for users with dexterity or visual challenges

For more information contact Endolite at: 800.548.3534 or visit

RHEO KNEE 3® – Stability & dynamics, whatever the weather


RHEO KNEE 3 delivers both confidence-boosting stability and a dynamic experience for users who want to return to everyday activity.

While other leading microprocessor knees still use traditional hydraulic solutions, only RHEO KNEE 3 features the highly-responsive magnetorheologic (MR) fluid technology, popularized by the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries.

This proven MR fluid makes it possible for RHEO KNEE 3 to shift almost instantaneously from high resistance required for stability in stance phase, to the low resistance needed for a dynamic, free swing phase.

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Introducing Precise Insoles by Amfit

Precise Insoles by Amfit

Amfit is proud to announce a pre-fabricated, functional insole in 24 sizes. Confidently offer a non-custom orthotic with biomechanically engineered arch support built right in. Millions of unique foot shapes formed the basis for designing a ready-to-wear insole with true functional support and the widest size range on the market. Most high quality pre-made insoles offer less than 10 shell sizes. Precise insoles were designed to bridge that gap so you can offer a high quality, functional orthotic when full custom isn’t an option.

  • 24 Sizes
  • Integrated length, width, and arch height
  • Anatomically correct design
  • Functional shell with no crack guarantee
  • Forefoot comfort insert
  • Stabilizing deep heel cup
  • Tablet style digital sizing guide

Opt for the Starter Kit (36 pairs, digital sizer, mount, and display materials) or order by the pair.

Ask about introductory specials: or 800.356.FOOT (3668) x264.

Endolite Introduces Breathable Liner Technology for Drier Skin and Socket Security


The Silcare Breathe Silicone Liner features laser drilled perforations to allow moisture to escape, resulting in drier skin and a healthier environment for the residual limb.

Managing moisture in this way helps to reduce the damaging effects of friction and improve comfort and control.

  • Stretch Zones – seamless technology provides bi-directional stretch to improve comfort and contouring and reduce shear force on the knee as it flexes.
  • Laser Perforations – Optimally sized pores, distributed uniformly along the length and distal end of the liner permit the escape of air and moisture.
  • Tendresse Finish – A lower coefficient of friction that standard silicone reduces shear stress on the skin.

For more information contact Endolite at: 800.548.3534 or visit or

BULLDOG TOOLS® Introduces NEW Heavy Duty Rotatable Pyramid Receiver

BULLDOG Tools, Inc.

HDT2A-RP8 is a Heavy Duty, six-hole pattern rotation, standard adult pyramid receiver from Bulldog® Tools, Inc. HDT2A-RP8 measures 17.78 mm tall and weighs 5.48 oz. Weigh limit is 500#. All necessary hardware is included. Stainless Steel also available (HD2A-RP8.)

Bulldog Tools is your high quality source for your everyday items. Made in our facility in Lewisburg, Ohio. We are a family owned and operated genuine U.S.A. Company (American Owned & American Made). We specialize in designing, engineering, and manufacturing our own line of certified high quality products and materials for our valued customers.

Bulldog Tools supports you by attending state and national meetings for over 15 years. Stop by and see us at the next meeting. Thank you for your continued business!


For more information contact Bulldog Tools at:

New OdysseyK3® hydraulic foot

College Park

Introducing the next step in the Odyssey line of hydraulic feet from College Park. The OdysseyK3 utilizes the patented curved hydraulic ankle plus a higher frequency carbon fiber foot base for increased dynamic response. The robust ankle housing and angular positioning was designed for moderate impact users able to balance without assistance. The combination of smooth hydraulics and a dynamic foot base brings exceptional performance during activities like aggressive city walking or multi-terrain hiking.

See it in action at

The Prefab DynaFlange from Apex


Innovation is now defined by the revolutionary Apex dynaFLANGE®. The patented rearfoot flange flexes at three points during heel strike to minimize the deforming effects of impact. dynaFLANGE® provides exceptional shock absorption then releases that stored energy with each step and stride to dynamically reposition the foot for optimal propulsion.

Feel the Science™. Feel the Power. dynaFlange®.


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