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Innovative companies provide information on new products to help keep you up to date on the latest advances in technology. Check out new product releases and enhancements to existing product lines.

Iceross® Seal-In® X. Make Your Move!

Iceross Seal-In X

With a moveable seal ring to ensure optimal seal positioning, Seal-In X offers both maximum comfort for users with uniquely-shaped or sensitive limbs and easier donning and doffing for users with compromised hand dexterity. Seal-In X also features seamless Anatomy Conforming Fabric, a durable yet flexible weave that comfortably controls soft tissue and elongates over the knee without bunching in the popliteal region. Plus, Seal-In X is Unity® compatible, so your patients can experience all the benefits of sleeveless vacuum, as well.

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The ORION2 microprocessor controlled knee offers enhanced stability for low to moderate K3 users. By utilizing both the OnBoard Smart Programming and the new ORION2 software, the knee is programmed and customized to each user’s individual walking patterns. The increased yield rate allows for more support over a larger range of knee flexion. New features such as the fixed angle flexion lock and cycling/free swing mode makes the knee even more versatile for the user. For more information on the ORION2, please contact your local Endolite Territory Manager.


Introducing the New Apex Rotating Display


Aetrex is excited to introduce the new Apex Rotating Display. The unique design is compact, efficiently holds up to 40 footwear samples and looks great in any professional office setting. The two sided floor display has a large mirror, functional storage compartment and casters for mobility. The display package includes 40 half pair fitting inventory, a molding pillow, Apex foot measuring device and informative consumer literature. We are confident the new display will help you elevate your practice image, increase sales, and improve patient care.

Purchase your Apex Rotating Display for only $299 and receive your next 10 pair of Apex footwear at a 50% discount - a $300 value!

For additional information visit or contact our customer service department at 1.800.526.2739.

Keasy Thermoformable Cones

Keasy Thermoformable Cones

Keasy thermoformable cones: for making custom-made, fast and cost effective liners.

Keasy is a prefabricated cone for manufacturing high-quality thermoformed liners in a blink. No welding, no gluing and seamless: KEASY’s regular thickness allows a vacuum thermoforming that perfectly takes on the cast. According to the KEASY dimension, we recommend a 338°F heating temperature for 1' 15" to 3'.

Sweat and cleaning agents do not soak into the EVA closed cells structure: KEASY is easily washable and offers durable hygiene.

KEASY withstands friction, crushing and stretching for patient’s durable comfort over the time. Available in 8 sizes.

Nabtesco-Proteor – USA - 855.517.4414

Endolite Comfort Liner

Endolite Comfort Liner

The Endolite Comfort Liner is gentle on fragile skin and protects residual limbs with areas susceptible to shear force abrasion and pressure peaks. The fabric cover with integrated matrix contours perfectly to the limb and zonal stretch areas allow comfortable knee flexion but resist distal stretch with would result in the prosthesis slipping away from the body. At 485mm, the Endolite Comfort Liner allows additional consideration for positioning of the trim line. The Comfort Locking Liner features a super flexi-umbrella which inverts easily to facilitate optimal donning. The Comfort Liner features a TendresseTM silicone finish resulting in a low coefficient of friction which reduces shear stress on skin. In tests, the TendresseTM finish measured 78% less shear stress than standard silicone.

For more information on the Endolite Comfort Liner, please contact your local Endolite Territory Manager.

Richie Braces now at Hersco!

Richie Braces now at Hersco

Hersco Ortho Labs is a Richie Brace partner lab! DPM’s often insist on dispensing the original Richie for cases of PTTD, ankle instability, arthritis and more. For FASTER Turnaround on your Richie orders send casts directly to Hersco.

Download Rx forms at Click on our Education tab for more great tips and casting methods.

Certified Pedorthists are available to answer any questions you may have regarding prescriptions.

Hersco Ortho Labs
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RHEO KNEE® 3 by Össur®. A perfect balance of stability and dynamics.

Rheo Knee

Featuring a new gyroscope and kinematic sensor, RHEO KNEE 3 offers increased (and smoother) resistance across a wider range of stance flexion. This improved support from heel strike to toe off helps increase the confidence of all users whether walking on varied terrain, ramps and stairs, or merely standing. However, it is especially reassuring to low K3 users.

At the same time, we didn’t sacrifice the dynamics that RHEO KNEE is known for and that high K3 users expect. In fact, we improved them! With a more powerful actuator and a faster, more consistent swing extension, RHEO KNEE 3 makes it even easier for high active users to walk their way.

Key Features:

  • NEW! Actuator and kinematic sensor enhance stance stability and dynamics.
  • NEW! Redesigned extension assist for faster and more natural swing extension.
  • NEW! 300lb weight limit and up to 3 days of battery life.
  • “Zero Lag” actuator provides an instant response.
  • Effortless swing intiation enables a smoother gait.

Contact your Össur rep or call (800) 233-6263 today to get certified or demo RHEO KNEE 3.

Spinal Solutions Lower Extremity Central Fab

Spinal Solutions Lower Extremity Central Fab

Serving the O&P Industry for over 20 years with the highest quality custom spinal orthoses, Spinal Solutions is now offering that very same level of service and quality in it’s Lower Extremity Central Fabrication facility. Headed up by our very own certified technician, Mr. Dion Foster, who has over 25 years of experience in the field, we can now offer this to our growing list of Certified Practioner customers. From Crow Boots to Leather Ankle Gauntlets we now have the ability to meet all your custom and prefab lower extremity needs. Give Mark or Dion a call today to learn more. Through the month of March, Spinal Solutions is offering a 50% discount off your first LE orthotic that we fabricate for you. Why not give us a call on your next case?

Spinal Solutions
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New ALPS Thin Seamless Suspension Sleeve

New ALPS Thin Seamless Suspension Sleeve

Features include:

  • Thinner profile, 2mm
  • New black knitted fabric
  • Seamless, single piece construction
  • Formulated with ALPS gel, the SFB suspension sleeve seals with the skin without restricting circulation

ALPS * 800.574.5426



BOC Board of Directors Elects 2015 Executive Committee


The 2015 Executive Committee of its Board of Directors has been announced by the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC).

The following EC members have been elected to another one-year term in their respective roles:

  • Chair: James L. Hewlett, BOCO, DMEPOS Consultant for ConsultantsPRN, Educator and Author for
  • Vice Chair: R. Jeffrey Hedges, CDME, President of R. J. Hedges and Associates
  • Treasurer: James Newberry, Jr., BOCPO, BOCPD, LPO, owner/practitioner at Mahnke’s Orth-Prosth, Inc.
  • Immediate Past Chair: John P. Kenney, MURP, BOCO, Vice President of Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc.

The Executive Committee welcomes L. Bradley Watson, BOCP, BOCO, LPO, as Secretary and William J. Powers, MBA, LFACHE, as Member-at-Large.

Transitioning off of the Executive Committee is Mark L. Parris, PharmD, RPh, COF, who served two terms as Member-at-Large and will remain on the BOC Board as a Director.

Carrie Green • 410-581-6222

Cascade Continuous Improvement: Ultrasonic Welded Straps

Cascade Continuous Improvement: Ultrasonic Welded Straps

Two customer-driven improvements to a key component of Cascade Dafo orthoses: straps.

First, both custom and prefabricated DAFO solutions now have a clean, new look, thanks to an upgrade to Ultrasonic Welded Straps. The new straps have rounded, sealed ends, and die-cut rivet holes with built-in reinforcement. The results? Reduced bulk, improved durability, and a streamlined appearance.

Second, by popular demand, orange is now available as a strap color choice for all custom DAFOs. View the orange strap color swatch in the Colors and Patterns section of our website, It’s available to order now – simply choose orange from the drop-down box on your electronic order form.

Our commitment to quality, and the best fit possible, is always front and center. We welcome your feedback and stand behind every brace with our Full (90-Day) Warranty.

For information, visit or call 800.848.7332.
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Announcing The Atlantic Custom Collar

Spinal Solutions Announces New LE Central Fab

The Atlantic Custom Collar is the only custom cervical collar available on the market that can easily be produced quickly while the patient waits. In addition to being the most supportive and comfortable cervical collar available today, there are tremendous business advantages to incorporating the Atlantic Custom Collar into your practice by utilizing procedure code L0170 . Medicare is pushing to significantly reduce allowables on prefabricated collars and competitive bidding prefabricated items including cervical collars. Don't be caught without an alternative.

Call Mark at 800-922-5155 to learn how you can grow your practice now!

PEL Ranked Highest In Customer Service.

PEL Supply

Of course, you already knew that.

Results from a recent study have confirmed what most of you already know –when it comes to customer service, people prefer PEL. And we’re going to do everything we can to keep it that way.

  • Always reliable and timely service
  • Easy access to advice for better clinical outcomes
  • Innovative solutions for better economic outcomes
  • Focused on independent practitioner success

For more information, visit or call 800-321-1264.

Aon O&P Insurance Program rewards ABC and BOC certified facilities

Aon O&P Insurance Program rewards ABC and BOC certified facilities

If you are certified by the American Board for Certification (ABC) or Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) you have demonstrated that your clients are receiving the highest care possible.

To reward you for your level of professionalism, the Aon O&P Insurance Program grants ABC and BOC certified facilities a 15% rate credit on their:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Professional Liability Insurance

The Aon O&P Insurance product portfolio:

  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial General Liability (includes Products Liability)
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Crime
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • CMS-Required DMEPOS Surety Bond
  • Corporate Identity Protection
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To receive a complimentary rate quote, please call: 800-544-2672
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Slope strips are now available from Acor!

Acor Slope Strips

This newly designed EVA slope strip is 37”x17” and has a thickness of 1.25” in the heel which tapers down to .25” in the forefoot. Custom sizes are available on request and can be made to fit any mill. This new size and shape allows for reduced material waste and faster milling times. Each slope strip will yield at least 3 pairs of orthotics and has quickly become the industry standard for milling. See our ad in this issue and call today to try one!

For additional information, go to or call us at 800-237-2267.