New Tempo foot from College Park

New Tempo Foot

New for 2014! Our latest K2 foot provides a good range of motion and high weight limit in a light weight and affordable product. This service-free design also has a full length toe lever for excellent stability and performance.

For more information, call (800) 728-7950 or visit

ALPS™ Guardian Suction Liner from PEL

ALPS™ Guardian Suction Liner from PEL

The new ALPS™ Guardian Suction Liner features a high performance knitted fabric cover created by integrating ALPS proprietary in-house knitting techniques with GripGel™ technology. The resulting material not only increases functional improvement and ensures durability, but also inhibits skin breakdown and surface discoloration.

Raised GripGel bands form a secure interface between the socket and the liner to prevent slippage or premature release. Low modulus GripGel bands stretch against the socket wall while the inner wall conforms easily to the residual limb to ensure there is no restriction of blood flow or stiffening to inhibit donning.

Suitable for both transtibial and transfemoral amputees, the new liner is rated for K2, K3 and K4 activity levels.

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Go sleeveless with the Unity™ Sleeveless Vacuum System by Össur®

Unity™ Sleeveless Vacuum System

Until now, all advanced vacuum systems have required a sleeve to maintain vacuum. The problem is, sleeves are bulky. They bunch behind the knee, restricting range-of-motion. They can also puncture, leading to a loss of vacuum.

Enter Unity. Building on established Seal-In® technology, the Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System by Össur is the first advanced vacuum solution to generate 15-22 inHg of vacuum without a sleeve.

Unity Sleeveless Vacuum is compatible with a variety of Flex-Foot feet, including low activity, low profile and microprocessor solutions.

Visit to learn how to get certified and check out the entire line of Unity-compatible Flex-Foot feet, including low-profile and microprocessor solutions.

Surestep Releases New Low Profile Free Motion Hinge

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — SureStep has recently announced the release of its new Free Motion Hinge. This hinge is low profile, simple to use and quickly becoming the preferred choice in hinges by O&P clinicians nationwide. Referred to as the lowest profile hinge in its class, the Free Motion Hinge is quick and easy to use. No more alignment rods or jigs are necessary. These hinges can be visually aligned, formed and pulled within a few short minutes saving valuable fabrication time. Practitioners love this hinge for its low profile, technicians love it for its ease of use. Available in 3 sizes: infant, pediatric and adult.

Call us for details at: 877-462-0711.

Coyote Design’s Easy Off Lock from PEL

Coyote Design’s Easy Off Lock

PEL now offers the Easy Off Lock, Coyote Design’s latest vacuum compatible dual-suspension locking system. By combining a pin with suction, an elevated vacuum system can be utilized to achieve airtight suction suspension in the socket. Coyote’s unique patented level design provides easy donning and doffing as well as more holding power for amputees with hand strength issues, arthritis, or trouble reaching release buttons. The Easy Off Lock also features single-stage lamination, offset alignment capabilities and a water-resistant design. It carries a weight limit of 265 lbs.

  • Patented lever system for easy doffing
  • No need to continually hold release during removal
  • Dual suspension, suction pin lock system
  • Can use with elevated vacuum
  • Easy engagement
  • Water-resistant

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Introducing the New Apex Rotating Display


Aetrex is excited to introduce the new Apex Rotating Display. The unique design is compact, efficiently holds up to 40 footwear samples and looks great in any professional office setting. The two sided floor display has a large mirror, functional storage compartment and casters for mobility. The display package includes 40 half pair fitting inventory, a molding pillow, Apex foot measuring device and informative consumer literature. We are confident the new display will help you elevate your practice image, increase sales, and improve patient care.

Purchase your Apex Rotating Display for only $299 and receive your next 10 pair of Apex footwear at a 50% discount - a $300 value!

For additional information visit or contact our customer service department at 1.800.526.2739.

Orthomerica Introduces the NEW FUZION™ AFO


Orthomerica’s Fuzion AFO was developed to allow GREATER FIT, FUNCTION and FREEDOM for challenging foot deformations compared to traditional AFOs. The circumferential wrap of the Fuzion firmly and comfortably holds the foot in a more structured biomechanical position instead of trying to seat the foot with two or three straps. The Fuzion’s design and materials ensure greater patient compliance for a variety of challenging clinical indications. Available for both select adult and pediatric patients.

For more information, contact us at 877-737-8444 or visit


Fast Fit® goes blue

Cascade Dafo’s popular line of prefabricated Fast Fit orthotics have a new, streamlined look.

HotDog®, PattiBob®, and Chipmunk® shoe inserts now feature a breathable, blue fabric covering, improving the durability of these effective, low-profile solutions, while keeping feet cool and comfortable.

Fast Fit® shoe inserts provide dynamic, flexible pronation control for patients with a fully-correctable foot position. The orthotics feature defined plantar surface contours, enhancing comfort and providing sensory feedback to the patient.

Fast Fit products are available in a range of pediatric and adult sizes and backed by Cascade Dafo’s Full (90-Day) Warranty.

For information about Fast Fit, or any of our custom orthoses, visit or call 800.848.7332.

Helping Kids Lead Healthier, Happier Lives®.

Loretta Sheldon
Director of Business Development and Education

Evolution Fabricates Premium Lower Extremity Sockets

Evolution Fabricates Premium Lower Extremity Sockets

Evolution’s highly trained technicians, innovative approach, and state of the art facility allow us to provide the best in premium central fabrication services. We offer many different options in check and definitive sockets including variations that require more skill and experience. Our check and definitive sockets can be customized with your choice of quality components and supplies, a variety of skin tones, and decorative laminations.

Evolution specializes in premium lower extremity check sockets, definitive sockets, and manufactures our own line of components and supplies based on our experiences in our own central fabrication facility.

For more information, visit, call customer service department at 888.839.6213, or email

ABC Celebrating 65 years!


Knit-Rite Soft Sock® with 3-D Toe Shape from PEL

Knit-Rite Soft Sock® with 3-D Toe Shape

Original Soft Sock® designed using soft wicking fibers for comfort, combined with Lycra stretch for improved fit – now even better with Knit-Rite’s hemi-spherically knit distal end!

  • Patented 3-D distalshape provides superior fit and comfort over flat “envelope” shape of other prosthetic socks
  • Available in original CoolMax®, and with X-STATIC® silver fiber; both transport moisture away from skin and inhibit sock odor
  • Black and Pink color options also feature unique “hugger” top, reducing bulk and rolling
  • Soft and cuddly to wearer’s skin–enhanced by Knit-Rite fleecing process
  • Lycra provides stretch and exceptional fitting
  • Available with unique knit-in distal hole design–doesn’t add thickness or compromise fit

Contact PEL at (800) 321-1264 or

Guardian Suction Liner

Guardian Suction Liner

New ALPSTM Guardian Suction Liner - Features raised GripGelTM bands that grip the socket wall to form a secure interface between the socket and liner to prevent slippage or premature release. Low modulus GripGelTM bands stretch against the socket wall, while the inner wall conforms easily to the residual limb, to ensure there is no restriction of blood flow or stiffening to inhibit donning. Key features include full length inversion for ease of donning and a high performance knitted fabric cover.

Contact ALPS Customer Service at (800) 574-5426 or email for more information.

Acor New Products


Guard Industries, Inc. Duraflex™

Guard Duraflex

Vari-Flex® XC RotateTM by Össur®. Go anywhere. Do anything.


Increasingly, many amputees desire a prosthetic foot that can keep up with their busy lifestyle. Whether theyre at the office or the gym, they want the convenience of using a single foot throughout the day. By combining smooth rollover and dynamics with vertical and rotational shock absorption, Vari-Flex XC Rotate offers the flexibility that these active individuals require to pursue a life without limitations.

To learn more about Vari-Flex XC Rotate by Össur, call (800) 233-6263 or visit today.

Coyote Design

Coyote Design

Coyote Design will be introducing new educational programs this fall. These programs are designed to help with real world situations, both clinically and technically and would benefit practitioners, technicians, and assistants. Also coming soon, Coyote Design will offer some central fabrication services. Come visit us at the AOPA National Assembly in September to discuss these new offerings.

Check out our website or follow us on Facebook to see all of Coyote Designs exciting news and products.

Richie Braces now at Hersco!

Richie Braces now at Hersco

Hersco Ortho Labs is a Richie Brace partner lab! DPM’s often insist on dispensing the original Richie for cases of PTTD, ankle instability, arthritis and more. For FASTER Turnaround on your Richie orders send casts directly to Hersco.

Download Rx forms at Click on our Education tab for more great tips and casting methods.

Certified Pedorthists are available to answer any questions you may have regarding prescriptions.

Hersco Ortho Labs
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Trautman Expansion Arbors
from Fillauer

Trautman Expansion Arbors

Fillauer's NEW Trautman Expansion Arbors are designed to prevent the sanding cone from flying away. When the expansion arbor spins, it expands and applies pressure to the inside of the sanding sleeve—holding the sleeve on the arbor.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a smoother grinding surface for straighter lines and higher quality finish
  • Eliminates grinding chatter that hard grinding surfaces gives
  • Available in three sizes and as a kit of three
  • Available in 1/2-13, 5/8-11 and M16 threads to fit most O&P machinery