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Introducing the New Apex Rotating Display


Aetrex is excited to introduce the new Apex Rotating Display. The unique design is compact, efficiently holds up to 40 footwear samples and looks great in any professional office setting. The two sided floor display has a large mirror, functional storage compartment and casters for mobility. The display package includes 40 half pair fitting inventory, a molding pillow, Apex foot measuring device and informative consumer literature. We are confident the new display will help you elevate your practice image, increase sales, and improve patient care.

Purchase your Apex Rotating Display for only $299 and receive your next 10 pair of Apex footwear at a 50% discount - a $300 value!

For additional information visit or contact our customer service department at 1.800.526.2739.

EASE by Therafirm® Gradient Compression Hosiery from PEL

EASE by Therafirm<sup>®</sup> Gradient Compression Hosiery from PEL

The new EASE by Therafirm™ opaque gradient compression hosiery is designed to help improve circulation and relieve moderate ankle and leg swelling and leg fatigue. Featuring a silicone dot band for comfortable all-day wear and reinforced toe and heel for durability, the EASE by Therafirm™ opaque gradient compression hosiery line is innovative and affordable.

  • Ultra stretchy yarns for garments that are easier to put on and more comfortable to wear
  • Lab-tested true gradient compression gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking to promote blood flow
  • Moisture wicking CoolMax® fibers provide dry comfortable coolness
  • Super soft, breathable opaque material
  • Available in 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, 30-40mmHg support levels, in a wide variety of colors and styles

Contact PEL at (800) 321-1264 or

Promote Your Facility with the Tensitube® Blue Shrinker by Paceline

Tensitube® Blue Shrinker by Paceline

Customize Tensitube® Blue with your company logo and promote your facility to doctors and rehab professionals. An elastic post-op shrinker, Tensitube® Blue applies controlled compression to help provide pain relief and reduce hypertrophic scarring and edema. A complete product line is available with sizes ranging from 2”-6” widths in 18”, 24” and 30” lengths.

For a FREE sample with YOUR COMPANY LOGO,
Paceline (800) 443-1827

PDQ BT-4 Oven

PDQ BT-4 Oven

The BT-4 Infrared Oven is capable of bubble forming and heating sheet plastic while taking up a minimal amount of floor space. Designed for prosthetic fabrication, it provides enough drop for the largest check socket and can also heat most KAFO sheet plastics.

  • Eight 1000 watt emitters; four on top and four on bottom
  • Programmable digital temperature controller
  • Dual electric fans for air circulation
  • 4 interior lights and large viewing window
  • Access point for vacuum line
  • Sheet-plastic tray with fitted Teflon® cover
  • 18 in. clearance for bubble forming


PROTEOR introduces Matik

PROTEOR introduces Matik

New Pneumatic Swing Phase Control Four-Axis Knee. Matik, the latest release from PROTEOR is designed to provide an affordable yet efficient and maintenance-free polycentric knee.

Features include:

  • Pneumatic knee with extension spring to provide full extension during stamping and slow walking.
  • Secure four-axis geometry for high stability during stance phase.
  • One inch of toe clearance during swing.
  • Compact and lightweight : 26.21 oz.
  • Rated up to 275 lb.; adapted for K2 users.
  • Proximal connection : pyramidal or M36 threaded.
  • Separated flexion-resistance and extension-dampering adjustments.

Contact information:
Leslie Roberts
Nabtesco PROTEOR – USA
S82 W18717 Gemini Dr.
Muskego, WI 53150
Toll Free: 855.517.4414

Endolite Institute presents Virtual Education

Endolite Institute presents 
Virtual Education

Endolite Institute is proud to introduce Virtual Education. Join, learn and gain credits for free. Learning is at your own pace, on your own schedule and time. All modules have been approved and accredited by ABC & BOC. Voice overs lead you through the modules and presentations. Watch interactive videos that demonstrate the products and how they function. Evaluate and assess the video as it goes along using on screen tools to mark angles, points of contact, etc. You will receive virtual education credits for completing courses online that you have previously completed in person allowing for credit awards for education review. Once a module is completed, you can return to it at any time to review the material, videos and your quiz answers. To learn more and register for free, visit

RHEO KNEE® 3 by Össur®. A perfect balance of stability and dynamics.


Featuring a new gyroscope and kinematic sensor, RHEO KNEE 3 offers increased (and smoother) resistance across a wider range of stance flexion. This improved support from heel strike to toe off helps increase the confidence of all users whether walking on varied terrain, ramps and stairs, or merely standing. However, it is especially reassuring to low K3 users.

At the same time, we didn’t sacrifice the dynamics that RHEO KNEE is known for and that high K3 users expect. In fact, we improved them! With a more powerful actuator and a faster, more consistent swing extension, RHEO KNEE 3 makes it even easier for high active users to walk their way.

Key Features:

  • NEW! Actuator and kinematic sensor enhance stance stability and dynamics.
  • NEW! Redesigned extension assist for faster and more natural swing extension.
  • NEW! 300lb weight limit and up to 3 days of battery life.
  • “Zero Lag” actuator provides an instant response.
  • Effortless swing intiation enables a smoother gait.

Contact your Össur rep or call (800) 233-6263 today to get certified or demo RHEO KNEE 3.

Compact Double Action Ankle Joint from PEL

Compact Double Action Ankle Joint from PEL

Intended for both small adults and pediatric patients, the Compact Double Action Ankle Joint from Becker Orthopedic is comprised of a precontoured stainless steel upright and stirrup, which reduce fabrication time and provide a lightweight and low profile enhancement to the clinical application.

Designed specifically for use with thermoplastics, the Compact Double Action Ankle Joint includes pins in the anterior panels and springs in the posterior panels, which afford the patient a normal gait while providing control in the sagittal plane and increased mediolateral stability of the knee and hip.

Contact PEL at (800) 321-1264 or

Guard Industries, Inc. Cast Cutter

Guard Cast Cutter

Acor New Products


Coyote Design’s Proximal Lock from PEL

Coyote Design’s Proximal Lock 
from PEL

PEL now offers the new Proximal Lock by Coyote Design. The Proximal Lock is zero clearance, proximally mounted lock that works for suspension and rotational control. Using the distal adaptor of your choice, the new lock design allows for easy donning while the silicone liner attachment is more flexible and larger for increased pull.

Benefits and features include:

  • Zero clearance lock
  • Suspension and rotation control
  • Ideal for long limbs with minimal clearance
  • Silicone adhesive remains flexible after it sets
  • Flexible attachment rolls on easier
  • Water-resistant

Contact PEL at (800) 321-1264 or

Dion Foster joins Spinal Solutions Team

Spinal Solutions

The Spinal Solutions Lower Extremity Department just got a shot in the arm with the hiring of Dion Foster out of Aberdeen North Carolina. Dion has over 28 years of orthotic and prosthetic fabrication experience. A Chicago native, Dion spent several years honing his skills at highly respected facilities like Acme O&P and Scheck & Siress O&P. He spent 3 years in a busy central fab in California then moved to the east coast where he spent 4 years heading up the fabrication department at O&P of Pinehurst. Dion is highly motivated and eager to grow the Spinal Solutions LE Lab. Why not give Dion a call at 800-922-5155 on your next LE case? Personalized service, quick turn-around, guaranteed quality at the best value ... that’s how we roll at Spinal Solutions!

Spinal Solutions

New Genesee Metro Liner from College Park

New Genesee Metro Liner from College Park

The new College Park Genesee liner provides the ideal benefits required of a gel liner in an affordable package. Shaped for fit and flexibility with cushioning comfort and excellent limb conforming properties, this durable liner accommodates a wide range of users. The unique fabric provides a superior fiber to gel bond, reduces pistoning and eases donning. Shear forces are absorbed to prevent skin friction as the mineral oil provides continuous moisture over the entire lifespan of the liner.

  • Mineral oil infused for continuous skin hydration
  • Retro-fits with industry standard liners of like thickness & profile
  • Longer length for the perfect fit
  • Suitable for K1-K3 levels

For more information, call (800) 728-7950 or visit

Iceross® Seal-In® X TF by Össur®. Make your move!

Iceross Seal-In X TF

Iceross Seal-In TF liners are a trusted choice of above-knee amputees seeking a comfortable expulsion solution. However, some users have irregular limb shapes, or other anomalies, that conflict with the location of the seal.

Introducing Seal-In X TF, with a moveable seal ring that can be optimally positioned to maximize comfort for each unique individual and proven Volume Adaptive Blades that change orientation to accommodate unique limb shapes and volume fluctuations.

To learn more about Seal-In X TF, call (800) 233-6263 or visit today.

Guardian Suction Liner

Guardian Suction Liner

New ALPSTM Guardian Suction Liner - Features raised GripGelTM bands that grip the socket wall to form a secure interface between the socket and liner to prevent slippage or premature release. Low modulus GripGelTM bands stretch against the socket wall, while the inner wall conforms easily to the residual limb, to ensure there is no restriction of blood flow or stiffening to inhibit donning. Key features include full length inversion for ease of donning and a high performance knitted fabric cover.

Contact ALPS Customer Service at (800) 574-5426 or email for more information.

Orthomerica® California® Catalina™ Custom Fit Spinal Orthosis
from PEL

Orthomerica® California® 
Catalina™ Custom Fit Spinal Orthosis from PEL

The California Catalina Custom Fit Spinal Orthosis restricts motion while providing effective compression for relief of lower back pain throughout the rehabilitation process. The custom individualized design allows personalized fit by the Orthotist and its lightweight comfortable design provides superior patient comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mechanical advantage 2-pull string closure system with ergonomically designed pull tabs
  • Modular components make it simple to reduce from LSO to LO
  • Easy circumferential adjustment for waists up to 50” (Standard) or 66” (Extended). No cutting needed.
  • Heat moldable removable posterior panel

Contact PEL at (800) 321-1264 or

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