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Association News

AOPA's Medicare lawsuit dismissed

Amputee Coalition Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee announces new members

Amputee Coalition partners with St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center on peer support initiative

Business News

Using Financial Advisors to Help Your Small Business Grow

Health Care Spending Slowdown Mainly Attributed to Economic Factors

Clinical News

Osseointegration Presents High Survivorship, Relatively Low Complication Rates in Transhumeral Amputees

Patients With Longer Residual Limbs After Transfemoral Amputation Walk Faster

Events for Physically Challenged Athletes Require Additional Planning, Preparation

Carbon Graphite Footplate Increased Load Under the Lateral Column During Jumping, Landing

Cover Story

Marketing 101: Service and Reaching Referral Sources are Key

Field Facts

BCP Group acquires Baker Orthotics & Prosthetics

College Park Industries hires clinical education manager

Startup company wins prize to develop myoelectric prosthesis

Foot Traffic

Proceed With Caution When Wearing Flip-flops, Pedorthists Advise

Berry Craig

Health Care Updates

Worse finger tapping in stroke patients' unaffected hand indicates need for intensified treatment

Study: Insufficient evidence to support use of antidepressants for treatment of postoperative pain

Individuals with physical disabilities more active in neighborhoods with open space

Negative emotions in workplace can lead to positive outcomes

Marketing with Mansfield

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Elizabeth Mansfield

Rebuilding Lives

Enjoy the Ride