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Business News

Eye Tracking Technology Measures Reactions to Seeing Amputees in Commercials

Firms With Greater Board Diversity Associated With Lower Risk Taking


Civil War Soldier Consented to Amputation Only at the Point of Death

Berry Craig

Clinical News

Study: Treatment in Inpatient Rehab Facilities Provided Better Long-term Outcomes

Socket Reaction Moment Impulse May Assist in Alignment Tuning Process of Transtibial Prostheses

Changing Prosthetic Socks Uncommon Among People with Transtibial Amputation

Cover Story

Peer Support Builds Self-confidence, Coping Mechanisms for New Amputees

Field Facts

De Roy sets marathon world record

Ottobock names C-Leg photo contest winners

CAF opens Access for Athlete grant applications

Health Care Updates

Study: EHR implementation improved with incentives, assistance

Telemedicine offers lifesaving benefits for chronic disease patients

High medical costs equal increased health care spending

Marketing with Mansfield

Postcard Power

Elizabeth Mansfield

Meeting News Coverage

Walking barefoot on gravel improves gait for children with idiopathic toe walking

Study: Targeted training improves confidence in administration of outcome measures

Speaker: Video takes documentation to the next level

AFO map can aid in off-the-shelf ankle orthoses fittings

Study: K3 prostheses show significant advantages over K2 prostheses

Amputee Coalition and OP Solutions to launch online prosthetist directory

Mobility Saves highlighted at AOPA National Assembly

New prosthetic fabrication technique offers improved efficiency

More mobile apps for prosthetic care will emerge in near future

Rebuilding Lives

Returning to Active Duty