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Speaker: Sepsis can be caused by, and cause, amputations

May 23, 2017

Amputations can cause sepsis, and sepsis can cause amputations, Steven Q. Simpson, MD, FCCP, FACP, of the Sepsis Alliance and of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care at the University of Kansas, said during the Sepsis and Limb Loss: Awareness and Prevention webinar. The webinar was hosted by the Amputee Coalition.

“If you go into an [intensive care unit] ICU in the United States for any reason, whether it is postop after your surgery or [for] an exacerbation of chronic lung disease, it does not matter. The most common thing leading to you not coming out of there alive is sepsis.”

Kinetic Prosthetics hosts OPAF fundraiser

May 19, 2017
Kinetic Prosthetics recently hosted a fundraiser for the Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation and its First Clinics as part of Limb Loss Awareness Month…

Military service members could experience worsening outcomes after mild blast concussion

May 18, 2017
U.S. military service members in Iraq and Afghanistan, who suffered a mild concussion from a blast injury, continued to experience mental health symptoms and a decrease…
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Speaker discusses opioid crisis through a population health perspective

May 17, 2017
PHILADELPHIA — The key issue in opioid abuse is that addiction thrives among populations marked by violence, homelessness and employment, according to a speaker at…

Researchers: Mexican-Americans received less intensive care after stroke

May 16, 2017
Mexican-Americans who had a stroke were less likely to receive inpatient rehabilitation than non-Hispanic whites, according to researchers from the University of…
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