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University of Pittsburgh researchers receive award to develop ultrasonic sensors for an exoskeleton

March 22, 2017

The National Science Foundation’s Cyber-Physical Systems program has awarded researchers from the University of Pittsburgh a 3-year $400,000 grant to develop an ultrasound sensor system for a hybrid exoskeleton, which would use both electrical nerve stimulation and external motors.

According to a press release, the University of Pittsburgh researchers will collaborate with colleagues at George Mason University, who have also received a $400,000 award from the National Science Foundation.

AMA urges members of Congress to oppose American Health Care Act

March 22, 2017
The American Medical Association today released a letter to members of Congress urging them to oppose the American Health Care Act, citing projections that it will cost…

Smartphone 'geofencing' could help track chronic care

March 22, 2017
A location-tracking app could be used to help track and manage care for patients with chronic diseases and provide feedback on helpful lifestyle changes, according to…

Researchers show virtual reality can be used to catch a real ball

March 21, 2017
Scientists from Disney Research have demonstrated how a person could use an interactive virtual reality system to reliably catch a real ball, according to a press…

NAAOP issues comments on CMS proposed rule

March 20, 2017
The National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics has submitted comments in support of a proposed CMS rule that would specify the requirements…
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