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U.S. Soccer announces player safety campaign that includes restrictions on heading in youth soccer

November 25, 2015

Following the resolution of a class action lawsuit regarding youth soccer concussion, the United States Soccer Federation has recently announced an upcoming player safety campaign that will include new youth soccer initiatives in part to improve concussion awareness, provide more uniform concussion management and eliminate heading in the youngest players.

“The genesis for developing the campaign was unrelated to the lawsuit, as U.S. Soccer has been working on a player safety campaign since long before the lawsuit was filed,” a press release from U.S. Soccer noted. “The campaign was developed with the help of medical experts to provide coaches, players, parents and referee with information, guidance and additional educational materials to improve the management of injuries, including concussions.”

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AccelSPINE receives CE marking and EN ISO 13485 certificate

November 24, 2015
AccelSPINE, a Dallas-based medical device designer, recently announced it has received CE marking and European ISO 13485 certification.
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Study details clinical course of humeral osteomyelitis in pediatric patients

November 24, 2015
Results from a 10-year retrospective study in New Zealand on pediatric patients with humeral osteomyelitis highlight the efficacy of antibiotics and debridement for…
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