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Orthopedic surgeon enlisted in US Navy Medical Corps to treat Marines

High incidence of traction-related complications seen after hip arthroscopy

Speaker: High BMI does not justify denial for TJA

Cover Story

Same-day outpatient TJR gains popularity, but careful considerations must be made

In the Journals

3-D imaging improves surgeons’ ability to choose location for glenoid implant

Meeting News Coverage

Rate of return to sport high by 1 year after all-epiphyseal ACL reconstruction in children

Research highlights role of revision arthroscopic stabilization with caveats for indications

Young, active patients likely return to active duty sooner after surgery for Achilles tendon ruptures

Patients with foot, ankle complaints likely have limited musculoskeletal health literacy

Study highlights influence of information on surgeon practices to decrease ACL retears

Study notes stable postoperative pain scores, indications for trochleoplasty

Resident performance in knee arthroscopy may improve with cadaveric skills labs, simulators

Women attracted to orthopedics due to personal attributes, nature of the field

Metatarsus adductus increases risk of hallux valgus deformity

Low retear rate found with absorbable biologic scaffold-reinforced rotator cuff repair

Comparable in vivo graft motion after ACL reconstruction found with BTB vs hamstring autograft

Nearly half of patients safe for discharge by postoperative day 2 after total joint arthroplasty

VIDEO: A look at the AOSSM Annual Meeting

Noncompliance seen with non-weight bearing restrictions high despite instructions, education

Orthopedic Medical Legal Advisor

The art of persuasion

B. Sonny Bal, MD, JD, MBA; Lawrence H. Brenner, JD; Caroline Poma

Orthopedics Today Commentary

Better methods to measure, image anatomy will advance science of joint replacement

Anthony A. Romeo, MD

Round Tables

Panel discusses preoperative assessment and role for hemiarthroplasty, RSA for patients with glenoid wear

Rush Grand Rounds

A 44-year-old woman with right knee pain

Rachel M. Frank, MD; Nicholas Brown, MD; Charles A. Bush-Joseph, MD

Surgical Technique

Open modified Broström ankle reconstruction with internal brace augmentation: A novel approach

Troy S. Watson, MD; Richard J. Lamour, MD