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Orthopedists need to define outcome measures for value-based health care

Anthony A. Romeo, MD; Nikhil N. Verma, MD

Wearable neuromuscular device reduced ACL injury risk in female soccer players

Morbidly obese, nonobese patients experienced similar outcomes after revision THA

Patients continue using opioids 6 months after TJA

Presenter identifies most common finger injuries among climbers

Positive squeeze test, injury identifies stable, unstable grade II syndesmosis injuries

Functional outcomes not affected by use of reamed IM nail in tibia fractures

Bracing showed mixed effects on patient outcomes following revision ACL reconstruction

Higher risk of decreased flexion after TKA found for women, minorities

Military service members have high rates of noncombat musculoskeletal injuries

Longer stay in ICU associated with development of heterotopic ossification in acetabular fracture patients

Subacromial injections with vs without ultrasound guidance had similar clinical outcomes

TXA more cost-effective than iron, EPO for anemic patients undergoing TJA

Study: Transfusion risks, costs for TKA procedures vary with comorbidity burden

Study showed low incidence of complications after ACL reconstruction

Primary hip arthroscopy yields improved patient-reported outcome scores

Risk of refracture increased with greater follow-up in patients treated with short or long IM nails

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Orthopedic surgeons utilize social media to engage with patient, health care communities

In the Journals

Study: Mixed-type FAI may develop with decreased pelvic incidence

Medicare coverage associated with increase in rehabilitation access

MRI may detect severe bone injuries in ice hockey players

Study finds several factors associated with grade IV chondral defects in the hip

Meeting News Coverage

Nine-year component survivorship with STAR device linked to survivorship at 15 years

Patients who smoked had higher rates of wound complications after total ankle arthroplasty

VIDEO: Hunter discusses efficacy of ankle block, popliteal fossa block for forefoot procedures

Several factors associated with metatarsalgia in patients with hallux valgus

Several factors correlated with patient comprehension of foot and ankle injury, treatment

VIDEO: A look at wound complications following total ankle replacements

Peripheral nerve block associated with low postoperative complication rate

Interpositional arthroplasty showed good clinical results high patient satisfaction

Higher ASA class, BMI associated with decreased physical function after ankle surgery

VIDEO: Latt speaks to intense therapeutic ultrasounds for treatment of plantar fasciitis

Greater need for surgery found among patients with Charcot neuroarthropathy and ulcers

Orthopedics Today Grand Rounds

A 31-year-old woman with left shoulder trauma

Wayne W. Chan, MD, PhD; Glenn S. Russo, MD, MS; Theodore A. Blaine, MD; David Kovacevic, MD

Surgical Technique

Technique pearls for revision shoulder arthroplasty aid in preventing fracture, preserving bone stock

Mark Schultzel, MD; John M. Itamura, MD