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Anthony A. Romeo, MD

Patients with HIV had higher incidence of medical complications, stroke after TSA

Renal failure linked with higher PJI risk after TJA

Multidirectional glenohumeral instability is amenable to arthroscopic pancapsular capsulorrhaphy

New PROM system aims to improve reporting of clinical care of patients

HA-BMAC yielded more durable knee cartilage repair at 5 years vs microfracture

Minimum 45 minutes of weekly activity led to sustained function in adults with OA

Decrease in airborne colony-forming units linked with fewer implant-related infections

THA performed later in the week led to longer length of stay

Vancomycin powder likely cost-effective as prophylaxis for shoulder surgery infection

At Issue

Medial meniscal root tears: Fix it or leave it alone

Matthew H. Blake, MD; Darren L. Johnson, MD; Jorge Chahla, MD; Andrew G. Geeslin, MD; Robert F. LaPrade, MD, PhD

Cover Story

Orthopedic community debates structure, function of anterolateral knee ligament

In the Journals

Organization-directed interventions for burnout may benefit physicians

Lateral interbody fusion with open posterior surgery found effective for ASD

Similar brake reaction time seen in hip arthroscopy patients vs controls

Both InterTAN, sliding hip screws seen as effective for treatment of intertrochanteric hip fractures

Elevated BMI correlated with need for early revision TKA for infection

Meeting News

Speaker: Readmissions, length of stay at skilled nursing facilities drive cost in payment bundles

Same-day discharge after TJA depends on several variables

Team-based perioperative model reduced surgical readmissions

VIDEO: Kaatz discusses the debate about use of VTE prophylaxis after surgery

VIDEO: Team collaboration aids in optimizing value for patients

Speaker: Patient-centered care improves patient satisfaction rate, clinical outcomes

VIDEO: Cappozi advises on how to strategize when negotiating implant costs

Use of regional anesthesia positively impacted bundled payments

Orthopedics Today Grand Rounds

A 14-year-old male patient with chronic shoulder pain

Austin V. Stone, MD, PhD; Michael T. Freehill, MD


Does the anterolateral ligament play a biomechanical role in the function of the knee?

Surgical Technique

Soft tissue repair in posterior approach THA mitigates need for hip precautions

Daniel C. Smith, MD; Daniel Charen, MD