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No significant improvement in functional outcomes seen with navigated TKA

No link seen between delayed reimplantation after resection arthroplasty and outcome

Noted surgeon: Also follow patients with small diameter MoM heads for ARMD

Study shows trends in THA implant usage

Arthroscopic treatment of symptomatic OLTs showed high function in young patients

Higher total perioperative complications seen with regional vs general anesthesia for hip fracture treatment

Cover Story

With the growth of outpatient orthopedic spine surgery, more research is warranted

In the Journals

OA increases risk of ischemic heart disease after TKA

Significant risk factors may cause cardiac complications following primary TJA

Meeting News Coverage

Joint salvage surgery beneficial, defers arthroplasty in select patients

Microfracture not perfect, but results can be maximized

VTE prophylaxis a ‘never event’ without clear superiority of a single regime

Reamer-irrigator-aspirator reamings biologically equal to iliac crest bone grafts

Arthroscopy presents predictable approach in management of hip-related disorders

Speaker: Consider history for treatment options of massive rotator cuff tears

Orthopedic Medical Legal Advisor

Medical malpractice risk in the age of EMRs and how to manage it

B. Sonny Bal, MD, JD, MBA; Lawrence H. Brenner, JD

Orthopedics Today Commentary

Conflicts of interest: Be transparent, but not embarrassed

Anthony A. Romeo, MD

Round Tables

Panel discusses nonoperative treatment options for patients with knee osteoarthritis

Rush Grand Rounds

A 35-year-old man with left shoulder weakness

Anthony A. Romeo, MD; Jonathan C. Riboh, MD; Peter N. Chalmers, MD

Surgical Technique

High, inside starting point and intramedullary reaming are keys for Jones fracture fixation in athletes

Andrew R. Hsu, MD; Robert B. Anderson, MD