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Athletic Training & Sports Health Care is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed publication that provides contemporary athletic training and sports health care information and guidance to clinicians involved in a variety of allied health professions. The Journal publishes original research, case reviews, evidence-based reports, clinical columns, systematic reviews, and literature reviews from a variety of sports health care disciplines. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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  • Current Issue
  • March/April 2017
  • Volume 9 · Issue 2
Table of Contents
Editorial Free

In Search of the Holy Grail in Concussion Management

Thomas W. Kaminski, PhD, ATC, FACSM, FNATA

Clinical Roundtable

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

James R. Scifers, DScPT, PT, SCS, LAT, ATC; Russell Baker, DAT, ATC; Alison Gardiner-Shires, PhD, LAT, ATC; Phillip Vardiman, PhD, LAT, ATC

Professional Practice

Presence of Athletic Trainers in a Youth Football Organization: A Single Institution's Experience

Jillian E. Urban, PhD; Erica K. Cheramie, LAT, ATC; Mary Kopacki, MS, LAT, ATC; Johna K. Register-Mihalik, PhD, LAT, ATC; Jason P. Mihalik, PhD, CAT(C), ATC; Joel D. Stitzel, PhD; Daryl A. Rosenbaum, MD

Original Research

Neuropsychological Testing in Asymptomatic High School Football Players

Oscar Rau, MS; Jaclyn B. Caccese, PhD; Thomas A. Buckley, EdD, ATC; David Webner, MD; Charles B. Swanik, PhD, ATC; Joseph J. Glutting, PhD; Thomas W. Kaminski, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM, RFSA

Original Research

How Do Economic Variables Predict Access to Athletic Training Services?

Ashley Long, PhD, LAT, ATC; James R. Scifers, DScPT, LAT, ATC; Craig Eilbacher, EdD, LAT, ATC

Original Research

An Exploratory Study on Concussion-Reporting Behaviors From Collegiate Student Athletes' Perspectives

Monica R. Lininger, PhD, ATC, LAT; Heidi A. Wayment, PhD; Ann Hergatt Huffman, PhD; Debbie I. Craig, PhD, ATC, LAT; Louis H. Irving, BS

Original Research
Original Research

Medical Care in the Secondary School Setting: Who Is Providing Care in Lieu of an Athletic Trainer?

Lesley W. Vandermark, PhD, ATC, PES; Riana R. Pryor, PhD, ATC; Alicia M. Pike, MS, ATC; Stephanie M. Mazerolle, PhD, ATC, FNATA; Douglas J. Casa, PhD, ATC, FNAK, FACSM, FNATA