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Globus Medical announces new MIS pedicle screw system

November 30, 2015

Globus Medical Inc. recently announced the introduction of the CREO MIS Pedicle Screw System, a thoracolumbar posterior stabilization system that features extended modular screw heads.
The small diameter screw heads of the system reportedly helps minimize muscle disruption and reduces clutter at different levels, such as L5-S1. According to a company press release, the low-profile design of the CREO MIS provides the strength and rigidity of a traditional percutaneous reduction system allowing for manipulation and deformity correction.

“Globus continues to lead the way with a growing portfolio of MIS-related products, including this important addition to our CREO Pedicle Screw System platform. Surgeons appreciate the intuitive simplicity of the CREO MIS platform including the ability to insert the locking cap through the screw head in a controlled, guided manner where the rod is then captured, reduced and locked in one simplified step,” Andrew Iott, senior vice president of Product Development at the company, said in the press release.

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