New website links pilots to pilot opticians

Flying Eyes, a company that offers eye wear specifically designed for pilots, is sponsoring a website that links pilots to eye care professionals who understand their specific needs, including opticians who are also licensed pilots, according to a company press release.

Pilots can experience noise leaks and pressure headaches while wearing noise-canceling headsets with traditional glasses. Flying Eyes was founded to create eye wear solutions specifically to address these concerns.

The website,, provides pilots a database of opticians that understand the unique eye wear requirements that come with flying.

“Our sunglasses are unique and are extremely useful within the aviation community. And our customers are always looking for an eye doctor who understands pilots’ vision requirements,” Dean Siracusa, founder of Flying Eyes Optics, said in the release. “We have a network of opticians we work with throughout the nation and want to share that information with those who need it.”

The database can be found at Access is free and does not require a login.