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BLOG: Disease management programs for eye care

August 28, 2015

The fundamental unit of eye care for optometrists has traditionally been the eye examination. This speaks to the roots of our profession of measuring the refractive status of each eye and providing vision correction in the form of glasses or contact lenses.

We started out as a profession that provided the refraction as our primary service. Many of the optometrists of my dad’s generation did not even use the term “eye examination,” but rather just referred to their encounters with patients as “refractions.” Any testing other than the refraction or testing of binocular vision was considered just an eye health screening and provided as a courtesy.

Publication Exclusive: Pediatric patient presents with acute onset of vision loss

August 29, 2015
An 8-year-old Asian boy presented with vision loss in the right eye for 1 day. He described a central area of vision loss with intact peripheral vision. At the onset of…
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Age, gender, subtype may influence recurrence of AMD after anti-VEGF treatment

August 28, 2015
Recurrence of neovascular age-related macular degeneration after anti-VEGF treatment may be associated with age and gender, and occur sooner in patients with polypoidal…
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ThromboGenics reports €6 million in revenues in first half

August 28, 2015
ThromboGenics reported 6 million in total revenues for the first half of 2015, according to a press release.This includes 4.25 million in Jetrea (ocriplasmin) sales in…

World Council of Optometry announces new leaders

August 28, 2015
The World Council of Optometry announced during the WCO annual general meeting that Uduak Udom, OD, will be assuming the role of president of the organization, following…
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Scott A. Edmonds, OD, FAAO

BLOG: The path forward for optometry

August 11, 2015
The profession of optometry is at a unique crossroad for its role in the health care system. Although much of this…
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Carlson leads women to top positions in optometry

Carlson leads women to top positions in optometry

Primary Care Optometry News, August 2015
As part of Primary Care Optometry News’ 20th anniversary celebration, in each issue throughout 2015 we will…
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Ron Rosa

BLOG: 4 tips for making children comfortable during an eye exam

August 17, 2015
Even if you don’t work in pediatrics, chances are good that you’re going to have to treat a patient who is…
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