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Aldeyra submits IND application for phase 2 testing of uveitis treatment

December 19, 2014

Aldeyra Therapeutics has submitted an investigational new drug application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to conduct phase 2 clinical testing of its product, NS2, for the treatment of noninfectious anterior uveitis.

“The submission of an IND for NS2 in the treatment of noninfectious anterior uveitis is a major milestone for Aldeyra and is another step forward in the execution of our development strategy,” Todd C. Brady, MD, PhD, president and CEO of Aldeyra, said in a company press release. “NS2 has the potential to reduce or eliminate the use of steroids in the treatment of this disease, which we believe would significantly enhance the treatment options for these patients and improve their long-term ocular health.”

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VIDEO: Vitreoretinal surgery update for the anterior segment surgeon

December 19, 2014
NEW YORK — John W. Kitchens, MD, discusses misconceptions people have about retina surgery at OSN New York.
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VIDEO: Macular therapeutics update

December 18, 2014
NEW YORK — Andrew Moshfeghi, MD, MBA, discusses recent advances in retina technology, as well as future developments, in his presentation from OSN New York.
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VIDEO: Controversies in pterygium surgery

December 17, 2014
NEW YORK — At OSN New York, William B. Trattler, MD, dispels misconceptions about pterygium surgery.
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