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LASIK maintains corneal integrity despite long-term regression in high myopes

November 25, 2014

Long-term analysis of LASIK outcomes in patients with high myopia and astigmatism showed corneal integrity was maintained even though myopia regressed, according to a study.

The retrospective study analyzed outcomes in 39 eyes with 6 D to 18 D of myopia and up to –5 D of astigmatism who underwent LASIK at least 15 years ago.

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Handheld keratometry readings comparable before, after anesthesia

November 25, 2014
Handheld keratometry measurements were as reliable in patients under anesthesia as in awake patients, regardless of positioning, according to a study. However, readings…
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Inadequate contact lens hygiene increased risk for acute conjunctivitis

November 25, 2014
NEW YORK — Failure to properly clean and store contact lenses significantly increased risk for acute conjunctivitis, according to a presenter at the 2014…
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The Mystery of Collagen Cross-linking When it Comes to In Vivo Biomechanical Measurements

Journal of Refractive Surgery, November 2014, Volume 30 Issue 11
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In Focus: Advances in AMD – Managing Wet AMD in 2014 - What Do the Data Tell Us, and What Don’t They?

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Genentech, Inc.

A number of clinical trials have established the use of anti-VEGF therapy as first-line therapy in the management of…
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VIDEO: Forced infusion phaco

November 22, 2014
NEW YORK — At OSN New York 2014, Uday Devgan, MD, discusses forced infusion phaco in cataract surgery.
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