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BLOG: Royal treatment for DES?

March 4, 2015

While doing some research for my upcoming Dry Eye column in OSN, I was reacquainted with the scientific publishing site PLoS One. Man, is there a lot of fun stuff there! I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination, full of all kinds of ideas for projects and research, but even I wouldn’t think of putting rats on a swing to investigate DES associated with computer use. Nakamura, Imada and their co-authors used this model to evaluate the stress placed on lacrimal gland secretion with prolonged near vision/low blink rate activities. They showed that both the swinging rats and office workers evaluated showed a decrease in tear production that was “dose-related”: More hours exposed, both cumulative and per session, resulted in a greater decrease in tear generation.

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IOP outcomes may not be affected by postop steroids after combined cataract, trabecular micro-bypass surgery

March 4, 2015
CORONADO, Calif. — The use of steroids after trabecular micro-bypass stent surgery and concomitant cataract surgery may not cause negative IOP and medication use…
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Fixed-dose combination reduces diurnal IOP better than individual components

March 4, 2015
CORONADO, Calif. — A fixed-dose combination of IOP-lowering medications reduced diurnal IOP more effectively than its constituent components dosed individually…
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VIDEO: Preventing endophthalmitis after cataract surgery

March 4, 2015
ISTANBUL – At the ESCRS Winter Meeting, Altan A. Özcan, MD, talks about the best practices to prevent endophthalmitis after cataract surgery, from sterility protocols…
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Valeant reports growth in fourth quarter, fiscal year 2014 revenues

March 4, 2015
Valeant Pharmaceuticals totaled $8.3 billion in revenue in the fiscal year 2014, a 43% increase from 2013, according to a press release.In the fourth quarter 2014, total…
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Adjustment of Anterior Corneal Astigmatism Values to Incorporate the Likely Effect of Posterior Corneal Curvature for Toric Intraocular Lens Calculation

Journal of Refractive Surgery, February 2015, Volume 31 Issue 2
To establish if average refractive overcorrection or undercorrection of corneal astigmatism based on the “rule” of the…
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Postoperative Inflammation and Pain

Postoperative Ocular Inflammation and Pain: Achieving a Clear Consensus on Prevention and Treatment

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Alcon Research, LTD.

The pain and inflammation associated with cataract surgery remain significant challenges for the ophthalmic surgeon and…
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VIDEO: Managing astigmatism during cataract surgery

March 3, 2015
ISTANBUL – At the ESCRS Winter Meeting, Pavel Stodulka talks about management of astigmatism during cataract surgery…
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