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Progressive retinal nerve fiber layer loss associated with quality of life measure changes

March 2, 2015

CORONADO, Calif. — Progressive retinal nerve fiber layer thickness loss was associated with loss of quality of life in glaucoma patients, even after adjustment for degree of visual field loss as measured by standard perimetry, a speaker said.

“These findings suggest that rates of structural change assessed by OCT imaging may be valid markers for the degree of self-reported disability associated with glaucoma,” Carolina P. Gracitelli, MD, said at the annual meeting of the American Glaucoma Society.

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VIDEO: Small pupil issues in femtosecond laser cataract surgery

March 2, 2015
ISTANBUL – At the ESCRS Winter Meeting, Boris Malyugin, MD, PhD, talks about small pupil issues in femtosecond laser cataract surgery. Laser shots applied to the…
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Fluorometholone treatment faster than cyclosporine A for Sjögren’s syndrome ocular dryness

March 2, 2015
Successful treatment of ocular dryness with fluorometholone occurred faster than treatment with cyclosporine A in patients with Sjögren’s syndrome, according…
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Early studies examine neuroregeneration in optic neuropathies

March 2, 2015
CORONADO, Calif. — Whether called neuroprotection, neuroenhancement or regeneration, any of these would be a major step forward in restoring vision in optic…
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VIDEO: Utility of ICG angiography in 2015

March 1, 2015
WAILEA, Hawaii – At Retina 2015, Jay S. Duker, MD, talks about how ICG angiography should be apart of retinal specialists' diagnostic armamentarium.
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Error in the Estimation of Ablation Centration Using Pachymetric Difference Maps

Journal of Refractive Surgery, February 2015, Volume 31 Issue 2
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Intravitreal Interventions

Intravitreal Interventions – Volume 3, Number 3

This activity is supported by educational grants from Genentech, Inc. and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

During the past decade, retinal pharmacology has come into its own. Intravitreal use of corticosteroids, anti-vascular…
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VIDEO: Hot topics in Dry eye disease for the cataract and refractive surgeon

February 28, 2015
WAILEA, Hawaii – At Hawaiian Eye 2015, James P. McCulley, MD, FACS, FRCOphth, discusses background and hot topics of…
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