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At this time, consider CXL as adjunctive therapy to treat keratitis

Dennis S.C. Lam, MD, FRCOphth; Vishal Jhanji, MD

32nd APAO Congress to be held in March

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Cataract surgery can be performed in pseudoexfoliation cases without expansion devices

Complications Consult

Pencil injury can lead to ocular graphite foreign body

Cover Story

Increasing evidence shows efficacy of PACK-CXL as potential first-line treatment for infectious keratitis

In the Journals

Penetrating keratoplasty in Jordan successful with local, imported donor tissue

Both fixed-dose, as-needed aflibercept regimens resolve polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy

Meeting News Coverage

VIDEO: PiXL may be a new refractive option for low myopes

VIDEO: Mazzo touts Zeiss' range of ophthalmic devices

VIDEO: PACK cross-linking a novel treatment for infectious keratitis

VIDEO: 'Epi-on' PiXL study shows good visual results for low myopia

VIDEO: Endoscopic vitrectomy useful in some pediatric and adult cases

VIDEO: Extended range of vision IOL compares favorably with trifocal IOLs

VIDEO: Lecturer focuses on iris claw IOLs

VIDEO: José Cunha-Vaz, MD, PhD, gives Euretina lecture

VIDEO: Surgeon gives pearls for transitioning to PDEK

VIDEO: Surgeon gives pearls for transitioning to glued IOL surgery

VIDEO: Surgeon performs corneal 'tattooing' with femtosecond laser to change iris color

VIDEO: Surgeon shares pearls on CLASS procedure for IOP reduction

VIDEO: Surgeon relates efforts to save eyes, rehabilitate patients after pellet gun injuries

VIDEO: Speaker reviews latest imaging advances

VIDEO: Post hoc analysis of DRCR.net Protocol I

VIDEO: Study shows Ozurdex real-world results outperform clinical trial results for DME

VIDEO: Surgeon focuses on breakthrough cataract surgery technologies

VIDEO: Study shows patients prefer 'dropless injection' regimen to 'less drops'

Kamra small aperture inlay used in broad spectrum of patients

Intravitreal adalimumab may be successful when systemic therapy fails

Most foldable IOL explantations still caused by dislocation, decentration

LUMINOUS study shows diversity in practice patterns, overall encouraging results

Increasing evidence demonstrates value, reliability and benefits of OCT angiography

Anti-VEGF effect on development of macular atrophy under study

VIDEO: Advantages abound for digitally assisted vitreoretinal surgery

Dry eye may heavily affect results and quality of life following cataract surgery

Capsular tension ring improves refractive outcomes in high myopes

VIDEO: Technology helps to optimize IOL outcomes

Revolution of digitally assisted surgery coming soon

VIDEO: Continuous laser technology creates smooth-edged, well-centered capsulotomies

VIDEO: Astigmatism management an issue in all types of ocular surgery

Novel cells, delivery procedure in development for retinal diseases

Neural network guides keratoconus treatment, predicts outcomes with intracorneal rings

‘Promising’ solutions for myopia control under study

Pseudoexfoliation common reason for capsular tension ring insertion


Should PACK-CXL be used as a first-line procedure for or in addition to antimicrobial treatment?