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FDA approves Kamra inlay implant for presbyopia

UK government criticized for ruling out Avastin on the basis of ‘confused, illogical’ arguments

Back to Basics

Evaluation and treatment of traumatic cataract and iris damage

Uday Devgan, MD

Cover Story

Experts ponder drug compounding law’s impact on ophthalmology

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Man referred for sudden onset decline in vision in left eye

Emily Wright, MD
; Michelle Liang, MD
; Elias Reichel, MD

In the Journals

Study shows corneal vertex normal as optimal optic zone center in small incision lenticule extraction

MMC use during pterygium surgery may cause scleral stromalysis

Lindstrom's Perspective

Access to compounded medications critical for ophthalmologists, patients

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Meeting News Coverage

Masket IOL negates dysphotopsia

MicroPulse with MP3 may be useful in refractory glaucoma

ZeroPhaco I/A handpiece enables lens fragmentation without ultrasound

Hyperosmotic soft contact lens well-tolerated in treating corneal edema

Intraoperative aberrometry outperforms preop toric calculator

Speaker: Now is not time for immediately sequential bilateral cataract surgery

Pearson: Valeant/Bausch + Lomb innovation pathway not mired by preconceived budgets, organic growth demands

Thermal pulsation treatment may improve meibomian gland secretion score in cataract patients

MIGS gaining acceptance

Xen 45 gel stent with MMC may be combined with cataract surgery

‘Chosen by ophthalmology’ Lindstrom wins OIS’ Ophthalmology Lifetime Innovator award

Cornea Society reaches out globally and to younger members

Early approach to DALK for refractory corneal infection yields good results

AcrySof IQ ReSTOR improves visual acuity, reduces cylinder at 6 months

AcuTarget HD guides patient selection for Kamra inlay

Bowman’s layer transplantation shows promise for keratoconus

Endothelial keratoplasty presents challenges, opportunities

Financial environment remains strong for ophthalmology innovation

High spectacle independence, patient satisfaction seen with At Lisa trifocal toric IOL

Glaucoma patients at greater risk for developing ocular surface disease

Refractive Surgery Stories

Good personal experience leads to fellowship in refractive surgery

Luke Rebenitsch, MD

Surgical Maneuvers

Gore-Tex suture can be used in small-incision scleral fixation of hydrophilic acrylic IOL

Brandon D. Ayres, MD

The Dry Eye

SkyVision enters age of LipiFlow

Darrell E. White, MD