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Glaucoma valve, keratoprosthesis combination yields high retention rate

Cross-linking may be option for Terrien marginal degeneration

Clinical practice, study protocols for treating AMD with anti-VEGF injections vary widely

Combination injection during IOL replacement maintains mydriasis, reduces postop pain

Autologous serum drops relieve dry eye over long term

Actavis to enter ophthalmology with Allergan acquisition

Postop infections reduced with additional prophylaxis after KPro implantation

Report: Nutritional supplement beneficial regardless of genotype

Back to Basics

Repositioning a dislocated IOL can be complicated but have good results

Uday Devgan, MD

Cover Story

Patients report high satisfaction rate in FDA LASIK outcomes questionnaire

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Anisocoria in a pediatric patient after bounce house accident

Jessica Moon, MD
; Sylvia Yoo, MD

In the Journals

Hypotonic eye drops improved tear film stability, ocular surface integrity

Eyes with TIF more likely to develop textural interface opacity after DSAEK

Multifocal toric IOL outperforms peripheral corneal relaxing incisions, standard multifocal

Intraluminal shunt occlusion controls IOP, minimizes hypotony

Topical colistin 0.19% a potential alternative treatment for P. aeruginosa keratitis

Better refractive outcomes achieved with three-piece IOLs

Anterior chamber, scleral-fixated IOLs yield similar long-term outcomes

Therapeutic PK resolves interface infection after DSAEK

AMD severity in first eye foretells incidence, progression in fellow eye

Lindstrom's Perspective

Quality data important to attract younger patients to LASIK

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Surgical Maneuvers

Endoscopy beneficial when visualization is limited

David Liao, MD, PhD

The Dry Eye

Minimum effective dose: A prescription for success

Darrell E. White, MD