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Orbis unveils next-generation Flying Eye Hospital

OSN welcomes Andrew A. Moshfeghi, MD, MBA, as Retina/Vitreous Section Editor

Automated algorithm and retina specialists show similar ability to recognize fluid on OCT scans

Brexit: What are the consequences?

Low-tech wearable device addresses issues with patient compliance

Study: Femtosecond laser side cuts self-seal better than manual incisions

Back to Basics

Pearls for residents, fellows as surgical training gets underway

Uday Devgan, MD


Office-based cataract surgery: Pros and cons of a controversial idea

Melissa Toyos, MD, FACS

Cover Story

Measures needed to reduce impact of cataract surgery’s high carbon footprint

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Rapid-onset bilateral periorbital edema seen in young adult

Michael Lewen, MD; Mitchell B. Strominger, MD

In the Journals

Repeated anti-VEGF injections for neovascular AMD increase IOP

Lindstrom's Perspective

Ophthalmologists can try to lead by example to reduce carbon footprint

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Meeting News Coverage

Model of shared care delivery improves glaucoma management at Belgian university clinic

Ophthalmoscopy, optic disc photos essential in glaucoma evaluation, management

Strampelli Medal Lecture focuses on digital revolution

New trifocal IOL shows good results in hyperopic patients

EAGLE trial: Lens extraction superior to iridotomy in patients with angle-closure glaucoma

Family history key in glaucoma diagnosis and genetic research

Undiagnosed, overdiagnosed glaucoma cases may have major repercussions

Testosterone cream may provide relief from MGD-related dry eye

Glaucoma drugs may be repurposed with sustained-release implants

Low rate of progression to visual impairment seen in UK glaucoma patients

Progressive IOL for mini incision shows good preliminary study results

Lessons learned over 5 years of follow-up with Kamra inlay for presbyopia

Long-term experience with light therapy in dry eye shows positive outcomes, patient satisfaction

Refractive Surgery Stories

Twenty years after LASIK and still seeing great

John F. Doane, MD, FACS

Surgical Maneuvers

Corneal collagen cross-linking available to stabilize and slow progression of keratoconus

Peter S. Hersh, MD, FACS

The Dry Eye

Unsung heroes of dry eye care: Technicians make or break a dry eye clinic

Darrell E. White, MD