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Intermediate vision factors into satisfaction of refractive cataract patients

Laser-assisted cataract surgery beneficial for presbyopic patients

A. James Khodabakhsh, MD

Alimera predicts potential $2 billion global market for Iluvien brand

House passes bill to repeal sustainable growth rate

Conjunctival flap surgery an option for calcified scleromalacia after periocular surgery

FDA approves Eylea to treat diabetic retinopathy in patients with DME

Complications from anterior capsule tears may require secondary intervention

Specialists oppose plan to deny coverage for dry eye testing in Pennsylvania

SAKURA Study 1: Intravitreal sirolimus safe for noninfectious uveitis of posterior segment

Surgeons seek to increase patient comfort without sacrificing efficacy in cross-linking

Michael Ehrenhaus, MD; Sebastian Guzman, MD

Study identifies macular atrophy in AMD patients undergoing anti-VEGF therapy

Two methods of IOL implantation yield similar vision, low complication rates in long term

Technique may decrease risk of corneal damage in explantation of iris implant

Back to Basics

Horizontal phaco chop makes cataract surgery more efficient with less ultrasonic energy

Uday Devgan, MD


A question for residents: Comprehensive ophthalmology or subspecialty fellowship?

Cover Story

Protocol T comparison of anti-VEGFs gives clinicians guidance for treating DME

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Healthy young woman presents with headaches, blurry vision

Lauren Branchini, MD
; Thomas R. Hedges, MD

In the Journals

Hyperopic LASIK can improve depth of focus in presbyopic patients

Adverse event rates low in AMD patients who take anti-VEGFs

Generic latanoprost may yield improved adherence for open-angle glaucoma treatment

Pattern deviation impairment in glaucoma patients may increase risk of motor vehicle collisions

Patient costs for supplies higher for contact lens correction in Infant Aphakia Treatment Study

Retaine ophthalmic emulsion may improve dry eye signs, symptoms

Survey: Some patients rate second-eye cataract surgery more painful than first

Pattern deviation impairment in glaucoma patients may increase risk of motor vehicle collisions

Total corneal power more accurately predicts residual astigmatism

Lindstrom's Perspective

DME treatment plan should be customized for each patient

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Refractive Surgery Stories

LASIK still a valuable investment 20 years after surgery

Manuel J. Chaknis, MD

Surgical Maneuvers

Femtosecond cataract surgery can be performed in presence of vitreous fluid

Omar F. Almallah, MD, FACS, FABES

The Dry Eye

The Hill of Sorrow: Understanding the symptom curve in the treatment of dry eye

Darrell E. White, MD