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Triple therapy reduces frequency, cost of neovascular AMD treatment

Novel technique preserves capsular bag in cases of dangling crystalline lens

Intraoperative aberrometry enhances IOL power calculation in astigmatic eyes

Diabetic donor tissue viable for DMEK with proper surgeon training

Disease advances despite treatment in half of patients with low-pressure glaucoma

Bag-in-the-lens inventor reviews long-term outcomes, new developments

Ophthalmic community grieves Albert Galand, pioneer in intracapsular IOL implantation

Ophthalmic community mourns loss of innovator Lee T. Nordan, MD

OCT useful in management of DME

Szilárd Kiss, MD

Prompt surgical removal of retained lens fragments recommended

By the Numbers

Steps to replace, transition your practice administrator

John B. Pinto

Complications Consult

I-Ring expands pupil, enhances surgical field of view

Priya Narang, MS; Amar Agarwal, MS, FRCS, FRCOphth

Cover Story

Some ophthalmologists opt out of CMS reimbursement system, exclusively accept private pay

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

29-year-old woman presents with subacute vision loss and headaches

Kendra Klein, MD

In the Journals

Intravitreal dexamethasone sustains improvements in patients with DME

Intraoperative OCT system may improve posterior, anterior segment surgeries

MUST trial outlines predictive factors to guide uveitis treatment

NSAIDs may inhibit prostaglandin release in femtosecond cataract surgery

Ibopamine provocative test may be useful in diagnosing early stages of glaucoma

Early vitrectomy may decrease time with vision loss in eyes with vitreous hemorrhage

Second glaucoma drainage implant yields adequate IOP control

Baerveldt implantation, trabeculectomy yield similar results after primary glaucoma surgery

Lindstrom's Perspective

Regulatory burdens contribute to physician occupational burnout

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

News You Can Use from UPMC Eye Center

Expanded indications a possibility for minimally invasive glaucoma surgery

Igor I. Bussel, MD, MHA; Nils A. Loewen, MD, PhD

Refractive Surgery Stories

Monovision LASIK in nondominant eye provides good vision at all distances

G. Brock Magruder Jr., MD

Surgical Maneuvers

Micropulse transscleral diode laser cyclophotocoagulation an option for refractory glaucoma

Thomas John, MD

The Premium Channel

The era of digital eye strain: Is it worth it?

Mitchell A. Jackson, MD

The Young Ophthalmologist

EMYO showcases unique program for young ophthalmologists