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Single LRI may reduce corneal astigmatism with neutral impact on higher-order aberrations

Study: DMEK graft rejection more likely to occur with discontinuation of topical steroids

Significant improvements seen with high-power foldable IOL in nanophthalmic eyes

Interview: Avedro executives discuss FDA approval of cross-linking system

Long-term results of glaucoma micro-stent encouraging

Case study in disruptive innovation: Target marketing and the dry eye center

Bumpy road to reimbursement for emerging technologies

Aerie delves into safety data for glaucoma treatment in Rocket trial

Surgical approach to macular hole ‘fine-tuned’ to provide consistent results, low complication rates

Corneal inlay delivers promising results for near, intermediate vision

Comprehensive, compact program credited for OSN New York’s 25 years of success

Back to Basics

Ladas Super Formula aims to improve refractive accuracy of cataract surgery

Uday Devgan, MD


Surgeons take another look at newer glaucoma treatments

Ranjan P. Malhotra, MD, FACS; Melissa Toyos, MD, FACS

Cover Story

Cataract surgeons seek ‘perfect’ capsulotomy

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Elderly woman presents with progressive vision decline in left eye

Aubrey Tirpack, MD; Andre Witkin, MD

In the Journals

Lumina accommodating IOL improves near visual acuity, contrast sensitivity

Objective scatter index sensitive tool for detecting early cataract

Optic disc, macular changes common in highly myopic young Asian adults

Aflibercept helps flatten persistent pigment epithelial detachments

Twice-daily dose of trabodenoson may lower IOP in glaucoma patients

Lindstrom's Perspective

New devices offer potential of perfectly sized, shaped and centered CCC

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Meeting News Coverage

VIDEO: Italian program focuses on complications of surgery

Pioneer of vitreoretinal surgery gives pearls on retinal detachment surgery complications

VIDEO: Surgeon discusses complicated case of combined cataract, glaucoma surgery

Simple scraping maneuvers can treat opacities in corneal dystrophies, avoiding transplantation

VIDEO: New generation of ophthalmologists embrace technological advancements in glaucoma

VIDEO: Urrets-Zavalia syndrome managed with pupil constriction

Late diagnosis lowers chances of saving vision, life of patients with primary intraocular lymphoma

Iris hooks aid cataract surgeons in complicated cases with narrow pupils

Refractive Surgery Stories

PRK changes life, career of Air Force flight surgeon

Yuri McKee, MD

Surgical Maneuvers

Sutureless femtosecond-assisted anterior lamellar keratoplasty may treat corneal pathologies

Sai Bhuvanagiri, BS; Bala Ambati, MD, PhD, MBA

The Dry Eye

Dry eye patients being priced out of better care

Darrell E. White, MD