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HARBOR study shows sustained visual gains at 2 years

Positioning important when implanting trabecular micro-bypass stent

Jason Bacharach, MD

MEAD study: Corticosteroid implant improves BCVA at 3 years in eyes with DME

ASCRS Foundation kicks off mission to end cataract blindness in US

Eye drop may provide a pharmacological treatment for presbyopia

Steven J. Dell, MD

Allergan lawsuit against Valeant, Pershing Square cites securities violations

Visual field loss and gain comparable at 5 years in open-angle glaucoma patients

Back to Basics

Target specific focal points to optimize refractive outcomes of cataract surgery

Uday Devgan, MD


Intracameral antibiotics for cataract surgery

Cover Story

‘Best Hospitals’ ranking for ophthalmology relies on subjective reputational scores

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Man presents with unilateral intermediate uveitis

Lauren Branchini, MD; Fina Barouch, MD

In the Journals

Combined phaco-canaloplasty outperforms phaco alone in eyes with OAG

Diquafosol tetrasodium drops more effective than conventional therapy for LASIK-associated dry eye

DSAEK similarly safe in eyes with anterior chamber, posterior chamber IOLs

Epithelial thickness mapping used to guide phototherapeutic keratectomy

Lindstrom's Perspective

Third-party payer ratings, social media grading sites more meaningful for physicians

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Meeting News Coverage

Real-world treatment of DME yields fewer gains than in trials

Researcher challenges universal use of AREDS2 formulation

PAT Survey shows treat-and-extend holding steady as preferred strategy

Novel molecule shows promise for future treatment of neovascular AMD

Novel protein may lead to extended intervals in AMD treatment

Treat-and-extend treatment benefits maintained at 3 years

Triamcinolone, bevacizumab yield similar VA outcomes in cataract patients with DME

Visual acuity gains seen in Vibrant study maintained beyond 24 weeks

SD-OCT helps predict response to VEGF therapy in patients with RVO

SD-OCT predicts progression to geographic atrophy

Minimal further treatment for DME needed at year 5 in Protocol I study

Bilateral exams warranted to detect CNV in asymptomatic fellow eyes in patients with neovascular AMD

Handheld ETDRS device may eliminate need for dedicated test lane

Audit: Face-down positioning for macular hole repair unnecessary

Extraocular cytomegalovirus infection linked to increased morbidity, mortality

Baseline signs of AMD present in most VIEW 1, VIEW 2 fellow eyes

Macular hole best managed early

Surgical Maneuvers

Keratolimbal allograft may be used for ocular surface reconstruction in symblephara treatment

Marjan Farid, MD

The Dry Eye

Physicians need to take care of themselves first

Darrell E. White, MD