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Cover Story

Monitoring long-term effects on vision in microgravity a priority for NASA’s future flight to Mars

Back to Basics

Case selection important when learning new techniques, trying novel devices

Uday Devgan, MD


Debate continues over electronic records, paper charts

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Boy notices left eye sinking over 1 month

Kirstin L. Tawse, MD
; Amar Joshi, MD

Lindstrom's Perspective

Collaborative effort focuses on safety, vision health of astronauts

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Surgical Maneuvers

Correct technique, tools can optimize femtosecond surgery outcomes

Severin Palydowycz, MD, FACS

The Dry Eye

PROOF that symptoms matter

Darrell E. White, MD

Meeting News Coverage

AAMC president: Creating future leaders to change health care system and culture will take innovation

Antibiotic prophylaxis 1 day or 1 hour before surgery reduces conjunctival bacterial flora

In the Journals

Cassini topographer shows parity with other devices

Meeting News Coverage

Clinical trial to evaluate safety, efficacy of sustained-release drug delivery implant for glaucoma

VIDEO: Combination therapy better manages postop inflammation

Corneal asphericity affects refractive outcomes of IOL formulas

Meeting News Coverage

Epidemiological data on keratoconus highlight roles of ethnicity, environmental factors

Intraoperative aberrometry reduces residual refractive astigmatism

Meeting News Coverage

LIMIA study fails to prove efficacy of supplements on macular pigment density

Long-term development improves after PRK in children with neurobehavioral disorders and isoametropic amblyopia

Low-dose Lucentis may help treat high-risk retinopathy of prematurity

Meeting News Coverage

Miyake-Apple view, accelerated aging used to assess performance and quality of novel three-piece IOL

Nailfold microvascular abnormalities associated with primary open-angle glaucoma

Need for topical steroids depends on risk factors regimen

Meeting News Coverage

Phaco alone has advantages in patients with uncontrolled primary angle closure glaucoma

Pinhole effect shows good early results in IC-8 IOL

R&D expenses increase as Ophthotech advances Fovista clinical trials

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Strampelli Medal lecturer encourages surgeons to continue learning and embrace new technologies

Study raises concern about use of corticosteroid implant for macular edema in patients with glaucoma

Three-month results of European study show good performance of Symfony IOL