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Woman reports acute painless vision loss in left eye

August 29, 2014

A 64-year-old woman was seen at the ophthalmology clinic with a 1-day history of decreasing vision in her left eye. She reported that throughout the preceding 24 hours, she noted increasingly blurred vision in her left eye at both distance and near. She described the blurred vision as looking through a “veil.” She denied pain, diplopia, photophobia, flashing lights or floaters. She denied constitutional symptoms including headache, weakness, dizziness, weight loss, fevers, jaw claudication, scalp pain, myalgias, arthralgias or rashes.

The patient denied having an ocular history and reported that her last routine eye exam was 1 year before presentation. She had a medical history of hypothyroidism, for which she took daily levothyroxine. She denied all other medical conditions, including hypertension, diabetes and cancer, and denied prior surgeries. She was a nonsmoker and denied alcohol or drug use. She was divorced and lived alone with two grown children living locally.

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