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Finding fairness in physician compensation, part 2

September 30, 2014
If your “equal split” practice is reaching the conclusion that this approach no longer serves, you can avoid major upsets with simple modifications. For example, a part of each monthly or quarterly profit can be held back and divided up based on a majority or super-majority vote of the board. This might give your practice enough flexibility to reward higher producers who might otherwise be on the verge of leaving unless they are better compensated.
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Boston K-Pro retention in Stevens-Johnson syndrome can be improved

September 30, 2014
The most common indication for the Boston type 1 keratoprosthesis (Boston K-Pro) in most published series is repeat corneal transplant failure. Although the Boston K-Pro…

Proposition 46 under fire: Experts call for better approach to physician drug testing

September 29, 2014
In two editorials published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, three physicians are speaking out against California’s Proposition 46, which would require…
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FDA approves expanded indication for Ozurdex implant

September 29, 2014
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Ozurdex for the general patient population being treated for diabetic macular edema, Allergan announced in a press…
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Keratolimbal allograft may be used for ocular surface reconstruction in symblephara treatment

Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, September 25, 2014
Marjan Farid, MD
Symblepharon is adhesion of the eyelid palpebral conjunctiva to the bulbar conjunctiva. It may be partial or complete…
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To make the most of your eye care career, get on that stage

August 19, 2014
As an experienced PR professional highly involved in the eye care space, I’m often asked for advice on what steps…
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Corneal inlay pocket implant technique produces good visual results

September 29, 2014
LONDON – At the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons meeting here, Wolfgang Riha, MD,
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