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  • July 2015
  • Volume 31 · Issue 7
Table of Contents
Original Article Supplemental Data Free

Clinical Outcomes and Capsular Bag Stability of a Four-Point Haptic Bitoric Intraocular Lens

Florian T. A. Kretz, MD; Detlev Breyer, MD; Karsten Klabe, MD; Gerd U. Auffarth, MD, PhD; Hakan Kaymak, MD

Original Article Supplemental Data

Comparison of Corneal Epithelial Thickness Measurement Between Fourier-Domain OCT and Very High-Frequency Digital Ultrasound

Dan Z. Reinstein, MD, MA(Cantab), FRCOphth; Timothy E. Yap, BMedSci(Hons), MBChB, MA; Timothy J. Archer, MA(Oxon), DipCompSci(Cantab); Marine Gobbe, MST(Optom), PhD; Ronald H. Silverman, PhD

Original Article

Postoperative Changes in Corneal Epithelial and Stromal Thickness Profiles After Photorefractive Keratectomy in Treatment of Myopia

Xiangjun Chen, MD; Aleksandar Stojanovic, MD; Yanhua Liu, MD; Yunyun Chen, MD; Yang Zhou, MD; Tor Paaske Utheim, MD, PhD

Original Article Supplemental Data

Hydrogel Inlay for Presbyopia: Objective and Subjective Visual Outcomes

Aeri Yoo, MD; Jae Yong Kim, MD; Myoung Joon Kim, MD; Hungwon Tchah, MD, PhD

Original Article

Changes in Aqueous Humor pH After Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Marco Rossi, MD; Fabio Di Censo, MD; Matteo Di Censo; Muna Al Oum, MD

Original Article Supplemental Data

Prospective Randomized Intraindividual Comparison of Posterior Capsule Opacification After Implantation of an IOL With and Without Heparin Surface Modification

Eva M. Krall, MD; Eva M. Arlt, MD; Gerlinde Jell, MD; Clemens Strohmaier, MD; Sarah Moussa, MD; Alois K. Dexl, MD, MSc

Original Article

Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Intrastromal Relaxing Incisions After Penetrating Keratoplasty: Effect of Incision Depth

Olli Wetterstrand, MD; Juha M. Holopainen, MD, PhD; Kari Krootila, MD, PhD


Biomechanical Modeling of Femtosecond Laser Keyhole Endokeratophakia Surgery

Harald P. Studer, PhD; Kishore R. Pradhan, MD; Dan Z. Reinstein, MD, MA(Cantab), FRCOphth; Elena Businaro; Timothy J. Archer, MA(Oxon), DipCompSci(Cantab); Marine Gobbe, MSTOptom, PhD; Cynthia J. Roberts, PhD

Surgical Technique Video

A Modified Glued Transscleral Intraocular Lens Implantation: Suture-Assisted Sutureless Technique

Necip Kara, MD

Letters to the Editor

Peep Into Visual Acuity Chart Through an Opening: A New Concept of Binocular Open-view Visual Acuity Test

Tomoya Handa, CO, PhD; Nobuyuki Shoji, MD, PhD; Kimiya Shimizu, MD, PhD


The Dynamic Safety for Cross-Linking in Thin Corneas With Extra Protection Under a Contact Lens

J.T. Lin, PhD