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A Survey of Children’s Reported Experience in Outpatient Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics

Naomi E. T. Tan, MBChB; Wei Sing Lim, MB, BChir; Saurabh Jain, FRCOphth
Posted August 4, 2014

Slanted Medial Rectus Recession Is Effective in the Treatment of Convergence Excess Esotropia

Hüseyin Bayramlar, MD; Cihan Ünlü, MD; Yasar Dag, MD
Posted July 30, 2014

Early Postoperative Alignment as a Predictor of 6-Month Alignment After Intermittent Exotropia Surgery

Zhale Rajavi, MD; Seyede Fatemeh Hafezian, MD; Mehdi Yaseri, MD; Kourosh Sheibani, MD
Posted July 25, 2014

Multilayered Optic Disc Hemorrhages in Adolescents

Jiunn-Feng Hwang, MD; Chun-Ju Lin, MD
Posted July 22, 2014

Effect of General Anesthesia and Muscle Relaxants on Keratometry Measurements Using a Handheld Keratometer

Christiane Al-Haddad, MD; Lama Jurdy, MD; Abeer Farhat, MS; Fadi Farah, MD; Marie Aouad, MD
Posted July 22, 2014

Feasibility of Retinal Screening in a Pediatric Population With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Anton M. Kolomeyer, MD, PhD; Natasha V. Nayak, MD; Melissa A. Simon, MD; Bernard C. Szirth, PhD; Khadija Shahid, OD, FAAO; Iris Y. Sheng, BS; Tina Xia, BA; Albert S. Khouri, MD
Posted July 16, 2014

Surgical Outcome of Strabismus Surgery in Patients With Unilateral Vision Loss and Horizontal Strabismus

Gad Dotan, MD; Leonard B. Nelson, MD; Daphna Mezad-Koursh, MD; Chaim Stolovitch, MD; Yuval Cohen, MD; Yair Morad, MD
Posted July 16, 2014

Calibration and Validation of the 2WIN Photoscreener Compared to the PlusoptiX S12 and the SPOT

Stephanie Kirk; M. Diane Armitage†, CO; Shelley Dunn; Robert W. Arnold, MD, FAAP
Posted July 8, 2014

Amblyopia Screening in Bulgaria

Alexander Oscar, MD, PhD; Sylvia Cherninkova, MD, PhD; Vasil Haykin; Ani Aroyo, MD; Alina Levi; Nikolay Marinov; Stanislava Kostova, MD, PhD; Chavdar Elenkov, MD, PhD; Nevyana Veleva, MD, PhD; Violeta Chernodrinska, MD, PhD; Iva Petkova, MD, PhD; Jeffrey Spitzer, MD
Posted June 25, 2014

Scheimpflug Imaging for Long-Term Evaluation of Optical Components in Hungarian Children With a History of Preterm Birth

Mónika Ecsedy, MD, PhD; Illes Kovacs, MD, PhD; Kata Mihaltz, MD, PhD; Zsuzsa Recsan, MD, PhD; Andrea Szigeti, MD; Eva Juhasz, MD; Janos Nemeth, MD, PhD, DSC; Zoltan Z. Nagy, MD, PhD, DSc
Posted May 28, 2014

Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Retinoblastoma in Kobe Children’s Hospital for 16 Years

Satoshi Okimoto, MD; Koji Nomura, MD
Posted May 20, 2014

Frequency of Choroidal Abnormalities in Pediatric Patients With Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Sertan Goktas, MD; Yasar Sakarya, MD; Muammer Ozcimen, MD; Ismail Alpfidan, MD; Meltem Uzun, MD; Rabia Sakarya, MD; Abdulhekim Yarbag
Posted May 20, 2014

Williams Syndrome: Ophthalmological Examination and Review of Systemic Manifestations

Sarah L. P. Weber, MD; Rodrigo B. Souza, MD; Lorena G. Ribeiro, MD; Marcela F. Tavares, MD; Mauro Goldchmit, MD
Posted April 30, 2014

Ophthalmologic Features of Vici Syndrome

Francis M. Filloux, MD; Robert O. Hoffman, MD; David H. Viskochil, MD, PhD; Heinz Jungbluth, MD, PhD, MRCP, MRCPCH; Donnell J. Creel, PhD
Posted April 30, 2014