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The Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus is a bimonthly peer-reviewed publication for pediatric ophthalmologists. The Journal has published original articles on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye disorders in the pediatric age group and the treatment of strabismus in all age groups for over 50 years. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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  • September/October 2014
  • Volume 51 · Issue 5
Table of Contents
Letters to the Editors

Surgical Outcome of Graded Y Split in Patients With Duane’s Retraction Syndrome

Sandra C. Ganesh, MBBS, DNB; Kalpana Narendran, MBBS, DNB; Jitendra Pandey, MBBS, DNB

Eye to Eye

The Essentials of Informed Consent

A. Paula Grigorian, MD; Mary Ellen Hoehn, MD; Jamie B. Rosenberg, MD

Whats Your Diagnosis

Concern for “Crazy Pupils” Began in Infancy

Nara G. Ogata, MD

Basic Science Tidbit

Seeing Beyond the Double Helix

David Shechter, PhD


Children’s Experience in Outpatient Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics

Leonard B. Nelson, MD, MBA

Original Article

A Survey of Children’s Reported Experience in Outpatient Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics

Naomi E. T. Tan, MBChB; Wei Sing Lim, MB, BChir; Saurabh Jain, FRCOphth

Original Article

Early Postoperative Alignment as a Predictor of 6-Month Alignment After Intermittent Exotropia Surgery

Zhale Rajavi, MD; Seyede Fatemeh Hafezian, MD; Mehdi Yaseri, MD; Kourosh Sheibani, MD

Original Article

Amblyopia Screening in Bulgaria

Alexander Oscar, MD, PhD; Sylvia Cherninkova, MD, PhD; Vasil Haykin; Ani Aroyo, MD; Alina Levi; Nikolay Marinov; Stanislava Kostova, MD, PhD; Chavdar Elenkov, MD, PhD; Nevyana Veleva, MD, PhD; Violeta Chernodrinska, MD, PhD; Iva Petkova, MD, PhD; Jeffrey Spitzer, MD

Original Article

Calibration and Validation of the 2WIN Photoscreener Compared to the PlusoptiX S12 and the SPOT

Stephanie Kirk; M. Diane Armitage, CO; Shelley Dunn; Robert W. Arnold, MD, FAAP

Original Article

Surgical Outcome of Strabismus Surgery in Patients With Unilateral Vision Loss and Horizontal Strabismus

Gad Dotan, MD; Leonard B. Nelson, MD; Daphna Mezad-Koursh, MD; Chaim Stolovitch, MD; Yuval Cohen, MD; Yair Morad, MD

Original Article

Feasibility of Retinal Screening in a Pediatric Population With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Anton M. Kolomeyer, MD, PhD; Natasha V. Nayak, MD; Melissa A. Simon, MD; Bernard C. Szirth, PhD; Khadija Shahid, OD, FAAO; Iris Y. Sheng, BS; Tina Xia, BA; Albert S. Khouri, MD

Original Article

Effect of General Anesthesia and Muscle Relaxants on Keratometry Measurements Using a Handheld Keratometer

Christiane Al-Haddad, MD; Lama Jurdy, MD; Abeer Farhat, MS; Fadi Farah, MD; Marie Aouad, MD

Original Article

Multilayered Optic Disc Hemorrhages in Adolescents

Jiunn-Feng Hwang, MD; Chun-Ju Lin, MD

Images in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Appearance of a Posterior Pole Retinoma

Luisa Pierro, MD; Sonia De Francesco, MD; Doris Hadjistilianou, MD; Giuseppe Casalino, MD; Fabrizia Fusco, MD; Jessica Sergenti, MD; Umberto De Benedetto