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The Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus is a bimonthly peer-reviewed publication for pediatric ophthalmologists. The Journal has published original articles on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye disorders in the pediatric age group and the treatment of strabismus in all age groups for over 50 years. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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  • May/June 2016
  • Volume 53 · Issue 3
Table of Contents
Eye to Eye

Management of Progressive Myopia

Stefanie L. Davidson, MD; Mary O'Hara, MD; Rudolph S. Wagner, MD

Whats Your Diagnosis
Basic Science Tidbit Free

Hop to It: Add Blue to Your Blues

Frederick M. Wang, MD

Editorial Free
Original Article

Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography of the Horizontal and Vertical Extraocular Muscles With Measurement of the Insertion to Limbus Distance

Matthew S. Pihlblad, MD; Feyza Erenler, MD; Aman Sharma, MD; Ajay Manchandia, MD; James D. Reynolds, MD

Original Article

Prospective Evaluation of Photoscreeners in the Pseudophakic Eyes of Children

Rupal H. Trivedi, MD, MSCR; M. Edward Wilson, MD; Mae Millicent W. Peterseim, MD; Carrie Papa, BS; Mahvash Husain, BS4

Original Article
Original Article Video

Myectomy of the Extraocular Muscles Without Reattachment as a Surgical Treatment for Horizontal Nystagmus

Robert W. Lingua, MD; Catherine Y. Liu, MD, PhD; Amanda Gerling, CO; Zina Zhang, MD; Angèle Nalbandian, PhD

Original Article

Comparison of Anisometropia and Refractive Status in Children With Unilateral and Bilateral Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

Sorath Noorani Siddiqui, FCPS; Hassan Mansoor, MBBS; Muhammad Asif, BSc (Optometry); Umair Wakeel, BSc (Optometry); Adnan Aslam Saleem, MBBS

Original Article
Original Article

Facilitated Versus Self-guided Training of Non-ophthalmologists for Grading Pre-plus and Plus Disease Using Fundus Images for Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening

Nikolas N. Raufi, BA; Caleb K. Morris, MD; Sharon F. Freedman, MD; David K. Wallace, MD, MPH; S. Grace Prakalapakorn, MD, MPH

Original Article
Letters to the Editors Free

Tubulointerstitial Nephritis and Uveitis Syndrome Associated With Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Toshihiro Sawai, MD, PhD; Masaki Shimizu, MD, PhD; Tomoyuki Sakai, MD; Akihiro Yachie, MD, PhD

Images in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pilomatrixoma of the Eyebrow in an 11-Year-Old Child

Michelle E. Wilson, MD; Wasim A. Samara, MD; Ralph C. Eagle Jr., MD; Jerry A. Shields, MD; Carol L. Shields, MD