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MIGS gaining acceptance

SAN DIEGO — Micro-incisional and minimally invasive glaucoma surgery procedures are gaining wide acceptance with cataract surgeons, according to Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD.

In his overview of MIGS at the Ophthalmology Innovation Summit, Donnenfeld said that more surgeons and patients are considering MIGS now because of established safety and improved efficacy in real-world experience compared with initial clinical trials.

Eric D. Donnenfeld

“There is a changing glaucoma surgery profile,” Donnenfeld said. “Patients and doctors are taking less and less risk. Patients are embracing the low-risk option of MIGS.”

Traditional glaucoma procedures such as trabeculectomy are now reserved only for the most challenging glaucoma cases, he said.

While there is an initial learning curve, most cataract surgeons should be able to perform these procedures, and new technologies such as the iStent inject (Glaukos) are shortening the learning curve, according to Donnenfeld.

Furthermore, MIGS is cost-effective, whereas the cost of glaucoma medications to society and to Medicare is “huge,” Donnenfeld said.

“MIGS [procedures] improve patient quality of life, are safe and efficacious, and cost-effective for surgeons, surgery centers and patients,” Donnenfeld said. - by David W. Mullin

Disclosure: Donnenfeld reports no relevant financial disclosures.

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