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Ab interno trabeculotomy best suited for patients with higher target IOP

Ab interno trabeculotomy may be most appropriate for open-angle glaucoma patients with a target IOP of 21 mm Hg or higher, according to a study.

The retrospective study included 246 patients who underwent ab interno trabeculotomy with the Trabectome (NeoMedix).

Two criteria were established to define success. Criterion A was postoperative IOP of 21 mm Hg or less and a 20% or greater reduction in IOP. Criterion B was postoperative IOP of 18 mm Hg or less and a 20% or greater reduction in IOP.

The retention rate was 69.6% at 1 year and 62.4% at 2 years.

Mean IOP decreased from 21.6 mm Hg preoperatively to 15.3 mm Hg at 24 months. The 29% reduction was statistically significant (P < .001).

The number of glaucoma medications decreased from 3.1 preoperatively to 1.9 at 24 months. The 38% decrease was statistically significant (P < .001).

Success rates were 62% using criterion A and 22% using criterion B, suggesting greater success based on a less strict benchmark, the authors said.

Disclosure: See the study for a full list of the authors’ relevant financial disclosures.