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BLOG: Secrets of successful refractive cataract surgery practices

BLOG: Secrets of successful refractive cataract surgery practices
October 24, 2016

The cover story in this issue of OSN focuses on succeeding with refractive cataract surgery. For many of us, this is critical to our professional success, and it has been the topic of a course at AAO and ASCRS that I have taught along with David Hardten and Kevin Corcoran for almost 10 years called “Secrets of Successful Refractive Cataract Surgery Practices” (yes, that was a shameless plug). In this first installment of a two-part blog on the topic, I will cover the first five of 10 “secrets” that have worked very well for many successful practices.

Secret No. 1: Believe in the technology. It takes commitment to refine refractive outcomes and feel confident in the results that can be obtained with refractive cataract lenses, and it’s essential for the surgeon to convey confidence and enthusiasm to patients. If you are new to refractive cataract surgery, consider adopting limbal relaxing incisions as a first step, and don’t charge patients for them, offering it as a free, value-added service until you feel confident that you are delivering valuable results. This will gain you confidence and skill that you can expand upon.

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