Research Brief 

Flipping the Classroom to Improve Student Performance and Satisfaction

Kathy Missildine, PhD, RN, CNE; Rebecca Fountain, PhD, RN; Lynn Summers, MSN, RN; Kevin Gosselin, PhD


This study aimed to determine the effects of a flipped classroom (i.e., reversal of time allotment for lecture and homework) and innovative learning activities on academic success and the satisfaction of nursing students. A quasi-experimental design was used to compare three approaches to learning: traditional lecture only (LO), lecture and lecture capture back-up (LLC), and the flipped classroom approach of lecture capture with innovative classroom activities (LCI). Examination scores were higher for the flipped classroom LCI group (M = 81.89, SD = 5.02) than for both the LLC group (M = 80.70, SD = 4.25), p = 0.003, and the LO group (M = 79.79, SD = 4.51), p < 0.001. Students were less satisfied with the flipped classroom method than with either of the other methods (p < 0.001). Blending new teaching technologies with interactive classroom activities can result in improved learning but not necessarily improved student satisfaction. [J Nurs Educ. 2013;52(10):597–599.]

Dr. Missildine is Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, and Dr. Gosselin is Assistant Dean of Research, College of Nursing, Texas A&M Health Science Center, Bryan; Dr. Fountain is Assistant Professor, and Ms. Summers is Clinical Instructor, College of Nursing, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, Texas.

The authors received financial support from The University of Texas at Tyler through the J. Burns Brown Fellowship award.

The authors have disclosed no potential conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise.

Address correspondence to Kathy Missildine, PhD, RN, CNE, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, College of Nursing, Texas A&M Health Science Center, 8447 State Highway 47, Bryan, TX 77807; e-mail:

Received: March 01, 2013
Accepted: April 03, 2013
Posted Online: September 19, 2013



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