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  • Current Issue
  • September 2016
  • Volume 55 · Issue 9
Table of Contents
Editorial Free

Advice for New (and Seasoned) Faculty: Reprise

Janis P. Bellack, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF

Major Article

Motivations and Expectations of Undergraduate Nursing Students Undertaking International Clinical Placements

Shelley Gower, GradDipEd; Ravani Duggan, PhD, RN, RM; Jaya A.R. Dantas, PhD, FPHAA; Duncan Boldy, PhD

Major Article
Major Article

Seeing Students Squirm: Nursing Students' Experiences of Bullying Behaviors During Clinical Rotations

Carolyn R. Smith, PhD, RN; Gordon Lee Gillespie, PhD, RN, PHCNS-BC; Kathryn C. Brown, DNP, RN, NE-BC; Paula L. Grubb, PhD

Major Article

Enhancing Critical Thinking in Graduate Nursing Online Asynchronous Discussions

Nancy L. Novotny, PhD, RN, CNE; Stephen J. Stapleton, PhD, RN, CEN, FAEN; Elaine C. Hardy, PhD, RN

Research Briefs
Research Briefs

Nursing Student Perceptions Regarding Simulation Experience Sequencing

Aimee A. Woda, PhD, RN, BC; Theresa Gruenke, MS, RN, ACNS-BC; Penny Alt-Gehrman, MSN, RN; Jamie Hansen, MSN, RN, CNE

Educational Innovations
Educational Innovations

Second Life® Virtual Learning in Public Health Nursing

Marjorie A. Schaffer, PhD, RN, PHN; Jone M. Tiffany, DNP, RN, CHSE; Kelly Kantack, MS, RN, NCSN; Linda J.W. Anderson, DNP, RN

Educational Innovations

PsyConnect: Constructing Layered Engagement for Optimal Learning in Clinical Education

Selina H. McKinney, PhD, APRN; Abbas Tavakoli, DrPH, ME; JoAnne Herman, PhD, RN, CSME

Syllabus Selection: Innovative Learning Activity Free

A Unique Clinical Experience for RN-to-BSN Students: Providing Farm Safety Education

Cathy H. Abell, PhD, RN, CNE; Carol Evans, DNP, RN, CNE; Lori Alexander, MSN, RN; Kim Bourne, MSN, RN, CEN; M. Susan Jones, PhD, RN, CNE