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AAP recommends elimination of nonmedical immunization exemptions for school, day care

August 29, 2016

The AAP’s committees on practice and ambulatory medicine, infectious diseases and state government affairs recently released a policy statement that supported current laws and regulations regarding medical exemptions for unvaccinated children, and they urged that nonmedical exemptions be strongly advised against in public settings.

“Although there is a variance for levels of immunization required to generate community immunity specific to each disease and vaccine, it is generally understood that population immunization rates of at least 90% are required, as reflected in the Healthy People 2020 goals,” Geoffrey R. Simon, MD, FAAP, chairman of the AAP’s Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine, and colleagues wrote. “Certain highly contagious diseases, such as pertussis and measles, require a population immunization rate of greater than or equal to 95% to achieve community immunity.”

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