Infectious Diseases in Children


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CDC: Enterovirus D68 continues to spread across US

Nearly half of children who died of influenza had no prior medical conditions

HHS grants aim to improve mental health services among youth

IDSA calls on Congress to intensify fight against antimicrobial resistance

Teens experience both physical and emotional post concussion symptoms

Cover Story

Treatment shortages, transmission fears rage on in Ebola outbreak


Meningococcal disease: An update on meningococcal B vaccination

Steven B. Black, MD

Everyday Pediatrics

Slow and steady wins the (medical school) race

William T. Gerson, MD

In the Journals

Many children with health conditions lack school management plans

LAIV well tolerated among children with cystic fibrosis

HPV4 vaccine safe, effective 8 years post-vaccination

Lung ultrasound outperformed chest X-ray in predicting intubation

Order of vaccine administration could influence patient compliance with HPV4 vaccine

Sleep position may influence preterm infants’ risk for SIDS

Tdap cocooning against pertussis effective in Australian cohort

Sibling bullying increased risk for depression, self-harm in young adults

Patient barriers, not provider knowledge, limit uptake of maternal influenza vaccine

Rate of prescribed antibiotics increased, remains stable

Health care-associated infections decreased in pediatric, neonatal ICUs

AAP: Insufficient sleep among adolescents a public health issue

CDC: E-cigarette use tripled among adolescents since 2011

CDC: Varicella surveillance requires improvement in US

Bullied children more likely to develop parasomnias

Antimicrobials prescribed excessively to treat acute respiratory tract infections

CDC publishes ACIP recommendations for 2014-2015 seasonal influenza vaccines

Exercise before school day may reduce ADHD symptom severity

Family dinners could protect adolescents from cyberbullying

Genetic, structural defects triggered epileptic seizures after vaccination

CDC: Children’s sodium intake higher than recommended

Meeting News Coverage

Respiratory viral panel did not affect antibiotic duration, length of hospital stay

Sulfonamides most frequently prescribed to children prior to onset of C. difficile infection

Clinical outcomes did not differ between children with, without C. difficile

Nasopharyngeal cultures had low predicative value for epidemiology of AOM

Survey assessed worldwide hospital antimicrobial prescription rates

Coinfection less likely among children with pneumonia serotypes

Spot the Rash

Teenage male with ‘swelling’ on the fingers

Carrie C. Coughlin, MD; Marissa J. Perman, MD

What's Your Diagnosis?

Preteen presents with erythema of her right foot

James H. Brien, DO