Infectious Diseases in Children


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Experts: Promotion of HPV vaccination must focus on cancer prevention

WHO declares end of Ebola transmission in West Africa

‘Pox parties’ still pose risk for severe chickenpox complications

At Issue

ADHD medication: How young is too young?

Cover Story

Psychotropic prescriptions for toddlers increase as ADHD cases, psychiatric conditions rise

Everyday Pediatrics

Medical education and training: Path to ‘dark side’ it is

William T. Gerson

FDA News

FDA issues safety alert for antifungal medication dosages, approves label revisions

FDA grants rare pediatric disease status to gene therapy for Hurler's syndrome

FDA warns that laser pointer misuse can cause eye, skin injuries

In the Journals

Infections among very preterm infants linked to impaired neurodevelopment

Guidelines urge higher standard of care for children with Ebola

Pediatric concussion rates in ice hockey comparable with football

LAIV ineffective in 2013-2014 flu season

Fewer Synagis doses maintain RSV protection for infants

CMV linked to bronchopulmonary dysplasia in low-birth-weight infants

Early onset wheeze, eczema predicts pediatric atopic disorders

Children at highest risk for contracting Salmonella from turtles

Azithromycin safe, effective treatment for chlamydia

Car safety seat misuse widespread at newborn discharge

Spot the Rash

A 4-month-old girl presents with papules on her heels

Jenna L. Streicher; Marissa J. Perman

What's Your Diagnosis?

Unexplained, painful bruising in a teenage female

James H. Brien