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Update on meningococcal B vaccination

Steven B. Black, MD

Ebola confirmed in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, linked to Lagos case

OIG investigates fraud, abuse with HIV drugs

White House orders labs to inventory infectious agents, toxins

HCV recommendations updated to include patients with limited resources

MSM in Nigeria less likely to engage in HIV care due to anti gay law

ACIP recommends PCV13 for older adults

Cover Story

Ebola outbreak rages on in West Africa


Managing the threat of untreatable gonorrhea

Stephanie Chisholm; Gwenda Hughes, BA(Hons), PhD, FFPH; Kevin A. Fenton, MD, PhD, FFPH

Eye on ID

To err is human

Donald Kaye, MD

FDA News

FDA approves combination HIV treatment

In the Journals

RSV diagnosis via PCR did not match ICD-9 diagnosis codes

Quality improvement interventions reduced excessive bronchiolitis care

PPI use increased risk for nontyphoid salmonellosis

Routine vaccination rates increased, remained stable in 2013

Receiving ART lowered unprotected sex among people with HIV

Mutated polio virus can resist vaccination

Nalidixic acid-resistant <i>Salmonella</i> tied to international travel

Monthly treatment reduced risk for malaria in Ugandan children

Exposure to live poultry markets a risk factor for H7N9, other novel viruses

Oxygen saturation plus other factors must be considered in bronchiolitis work up

PCV13 linked to decreased IPD incidence in Denmark

Neurologic, neuromuscular comorbidities increase risk for severe ILI complications

Nontuberculous disease, colonization rates increasing in Taiwan

Aspirin use for MI prevention low among people with HIV

High-dose flu vaccine provided better protection in older adults

Xpert test may eliminate excess isolation time in TB evaluations

CMV seropositivity linked to cardiovascular events in HIV

ID consult decreased mortality, rehospitalization in transplant recipients

Vaccine shows promise against chikungunya

Patient age, norovirus genotype may be related

Human case of H7N9 in China linked to outbreaks at poultry farm

TB arrived at the New World before Europeans

HIV diagnoses in US declined significantly in past decade

Umbilical cord samples tested positive for antibacterial agents

Xpert test could substantially reduce TB burden in India

Treating MDR-TB increased risk of acquired resistance to second-line drugs

Unnecessary HSV testing, treatment may increase costs, risk

Minor infections may increase children's risk for stroke

Diabetes placed patients with CHC at increased risk for cirrhosis, decompensation

Quality improvement interventions reduced excessive bronchiolitis care

Clarithromycin use increased risk for cardiac death

Emphasis on child’s direct benefit increased parents’ intent to vaccinate with MMR

Hajj pilgrimage led to acquisition, spread of respiratory infections

Gut microbiota of premature infants influenced by genetics, gestational age

Giardia infections related to IBS, fatigue 6 years later

Access to hand sanitizer in classrooms did not reduce absences

HIV drug resistance in China linked to long-term ART

California trees host fungus deadly to patients with HIV/AIDS

Antifungal therapy may alter epidemiology of invasive mold infections

Changing focus of HPV vaccine discussion could increase immunization rates

BCG vaccine protects against TB infection, progression

Asymptomatic food handlers common cause of foodborne illness outbreaks

Intracellular bacteria may be related to recurrent UTI

Interactive voice response system improved clinical visits

In patients with penicillin sensitivity, carbapenems may be viable option

MF59 adjuvanted flu vaccine more protective than nonadjuvanted vaccine

MenC vaccine demonstrates significant, long-lasting herd immunity

MDA programs alone not enough to control schistosomiasis

Imiquimod improved immunogenicity of flu vaccine in older adults

High levels of pre-existing norovirus antibodies predicts protection from infection

Rifamycin regimens most effective against latent TB

Herpes zoster vaccine continued to protect after chemotherapy

HPV vaccine catch up may be cost-effective up to age 22 years

Highly virulent, drug-resistant <i>P. aeruginosa</i> strain identified in Ohio

Industry News

Merck begins phase 3 study of letermovir

HCV therapies may increase Medicare Part D spending by $5.8 billion in 2015

Meeting News Coverage

iPrEx OLE shows PrEP efficacy, adherence

Pharmacology Consult

Challenges with pharmacotherapy of HIV HCV coinfection

Leah Molloy, PharmD

Selection, timing of vaccines for patients with cancer require careful consideration

Debbie Blamble, PharmD, BCOP