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Q&A: Rare diseases require ‘heightened awareness’

Johns Hopkins announces first successful HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in US

Aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease common in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps

H1N1 dominates mild 2015-2016 flu season

Senate committee holds hearing on Daraprim price increase, distribution agreements

Novel severity score shows promise in predicting in-hospital C. difficile mortality

Deferred HCV therapy in MSM with HIV/HCV increases risk for mortality

Limited resources for Zika response slow progress in Puerto Rico

Increased HCV treatment for PWID in UK prisons cost-effective

Treatment options limited for chronic Lyme patients

Harvoni effective for elderly with HCV genotype 1

VA expands HCV therapy for veterans

Syphilis outbreak declared in Nevada county

App guides pregnant women on infections, vaccinations

APIC updates guidance for CLABSI prevention

At Issue

The ethics of gene drives against Aedes aegypti

Cover Story

Beyond Zika: The threat of diseases spread by Aedes mosquitoes


Hardly harmless: The dangerous tradition of ‘pox parties’

Walter A. Orenstein, MD; Julie R. Garon, MPH

Eye on ID

Poliomyelitis: Are we there yet?

Donald Kaye, MD; Marjorie P. Pollack, MD

FDA News

FDA approves Xpert Carba-R assay for detection of carbapenem resistance genes

FDA approves Descovy for treatment of HIV

FDA approves Odefsey for treatment of HIV

FDA approves Anthim for inhalation anthrax

In the Journals

Man’s death from rabies underscores threat of delayed recognition

Microcephaly occurs in 1% of women infected with Zika during early pregnancy

MERS spreads in UAE health care facilities before diagnoses

Vaccine avoidance causes most measles cases

Younger adults more likely to link to HCV treatment vs. older adults

Isavuconazole effective against mucormycosis

HCV prevalent in semen of MSM with HIV; anal infection likely

Limited data suggest N95 respirators, surgical masks provide similar protection

MRSA infection prevalence declines among US pediatric population

Trained dogs detect bacteria from urine samples

Symptomatic dengue infection during pregnancy associated with adverse fetal outcomes

‘Suitcase’ lab provides real-time genomic surveillance during Ebola outbreak

Wrestlers incur most skin infections among high school athletes

Urine-based TB test lowers mortality

TSRI scientists capture detailed picture of HIV structure

Study bolsters link between Zika and microcephaly

Norovirus-driven gastroenteritis in Quebec more common after start of rotavirus vaccine

Nepal makes significant progress toward measles elimination

Nebraskan cases suggest airborne person-to-person transmission of M. bovis

Research suggests relationship between Toxoplasma gondii parasite, aggression

PO-CAP shows clinical differences vs. B-CAP

One-quarter of hospital readmissions potentially preventable

HCV prevalent in ED; many cases missed by birth-cohort testing

Expert opinions on measles-specific vaccine exemptions vary widely

Bat-borne infection spreads through contaminated date palm wine

Flu vaccine does not increase risk for surgical patients

CDC interventions contribute to long-term reductions in access-related BSIs

CDC’s PulseNet significantly reduces incidence, impact of foodborne illness

CDC publishes ACIP smallpox vaccine guidelines for persons with occupational exposure

Discount voucher intervention fails to increase Tdap cocooning

Dengue vaccine shows full protection in human challenge model

HAIs decreasing; antibiotic resistant bacteria still threaten inpatients

Alternative preventive therapy, RDTs show promise against resistant malaria in pregnant women

Adding antibiotic improves treatment for skin abscesses

ARGs in manure-treated soil decline swiftly after antibiotics phased out

Antibiotic stewardship common in VA hospitals

Global HIV/HCV burden exceeds 2 million, driven by PWID

ART greatly reduces incidence of opportunistic infections in low-, middle-income countries

Meeting News Coverage

Canadian patient considered first to contract HIV after PrEP failure

Rhinovirus types A, C most common among younger children with RTI

Strategies used during HIV, HCV outbreak in Indiana may prevent future epidemics

C. difficile onset increases in communities, decreases in hospitals

HSV-2 therapeutic vaccine reduces viral shedding, genital lesions

Ebola survivors exhibit long-term brain issues

Perinatal HIV-exposure associated with language impairments in preschool children

HIV exposure causes 50% of infant deaths at 24 months in Botswana

Pharmacology Consult

Helminths, parasites and flukes, oh my! A review of treatments for common NTDs

Katherine C. Shihadeh, PharmD; Rachel S. Bacher, PharmD

Zoonotic Infections

Bornavirus: Zoonotic and animal health aspects

Arnon Shimshony, DVM