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10 economic consequences of the Ebola crisis

Ebola in US triggers travel screening, advanced protocols for HCWs

CDC outlines Ebola risk levels, potential public health actions

Experts warn that hasty treatment designs could harm Ebola patients

Health experts argue for swifter trial designs of experimental Ebola treatment

Cover Story

Telemedicine shows significant potential in ID, other specialty care


The Ebola epidemic: A costly and preventable global health security and humanitarian crisis

James M. Hughes, MD

Eye on ID

It’s not Ebola, but it’s also out of control

Thomas Yuill, PhD; Donald Kaye, MD

FDA News

FDA approves first Neisseria meningitidis vaccine

In the Journals

HEV antibody prevalence decreased in Germany across 15 years

Lab test adapted to identify new Lyme treatments

Low vaccination rates, comorbidities risk factors for pH1N1-related pneumonia

HIV testing increased among MSM

Immunocompromised patients with HSV meningitis may benefit from antiviral therapy

Intervention may not reduce risky behaviors among those with HIV

Networking strategy may decrease HCV prevalence among injection drug users

Recorded outbreaks, unique diseases increased since 1980

Oral, frozen FMT capsules treated diarrhea linked to recurrent CDI

SVR after therapy reduced inflammation, fibrosis in HCV patients

Spontaneous HBeAg seroclearance increased chances for HBsAg seroclearance

CDI incidence nearly doubled from 2001 to 2010

No association between HCV, diabetes in US population

Younger age, higher CD4 count at ART initiation increased recovery odds

Novel poxvirus caused cutaneous infections in patients exposed to farm animals

No source of Herbaspirillum spp. identified in cluster of patients

Low levels of influenza documented in US through summer

ART beneficial for MSM with HIV reporting stimulant use

Rapid diagnostic tests performed poorly in detecting chikungunya virus

NDM-producing E. coli outbreak linked to duodenoscopes

Current tobacco use associated with oral HPV-16 infection

Flu vaccine may be most effective in patients not vaccinated in past 5 years

Patient costs greater at hospital-owned physician groups

Global polio eradication on horizon, international efforts needed

HCW exposure to rabies required conservative approach for PEP

Beta-lactam monotherapy failed to show noninferiority for CAP

HCV core-antigen test cheaper, quicker than RNA PCR

Typhoid surveillance, vaccination lacking in endemic areas

Meeting News Coverage

Antibody testing in STD clinic identified high prevalence of HCV

Tropical diseases: What you should know

Norovirus found in 4% of gastroenteritis patients at VA hospitals

Immunization rates low among kidney transplant candidates

Main source of S. aureus differed for community- and hospital-acquired infections

Two-thirds of eligible hospital patients refused flu vaccine

Efficacy similar between two single-tablet ART regimens in females

EMS providers reported inconsistent sanitation practices, MDR awareness

Direct-acting antiviral therapy led to high SVR rates in patients with HCV genotype 1b

Gender, age variations observed in HIV cascade of care

Fluoroquinolones could increase risk for MDR gram-negative bacilli colonization

Decreased hemoglobin levels did not impact SVR rate in patients treated for HCV genotype 1

Athletes in contact sports more likely to carry MRSA

Aerosolized A. baumannii more frequent among rectally colonized patients

Ceftolozane/tazobactam shows promise against gram-negative infections

C. difficile infections correlated with surgical site infections

Novel program decreased MRSA infections by 65% in long-term care

SSI rates higher among lower volume hospitals

Risk scores, black race linked to missing visits with HIV providers

Social networking identified more HIV infections than self-referral

SECURE: Isavuconazole comparable to voriconazole in invasive mold disease

No difference in clinical outcomes between NNRTI- and boosted PI-based ART

Pharmacology Consult

New developments in vaccination for patients aged 65 years and older

Jeff Brock, PharmD; Gregory Tallman, PharmD