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Ebola spreads to Nigeria, prompts international response

New WHO HIV guidelines focus on vulnerable populations

Effective surveillance led to control of 2013 cholera outbreak in Mexico

Researchers investigate antibody immunotherapy for MERS treatment

Postoperative antibiotics did not lower infection risk following cholecystectomy

6 infections acquired by travelers

S. enterica emergence led to largest foodborne epidemic in England, Wales

CDC halts transfer of select agents within, outside agency labs

Cover Story

Chikungunya awareness needed as disease hits the US


Mycoplasma genitalium: A pelvic inflammatory disease pathogen that needs attention

Toni Darville, MD

Eye on ID

Ebola, measles, polio: We have met the enemy, and he is us

Donald Kaye, MD

FDA News

FDA designates isavuconazole QIDP drug

In the Journals

Bacterial biofilms in carotid artery plaque may cause CV events

WHO: Rotavirus surveillance network requires additional resources

Alternative model links HCV to high ESRD rates

Few outpatients receive antiviral prescriptions for influenza

Two non-cephalosporin regimens effective against gonorrhea

Carbapenemase-producing organism found in squid at Canadian grocery store

Viral load decreased in patients with HCV after therapies that included statins, fibrates

Sofosbuvir/ribavirin regimen led to SVR among patients with HIV, HCV

Seasonal influenza vaccine promoted antibody persistence in young children

Non-HIV populations show high burden of invasive fungal infections

Routine ED patient screening increases HIV diagnosis, treatment

Veterans with HCV genotype 3 at greater risk for cirrhosis, HCC

Use of HIV transition clinics low among young patients in Uganda

HIV epidemics increased among IDUs in Middle East, North Africa

New agents associated with drug-induced aseptic meningitis

CDC: pH1N1 dominated 2013-2014 influenza season

Carbapenem resistance responsible for many Enterobacteriaceae deaths

Rapid, point-of-care HIV test for infants shows promise

Receipt of seasonal flu vaccine lessened response to pH1N1 vaccine

HCV RNA testing not always performed after positive antibody tests

Social intervention increased minority enrollment into HIV trials

Dengue vaccine efficacious in phase 3 trial

New guidelines offer advice to optimize hand hygiene in hospitals

Hypoglycemia a possible adverse reaction to linezolid

CRE incidence increased fivefold in southeastern US

Unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions common upon discharge to hospice care

Most shigellosis cases caused by <em>S. flexneri</em>, <em>S. sonnei</em>

HCWs have significant role in prevention of health care-associated pertussis

Raltegravir safe in end-stage liver disease after transplant

Children with comorbidities more likely to have non-vaccine serotype IPD

IPV improved intestinal immunity among children given OPV

IDUs may prefer rapid HCV test

MenACWY-CRM booster dose elicited robust immune response

Live oral cholera vaccine safe, immunogenic in adults

Latent TB may be underestimated in corticosteroid users

Hypertension an underreported side effect of IVIG infusion

Fist bumps more hygienic than handshakes

FibroTest yielded suboptimal accuracy in detecting significant fibrosis, cirrhosis

Efavirenz increased risk for suicidality

HCV genotype 1 most prevalent worldwide with 83.4 million cases

Direct hospital admission more cost-effective than ED admission

Ebola virus present in West Africa ahead of current outbreak

Australian inmates had increased risk for HCV

HPV persists significantly longer in black women

Patients with HIV, cancer less likely to receive oncology treatment

Poverty, poor health, exposure are risk factors for IPD among South African children

Routine vaccines rarely associated with adverse events in children

Pregnancy-related listeriosis in Israel may be linked to epidemic clones

Patients with HIV highly vulnerable to MRSA colonization

Mental health of children affected by HIV comparable to children with HIV

MERS may be airborne

Novel gut virus infects more than half of global population

MK-5172 with PEG-IFN/ribavirin effective, safe when treating HCV

Institution Notes

Researchers explore plant remedy for malaria

Engineers develop processor to treat, prevent sepsis

Meeting News Coverage

Workplace support lessened HCW fear when treating HIV patients

Incidence, death rates on decline for HIV, malaria and TB

ART initiation in late adolescence linked to decreased continuation of therapy

Postpartum disengagement from care common in pregnant women with HIV

Researchers call for improvement in support for sex workers to control HIV pandemic

Managing noncommunicable diseases in routine HIV care feasible

Depression associated with failure to suppress viral load

Pharmacology Consult

Gonorrhea: Treatment and prevention of the sexually transmitted superbug

Kati Shihadeh, MD

Review of antiviral agents for treatment of pediatric HSV infection

Edward A. Bell, PharmD, BCPS