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The emergence of invasive fungal diseases among humans

Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD

Modern housing associated with decreased malaria risk

ACIP recommends changes in pneumococcal, influenza vaccines

MSM without HIV remain at risk for HCV

Spread of HIV via online hookup services raises health concerns

Report signifies 'wakeup call' about lack of health coverage globally

Online tool predicts antibiotic resistance in TB

CMS releases new Medicare Part B reimbursement data

California Assembly passes mandatory vaccination bill

ART adherence, viral suppression reduced among transgender women

HHS funds hospital upgrades for severe infections, Ebola

HHS, FBI, CMS join together for national Medicare fraud takedown

Drug resistance rises among some Salmonella serotypes

At Issue

REPRIEVE trial likely to clarify value of statins in HIV population

Breaking News

Supreme Court upholds health care subsidies in states without exchanges

Cover Story

CVD prevention, treatment challenging as patients with HIV, HCV live longer


Vaccines: An innovative approach to combating antimicrobial resistance

Carole Heilman, PhD

Eye on ID

Treating MRSA bacteremia and endocarditis: What are the options?

Larry M. Bush, MD, FACP; Donald Kaye, MD

FDA News

FDA designates microbiome-based therapy as breakthrough for recurrent C. difficile

In the Journals

Indian reservations hit hard by Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Targeted infection program decreases MRSA, UTI transmission in nursing homes

Surgical site infections most common during summer

New model predicts HCV progression, liver-related events

New ICD-10 coding system poses complications to ED physicians

Microclinics improve adherence to clinic care in HIV patients

Improved strategies needed to combat rheumatic fever resurgence in American Samoa children

Tracking hemodialysis patients with new MRSA infections less costly than mass screening

HIV-1 acquisition risk lower among users of NET-EN vs. DMPA

Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction doubles risk for SSI

Malaria prevalence ‘sizable’ among infants in endemic countries

Twitter informed public of Ebola outbreak days before health officials

Novel holographic microscopy technique rapidly identifies bacteria

Rotavirus vaccine reduces acute gastroenteritis in children

Rotavirus vaccination significantly impacts seizure-related hospitalizations

Study suggests less than 1% of acute HCV cases reported to the CDC

Similar outcomes among intra-abdominal infection patients with reduced antimicrobial duration

Some opportunistic illnesses still problematic for HIV patients

Some OPAT courses unnecessary, modifiable

Single dose of bivalent HPV vaccine as effective as three

Real-time, whole-genome sequencing efficiently types P. aeruginosa outbreak

Phages transferring antimicrobial resistance present in frozen chicken

Over 95% of global population suffer from health problems

Stigma reduces HIV prevention, knowledge, diagnosis among MSM

Physicians, nurses often disagree on when to test for C. difficile

Rapid stool test decreases recurring pediatric diarrhea in Botswana

Probiotics may reduce S. aureus, MRSA risk

Polio persists 3 years after last case

Hand washing, nail clipping reduce intestinal reinfection rates

Chlorhexidine bathing suboptimal in ICU

CDC: Sexual behaviors associated with frequency of HIV testing

CDC releases updated STD treatment guidelines

Cognitive skills decrease with history of severe infections

Deaths reported following vaccination most often unrelated

Airline, ground transportation routes influence spread of influenza

Alisporivir/PEG-IFN a-2a plus ribavirin yields high virologic response rates for HCV genotype 1

Bundled intervention reduces S. aureus SSIs

Asian outbreak sparks MERS concerns

West Nile virus surveillance declining in US

Antibiotics effective treatment in lieu of appendectomy

Viral mutations rendered 2014-2015 influenza vaccine ineffective

C. pneumoniae responsible for Air Force Academy pneumonia outbreak

C. difficile patients benefit from oral vancomycin, IV metronidazole combination

Dendritic cells may hold key to elite controllers' immune response

FDA showcases clinical trial design, regulations for HCV

Faldaprevir/PEG-IFN plus ribavirin increases SVR12 likelihood in treatment-naive HCV patients

Experts: Needle exchange programs prevent outbreaks among IDUs

HIV-positive organ donors can expand transplant pool

Hand hygiene, but not census impacts MRSA colonization in NICU

Food handlers nasally carrying S. aureus spur hand contamination

Experts call for integration of hospital infection, occupational risk prevention

Urinalysis for UTI in infants more accurate than previously reported

Disability, P. mirabilis, diabetes influence nursing home A. baumannii

DENV in endemic regions spreading through blood transfusions

Ebola virus shares clinical, epidemiologic features with ancient Greek epidemic

Epidemic flu strains in South America later predominate in North America

Education-based ICU intervention reduces blood culture contamination

Meeting News Coverage

HBV may lead to more aggressive form of HCC than HCV

Daily bathing with chlorhexidine gluconate reduces pediatric CLABSI

Facility’s antimicrobial stewardship reduces antibiotic use by 59%

Data collection overburdens infection preventionists

Cuba first country to eliminate vertical transmission of HIV, syphilis

Patient Profile

Hepatitis C and end-stage renal disease

Catherine T. Frenette, MD

Pharmacology Consult

What’s new with PrEP?

Jeff Brock, PharmD, MBA, AAHIVP

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