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The role of rapid diagnostics in antimicrobial stewardship

James Cottam, PhD

Researchers urge studies on chronic diseases among HIV patients in developing world

Obama unveils strategy to combat antibiotic resistance

NIAID awards grant for hospital-acquired infection vaccine research

CDC: First Ebola case diagnosed in United States

St. Louis University to test sofosbuvir/ribavirin in pediatric HCV cases

SLACK Incorporated to launch Healio Gastroenterology, a unique web-first print news magazine

Scientists develop hand-held DNA sequencer for infectious diseases

Geisinger researcher nominated for federal award for work in chronic hepatitis

HCV tested in space

NIH, FDA win award for meningitis vaccine licensing deal

IDSA calls on Congress to intensify fight against antimicrobial resistance

Cover Story

Rising threat of resistance highlights need for antimicrobial stewardship

FDA News

FDA allows marketing of first test for yeast pathogens

Monoclonal antibody granted fast track designation for prevention of nosocomial pneumonia

FDA competition offers $500,000 for new ideas in Salmonella detection

In the Journals

Rate of prescribed antibiotics increased, remains stable

Genetic changes identified in second wave of H7N9 epidemic in China

Peer advisory-based antiretroviral salvage regimens effective in resistant HIV

Study on link between MMR vaccine and autism redacted from publication

Rotavirus vaccine in children may offer household protection

Prompt recognition, treatment needed for transplant-transmitted encephalitis

Parental, adolescent knowledge of HPV unrelated to vaccination status

No benefit seen with IV peramivir in hospitalized patients with influenza

National HPV vaccination shows promise in Australia

Preventive surgical site infection bundle reduced colorectal surgery-related infections

Pertussis vaccination rates unchanged after epidemic

Antibiotics during infancy may lead to early childhood obesity

HEV antibody prevalence decreased since 1988

Amblyomma aureolatum ticks transmit disease faster than previously thought

Rapid response, inspector experience critical in E. coli outbreaks in UK

HCV antibody decline associated with RNA clearance in MSM with HIV

After long-term ART, HIV mortality in S. Africa, N. America comparable

Region-specific surveillance may be best for influenza A(H5N1)

Point-of-care CD4 testing cost-effective in resource-limited countries

No difference in pregnancy outcomes found among women on PrEP

ION-2: High rates of response to sofosbuvir/ledipasvir

Enriched enteral nutrition did not reduce infections for mechanical ventilation patients

MERS fatality rates highest among men

HIV may lower risk for MS

Half of patients with HIV not screened regularly for HCV

Molecular tests accurately diagnosed GAS pharyngitis

Enterovirus D68 identified in Midwest respiratory illness outbreak

CDC publishes ACIP recommendations for 2014-2015 seasonal influenza vaccines

Automated urine cytometry, point-of-care dipstick tests perform well

In California, rate of diagnosed congenital toxoplasmosis low

Handling, sale of diseased cow carcasses led to 2010 anthrax outbreak in Bhutan

Azole-resistant A. fumigatus yet to emerge in US

Adherence to first-line ART predictive of second-line ART adherence

Acute HIV infection may help control chronic HBV

Two US cases of PADH reported after artesunate therapy

ART monotherapy does not affect neurocognitive performance

Age-associated comorbidities more prevalent among people with HIV

Adolescents, young adults with sickle cell disease have higher rates of chlamydia

Intimacy a strong motivator to adopting PrEP

Intervention reduced postoperative pneumonia rates in VA surgical ward

Missed clinic visits predictor of mortality in HIV

Influenza A virus transmitted from swine to humans at 2012 agricultural fairs

Industry News

Sofosbuvir/ledipasvir expected to gain market share

Meeting News Coverage

Coinfection less likely among children with pneumonia serotypes

Early response to oritavancin predicted cure of bacterial skin infections

Guidance needed to improve utility of procalcitonin tests

Depression increased risk for developing sternal wound infection

Clinical outcomes did not differ between children with, without C. difficile

Neurocysticercosis responsible for significant disease in urban setting

MALDI-TOF identification demonstrated direct clinical result

Nasopharyngeal cultures had low predicative value for epidemiology of AOM

Antimicrobial dosing adjusted for weight led to cost savings

CC8-300 most common colonizing MRSA strain in patients, controls

C. difficile infection increased mortality, health care costs in patients with cirrhosis

Isavuconazole noninferior for invasive mold disease in hematologic malignancies

Early targeted antibiotics improved outcomes in S. aureus bloodstream infections

REMoxTB: Moxifloxacin safe, active, but failed to shorten TB treatment

Peramivir safe, effective in treating influenza symptoms

SAPPHIRE-I, II: Treatment sustained despite hyperbilirubinemia in some HCV patients

Resistance to key antimicrobials declining in Canada

Respiratory viral panel did not affect antibiotic duration, length of hospital stay

HCV screenings at teaching clinic failed to meet CDC recommendation

High prevalence of HCV detected among hemophilic patients in Iran

PEARL-II, III: High SVR rates met in HCV genotype 1b patients

Sulfonamides most frequently prescribed to children prior to onset of C. difficile infection

Diabetic foot infection incidence decreased by half over 15 years