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NFID: Recommend HPV vaccine strongly with other routine vaccines

CDC: Haiti makes substantial progress since 2010 earthquake

HPV vaccination did not increase MS risk in females

Clusters of underimmunized, vaccine-refusal communities identified in California

CDC: Severe flu season continues; antivirals underused

Five vaccines required of US-bound refugees

RCT alternatives useful, but require careful consideration

WHO approves meningitis A vaccine for infants in sub-Saharan Africa

WHO resolves to improve response to public health emergencies

As measles count rises, CDC encourages MMR vaccination

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Disneyland measles outbreak spreads; AAP urges vaccination

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Rapid molecular diagnostics have potential to revolutionize patient care


The power of mentoring: We all can help recruit more ID specialists

Stephen B. Calderwood, MD

Eye on ID

MERS: The limping epidemic on steroids

Marjorie P. Pollack, MD; Donald Kaye, MD

In the Journals

PCV13 safe, immunogenic in previously vaccinated HIV patients

Oseltamivir reduced influenza symptoms, complications in adults

MRSA infections increased risk for death after discharge

Interferon-free regimen well tolerated in HIV/HCV coinfected patients

Positive nanoparticle charge increased pulmonary immunization efficacy

Pneumonia possible risk factor for CVD

MERS transmissibility from camels to humans appeared low

Kaiser: Elevated MI risk for HIV patients eliminated

Intervention program increased expedited partner therapy use

Monthly treatment reduced risk for recurrent bacterial vaginosis

Micafungin noninferior to standard prophylaxis after liver transplantation

Injectable contraceptive associated with increased risk for HIV acquisition

Spider bites 'scapegoat' for cutaneous bacterial infection

Some treatments for cystic echinococcosis considered medically unsound

Software predicted development of bacterial resistance

Universal HCV screening in Canada could be cost effective, save lives

Triple-drug regimen led to high HCV cure rate

Tetravalent dengue vaccine safe, effective in Latin American children

Shared genes identified between chicken virus, H7N9 in China

Researchers map chikungunya spread in Panama

Rate of US medical research investment drops

Hearing deficiency detected among people with HIV

Sexual behaviors between women affected acquisition of bacterial vaginosis

RSV may increase risk for bacterial pneumonia in infants

Resistance by PrEP linked to acute seronegative infections at initiation

Antibiotics for travelers' diarrhea may lead to spread of superbugs

Cognitive impairment associated with HCV in children

Clarithromycin associated with adverse outcomes with non-CYP3A4–metabolized statins

Ebola virus mutations may hinder new treatments

Ebola epidemic likely stemmed from contact with insectivorous bats

Daily chlorhexidine bathing in ICU did not reduce HAIs

Child's death linked to N. fowleri in treated tap water

Bundled intervention reduced KPC infection, colonization

Beclabuvir with PEG-IFN a-2a/Ribavirin Safely Treated HCV

ART timing during pregnancy linked to detectable viral load at delivery

CDC: Only one confirmed occupationally acquired HIV case reported since 1999

CDC: Link between EV-D68, neurologic illness unverified

CD4 counts at HIV diagnosis remain low in Africa

Hospitalization rates greater among elite controllers

Higher levels of inflammatory markers found in elite controllers

High-dose flu vaccine demonstrated superior response in frail, elderly

Infection control efforts in Hong Kong hospital prevented H7N9 transmission

Inclusion of vaccine education improved efficacy of text message reminders

ICU infection prevention programs reduced costs, improved survival

HCV mortality rates stabilized or increased across three regions

Experts warn widespread HCV screening harms may outweigh benefits

Electronic reminder increased influenza vaccination rates in late winter

Family members likely sources of RSV in infants

Pharmacology Consult

The polymyxins: Renewed interest in old antibiotics

Brent Bastian, PharmD, MS; Kimberly D. Boeser, PharmD, BCPS AQ-ID