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TB cases hit record low in US, but progress toward elimination lags

Committee outlines path to eliminate viral hepatitis in the US by 2030

Review confirms DAAs effective

READI Act offers incentives for new antibiotics, rapid diagnostics

Researchers find mcr-1 in pet food in China

On the brink of eradication: Polio over 30 years

Vaccine breakthrough prevented 10.3 million deaths

WHO releases list of ‘priority pathogens’ in urgent need of new antibiotics

Zika concerns prompt CDC warning about semen donations in Florida

American Samoa experience may guide Zika testing in asymptomatic pregnant women

ASCO issues global guidance on HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer

Blacks perceive greater risk with influenza vaccine than whites

Cover Story

One Health approach essential to controlling public health threats


HPV vaccination in older individuals: A mess, perhaps mitigated by herd protection

Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD

Eye on ID

Dengue: The beginning of the end?

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Hospital floors a greater source of infection than previously thought

Vaccination reduces severe herpes zoster complications in seniors

High-dose influenza vaccine more effective at preventing deaths among seniors in 2012-2013

Higher bacterial burden increases E. coli transmission odds

Influenza treatment during pregnancy does not endanger newborns, study confirms

Protein signature in mucus reveals infection status

Rapid active sampling quick, effective in measuring norovirus in rural Guatemala

Researchers track spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria in hospital sinks

Prevalence of drug-resistant HIV reaches ‘alarming levels’ in Aruba

B. cepacia outbreak yields pointers for multi-institutional response

Three-dose penicillin regimen not superior to single dose for syphilis in patients with HIV

Urban ED HCV screening programs should be expanded, researchers say

Transplant recipients with nocardiosis face 10-fold greater mortality

Cardiovascular events significantly increase mortality in pneumonia

Antibiotics increase risk for hearing loss in patients with cystic fibrosis

E-consults frequently change physicians’ plans for treatment

Computer model predicts West Nile virus outbreaks

Study highlights burden of community-onset antimicrobial resistance in India

Meeting News

Researchers explore link between substance abuse and HIV

Antimicrobial stewardship program sees results in Israeli hospitals

A. baumannii colonization upon ICU admission increases likelihood of infection, mortality

Pharmacology Consult

Standard treatment emerges for N. fowleri


What caused the West African Ebola outbreak?