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Plague cases reported in California, Colorado

Entomological Society of America calls for improved tick surveillance, education of specialists

Physicians growing dissatisfied with EHR systems

VOICE trial underscores challenge of PrEP adherence

At Issue

Specialists highlight recent advances, obstacles in HIV functional cure

Breaking News

Over 99% of contact lens wearers in CDC survey risked eye infection

Cover Story

Fecal microbiota transplantation moves into the mainstream


Why ID specialists should care about substance use treatment

Bruce R. Schackman, PhD

Eye on ID

MERS-CoV: The back-burner, front-burner shuffle

Donald Kaye, MD; Marjorie P. Pollack, MD

FDA News

FDA warns duodenoscope manufacturers after ‘superbug’ outbreaks


AASLD/IDSA release updated HCV treatment guidelines

In the Journals

Multifaceted strategy reduces SSI during cesarean section

Mexican sex workers recruited as teens at increased risk for HIV, sexual violence

New guidelines aim to reduce vaccine injection pain

New IDSA guidelines address gaps in vertebral osteomyelitis management

Inhaled nitric oxide no better than placebo for cerebral malaria

One-dose cholera vaccine may be more effective during epidemic

Infants in Papua New Guinea lack protective levels of RSV-neutralizing antibody

‘Lab-on-a-Disc’ reduces time to detect, identify bacteria in urine

IPV safety reinforced ahead of worldwide adoption

Low risk for bird-to-human transmission of HPAI H5 viruses

Lax vaccination laws lead to more infectious disease

ICU patients admitted with C. difficile colonization at risk for subsequent infections

Pet turtles cause Salmonella Poona outbreak

Socioeconomic status influences influenza hospitalization rates

Two-dose chickenpox vaccination program reduces US outbreaks by 78%

Residence predicts pediatric hospitalizations for bronchiolitis, pneumonia

RSV F vaccine safe, well-tolerated in women of childbearing age

Wheeze, ED visits increase in patients with rhinovirus

Greater H1N1 immunity found among younger people in 2013-2014

Type 2 diabetes diagnosis related to antibiotic use

Vaccine coverage for kindergartners remains high; exemptions stay low

Portable UV booth disinfects contaminated PPE

Postpartum HIV care improves retention, outcomes

Pneumococcal meningitis remains steady since Prevnar 13 introduction

Polio vaccination programs face challenges in high-conflict areas

Recommended vaccine coverages could cause monetary losses for HIV clinics

Researchers identify significant SSI risk in patients with diabetes

Pretreatment HIV drug resistance leads patients to switch to second-line ART

Probiotic ineffective for prevention, elimination of GI colonization with drug-resistant organisms

HIV-associated Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients benefit from cART, ABVD

Contact precautions reduce rate of noninfectious adverse events

Copayments linked to antibiotic resistance in low-, middle-income countries

Chronic HCV influences subclinical CVD

Compliance with infection control guidelines poor; worse in low-income countries

Curbing antibiotic use reduces rates of community-associated C. difficile

Current molecular techniques fail to detect bacterial source of cellulitis

Antibiotic prescriptions for acute respiratory infections remain high, vary among providers

Corticosteroids reduce death, hospital length of stay among CAP patients

Antifungal therapy fails to prevent invasive candidiasis after surgery for intra-abdominal infection

AS03 adjuvant enhances immune response to H7N9 vaccine

Animal markets facilitate emergence of novel influenza A viruses

Antibiotic prescriptions for acute respiratory infections remain high, vary among providers

CDC publishes ACIP 2015-2016 influenza vaccine guidelines

Certain background infections may play etiologic role in CAP

Benznidazole-related cutaneous reaction rate high in patients with Chagas’ disease

CDC: Coordinated reduction in antibiotic-resistant infections could save 37,000 lives over 5 years

Empiric antibiotic use surges despite no increase in nosocomial pathogens

Extended use of antibiotics for Lyme disease increases

Efficacy of azithromycin against M. genitalium declines

HIV testing rates low for gay male adolescents

HAART during pregnancy may cause adverse birth outcomes

HIV providers less likely than hepatologists to screen for HCC

Gardasil 9 safe, effective when taken with other routine vaccines

H7N9 demonstrates greater transmission, pandemic risk than H5N1

Deaths among youth with HIV less common; other complications emerge

Daily PrEP lowers hip, spine BMD in HIV-seronegative patients

Emphasis on danger of preventable diseases eases vaccine hesitancy

CYD-TDV dengue vaccine may reduce hospitalization risk in children

Meeting News Coverage

Paper-based test screens for Ebola, dengue, yellow fever in minutes

Topology of spinach leaves responsible for inadequate disinfection rinsing

Paper-based test screens for Ebola, dengue, yellow fever in minutes

‘Drinkable Book’ uses antibacterial paper to purify water

Pharmacology Consult

Cresemba: A novel, broad-spectrum triazole antifungal agent

Leah Molloy, PharmD