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PrEP uptake poised to grow as physicians gain insight, stigmas fade

CDC: ‘No longer any doubt’ Zika causes microcephaly, other birth defects

CDC, OSHA issue guidelines on Zika protection in workplace

Community-based HCV treatment lessens burden on specialists

Failed HCV therapy increases risk for HCC

FDA approves supplemental NDA for Viekira Pak for HCV genotype 1b

Officials raise concerns over Zika during White House briefing

Electronic bottle caps show patients overstate adherence to antibiotics for SSTIs

High-dose HBV vaccine improves HIV patients’ long-term immune response

WHO: Humanitarian emergencies at ‘all-time high’

WHO issues updated HCV treatment guidelines

Senate committee recommends PATH Act for superbug treatments

Advisory council outlines progress, persisting issues in antibiotic resistance efforts

At Issue

Experts discuss CIDTs and challenges of disease surveillance

Cover Story

Culture clash: New diagnostics complicate public health surveillance


Challenges related to TB testing and diagnosis

Juzar Ali, MD, FRCP(C), FCCP

Eye on ID

ASPs: Job of a steward, or time for a pilot?

Larry M. Bush, MD, FACP; Donald Kaye, MD, MACP

In the Journals

New mosquito traps offer nontoxic alternatives in Zika fight

Parts of Florida, Texas face greatest risk for Zika virus

Norovirus gastroenteritis creates $60 billion global burden annually

Mid-adult women remain at risk for incident, episodic HPV

IDSA, SHEA publish new recommendations for antibiotic stewardship programs

Hypertension increases among HIV patients from 1996-2013

Inconsistent infection control, isolation fuels hospital MERS outbreak

LARC users less likely to use condoms

Influenza vaccine effectiveness varies by type, subtype

Viruses’ biological features help to predict epidemics

Seasonal influenza vaccination during pregnancy reduces stillbirths

WHO’s six-step hand hygiene technique superior to CDC’s three-step technique

Treatment reduces malaria incidence via blood transfusion in Ghana

Woman with rabies infection, no PEP delivers healthy baby in China

Resistant E. coli, E. faecium CLABSIs prevalent among oncology settings

Physicians lack clarity on FDA approvals, ‘breakthrough therapy’

Patients need safe environment to discuss sexual identity, potential risks

Plasma-derived HBV vaccine induces long-term protection

Researchers investigate early stages of HIV-neutralizing antibody

Preventive isoniazid similar to empirical TB therapy among HIV patients initiating ART

Health workers identify motivators for OPV refusal in Pakistan

Algebraic equation improves drug dosing in liver transplant patients

Fluoroquinolone administration route does not affect CAP outcomes

ACG issues new guideline on management of acute diarrhea infections

Despite waning efficacy, influenza vaccine protects throughout season

Ebola virus discovered after cleaning procedures in high isolation unit

‘Forensic virology’ can trace patient history

Genetic study reveals dysentery’s global history

CD4 testing in VA hospitals could be reduced by 30% without detriment

Outpatient clinic staff skip hand hygiene 37% of the time

Formal sex education declines significantly among US adolescents

Meeting News Coverage

Bezlotoxumab helps to reduce CDI recurrence, hospital readmissions

Third phase 3 trial shows HEPLISAV-B vaccine safe, effective against HBV

Omadacycline safe, effective treatment for skin infections

Chikungunya spreads to Turkish mosquitoes

Coalition: Emerging diseases dictate need for extended R&D resources

Long-term Sirturo therapy safe, effective against MDR-TB

HSV-2 vaccine candidate reduces viral shedding, genital lesions up to 1 year

Infections, scabies common among refugees seeking asylum in Switzerland, the Netherlands

Zepatier safe, efficacious in general, problematic HCV patient populations

HPV vaccination increases among teens with health-seeking behaviors

Neurological, psychiatric symptoms persist in Ebola survivors

Pharmacology Consult

Challenges in pediatric infectious diseases

Leah Molloy, PharmD

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