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Chlamydia rate declines for first time since reporting started

HIV transmission documented between actors during adult film shoot

Experts call for increased focus on Ebola patients’ clinical care

PATH Act introduced in senate to facilitate antibiotic drug approval

CDI burden underestimated using only hospital inpatient surveillance

CDC: Unprotected influenza strain prevalent; severe season expected

Cover Story

Exploring the dynamics of the herpesvirus family


The evolution of rapid influenza testing and the introduction of digital immunoassays

Jim Dunn, PhD, (D)ABMM

Eye on ID

Where has Lyme disease gone?

Matthew E. Levison, MD; Donald Kaye, MD

FDA approvals

FDA approves 9-valent HPV vaccine for certain cancers

FDA approves Rapivab for treatment of influenza in adults

FDA approves Viekira Pak for treatment of HCV

FDA approves Zerbaxa for complicated intra-abdominal infections, UTIs

In the Journals

In utero exposure to ART linked to decreased heart development, performance

Indoor DDT spraying failed to add additional protection against malaria

HBV, HCV patients often lacked immunity, vaccination against HAV, HBV

Steroid use, red blood cell transfusion associated with CMV colitis

Improved HIV therapies decreased risk for ESRD

Novel method quickly identifies bacteria, resistance with accuracy

Odds of secondary complications increased for surgical patients with pneumonia, SSI

Outbreaks related to nonpasteurized milk have increased since 2007

Restroom hand dryers spread more bacteria than paper towels

MERS spread linked to failures in infection control

New treatment effectively inhibited bacterial growth

Genome sequencing outlined MRSA transmission in resource-limited hospital

Ebola vaccine appeared safe, prompted immune responses

Egg-free influenza vaccine linked to allergic reaction

Ebola incidence in HCWs in Sierra Leone 100-fold greater than general population

Deferring ART more than 1 year reduced chance of immune recovery

Diagnostic TB tests performed accurately among adults, poorly in children

Contaminated household fomites may cause recurrence of S. aureus skin infections

CHG-treated washcloths reduced S. aureus carriage in US jails

Current smoking linked to invasive fusariosis in patients with acute myeloid leukemia

ExoU+ genotype linked to early mortality in P. aeruginosa patients

Pharmacology Consult

Leishmaniasis pharmacotherapy: New and old treatments for New and Old World disease

Leah Molloy, PharmD

Zoonotic Infections

Ebola: The zoonotic aspects

Arnon Shimshony, DVM