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Direct-acting antiviral ‘revolution’ improves treatment of HIV/HCV coinfection

Limited Medicaid expansion leaves many blacks, women with HIV uninsured

Preventing and treating recurrent Clostridium difficile infections

Public, private health insurance expansion improves care for low-income adults

Q & A: Treating people who inject drugs

Patients with contact lens-related corneal infections report modifiable risk factors

Outbreak of E. anophelis puzzles investigators

Slow diagnosis, malaria limited response to 2015 Zambia plague outbreak

Florida teen survives normally deadly N. fowleri infection

Shortened course of antibiotics for CAP safe, effective

Q&A: Rise in HPV-associated cancers among men reflects low vaccination rates

Sepsis begins outside of hospital in 80% of cases

CDC considers guidance on third MMR dose following campus outbreak

Hospital warns open-heart patients of nontuberculous mycobacteria risk

Companion animals may harbor mcr-1 gene, pass it to humans

Cryptosporidium outbreaks in Ohio, Arizona linked to recreational water

CRE cluster in Wisconsin helps to raise infection prevention awareness

DAAs may reduce need for liver transplant

Death of newborn in Texas linked to Zika

Asymptomatic man likely transmitted Zika to woman through sex

NIAID announces phase 1 trial of yellow fever vaccine

NIAID launches trial testing Zika vaccine for humans

‘Supersuppressor’ cardinals may shield Atlantans from West Nile virus

Epclusa demonstrates manageable drug interaction profile with commonly used ART

White House diverts $81 million to avoid Zika vaccine delays

UK Court rules PrEP funding within NHS England's legal jurisdiction

USPSTF issues draft guidance on screening for genital herpes

Zepatier safe, effective for HCV patients with opioid addictions

Zika case in Texas linked to Miami travel

Woman dies after contracting S. zooepidemicus from horse

WPV1 resurges in Nigeria

Outbreak of S. sonnei in Oregon chiefly affects MSM, homeless

E. coli strain resistant to colistin and carbapenems detected in New Jersey

At Issue

Permitting PCPs to prescribe DAA therapy ‘in public health’s best interest’

Cover Story

Medicaid DAA restrictions withhold care from HCV patients in need


Colistin resistance signals need to redouble efforts amid growing public health crisis

Helen W. Boucher, MD, FACP, FIDSA

Eye on ID

The urinalysis trap

Larry M. Bush, MD, FACP; Maria T. Vazquez-Pertejo, MD, FACP; Donald Kaye, MD, MACP

FDA News

FDA recommends Zika testing for all US blood donations

FDA approves first generic of Tamiflu for influenza A, B

FDA approves Afluria Quadrivalent to safeguard against influenza

In the Journals

SSI rate similar with sterile, nonsterile glove use in outpatient surgery

Web-based communication tool, training associated with fewer medical errors

Probiotic, micronutrient mixture prevents nosocomial infection in children

Greater MDA reduces praziquantel efficacy against schistosomiasis in Ugandan students

Lower salaries, higher burnout rates discourage primary care residency applications

Intranasal LAIV, IIV offer similar protection against influenza

Nearly 20% of patients discharged from hospital with unstable vital signs

NICU surveillance generates antibiotic stewardship interventions

Study shows link between infection, increased risk for suicide

Malaria coinfection reduced mortality during Ebola outbreak

New model can identify in-hospital mortality of patients with SBP

Mortality risk greater for children hospitalized with influenza B vs. influenza A

AAP issues meningococcal B vaccine guidelines for adolescents

AAP recommends elimination of nonmedical immunization exemptions for school, day care

CRE infections increase morbidity, mortality among immunosuppressed children in Italy

In the Journals Plus

Nurse practitioners, physician assistants more frequently prescribe antibiotics

No adverse events for HIV patients taking probiotics; benefits still unconfirmed

Patients with HIV in British Columbia frequently report food insecurity

Antiretroviral use shows no reduction in ESLD incidence

Nosocomial VZV transmission leads to death in renal transplant patient

Most parents support school-entry HPV vaccination requirements if opt-outs exist

Mortality in HCV patients after SVR still higher than general population

Young, white PWIDs increasingly admitted for infectious endocarditis

Newly discovered antibiotic in nose viewed as preventive against MRSA

Campylobacter, acute gastroenteritis costs Swiss health care up to $50 million yearly

MSM face elevated risk for drug-resistant shigellosis

Researchers identify knowledge gap about prevention of HBV vertical transmission

Unnecessary beta-lactam avoidance linked to increased risk for adverse events

Twitter users’ Zika questions focus on infant health, disease prevention

Updated TB clinical practice guidelines advocate early therapy, case management

Women face increased CA-S. aureus bacteremia mortality

8-week Harvoni safe, effective in patients coinfected with HIV/HCV

A. aegypti pass Zika virus onto offspring

RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine less effective over time in African children

Aerosol transmission, asymptomatic carriage aid persistence of M. leprae

Sharing snorting utensils for drug use may increase HCV transmission

Surgical mask policy reduces respiratory viral infections in HSCT patients

Statin therapy limits influenza vaccine effectiveness

Early ART reduces risk for HIV-1 transmission among serodiscordant couples

Frequent patient sharing increases hospitals' risk for CRE

Follow-up STD testing rates low among MSM

Ebola detected in Liberia man's semen 565 days after recovery

HBV seroclearance rare in Asians, women, younger patients

Girl infected with orf virus at skin graft site

Experts propose national targets for worldwide antibiotic consumption

Drug-resistant leprosy emerges in West Africa

ESCMID updates guidelines for diagnosis of C. difficile infection

Donor FMT safe, superior to autologous transplant for treating recurrent C. difficile

Education treatment compliance critical in household MRSA decolonization

In-pharmacy availability of influenza vaccines increases uptake

Humans may introduce MRSA CC398 into closed pig populations in Norway

Flares in HBV DNA, ALT common in pregnant, postpartum women

Fluoroquinolones most frequently prescribed antibiotic for uncomplicated UTI in women

HIV coinfection does not accelerate emergence of MDR-TB

Ebola outbreak drives Liberian women from facility-based deliveries

Meeting News Coverage

Triumeq shows superior efficacy for treatment-naive women with HIV

Zika poses serious challenges to development of new diagnostics

Increasing adherence, tailoring interventions may reduce disparities in PrEP uptake

Targeted care program improves engagement, HIV suppression in female sex workers

Pharmacology Consult

From the inside out: Gastrointestinal decontamination in children with intestinal failure

Leah Molloy, PharmD