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CDC: 30% of people with HIV achieved viral suppression

Canadian supercomputer to simulate potential Ebola treatment options

Plague outbreak confirmed in Madagascar

Three-drug regimen during pregnancy more protective against vertical HIV transmission

Doravirine HIV treatment resulted in fewer adverse events

Chikungunya persists in Caribbean; travellers remain at risk

Web traffic shows promise as predictor for disease outbreaks

Cover Story

US hospitals step up training, preparation for Ebola


Infectious disease research requires big picture, collaborative approach

John Aitchison, PhD; Louie Coffman

Eye on ID

Ebola in the news

Donald Kaye, MD; Keith S. Kaye, MD

FDA News

Gilead submits new drug application for single-tablet HIV treatment

Isavuconazole granted orphan drug status

In the Journals

PCV7, PCV13 linked with fewer pneumonia hospitalizations

Multiple BPG doses did not improve treatment response in HIV patients with syphilis

PCPs chose inappropriate antibiotics based on cure rate beliefs, patient pressure

Pathogens causing skin, soft tissue infections found in hidradenitis suppurative lesions

Novel, resilient antibiotic discovered in fungus

Most diarrhea cases in transplant recipients had no infectious etiology

Leprosy incidence greater among foreign-born individuals

Isoniazid preventive therapy reduced TB risk in adults with HIV

Increased CV risks seen with azithromycin, moxifloxacin

MERS outbreak in Saudi Arabia tied to nosocomial transmission

Long-term PPI use reduced microbial diversity, increased risk for CDI

Livestock-associated MRSA strain present in hospitals

Vector-borne, zoonotic diseases pose threat to soldiers in Afghanistan

Viral hemorrhagic fever case in US soldier highlights need for control measures

Universal rectal screening increased chlamydia detection in high-risk women

Vaccination not associated with long-term MS risk

ZMapp analysis could improve effectiveness of Ebola treatments

Leishmaniasis outbreak in Lebanon most prevalent in Syrian refugees

Virologic failure rate declined significantly in France over 15 years

WHO: Progress towards measles elimination stalling

Quality indicators may be useful for antibiotic stewardship

Small percentage of MSM with gonorrhea had persistent disease DNA after therapy

Pre-emptively updating flu vaccine strains may improve effectiveness

Psychological stress did not increase herpes zoster risk

TB genome play role in relapse, reinfection

Tdap, MCV4 vaccination uptake improved compared with HPV vaccination

Surveillance algorithm identified onset of influenza outbreaks

Survival among HCV patients with SVR reaches that of general population

Congenital HHV-6 may negatively affect neurodevelopment

Comprehensive care coordination improved HIV outcomes

Converted for-profit hospitals improved revenues, not outcomes

Emtricitabine yielded better virologic outcomes than lamivudine in first-line ART

Co-trimoxazole linked to sudden death in older patients on renin-angiotensin inhibitors

Amoxicillin-associated diarrhea, candidiasis may be underreported

AAP updates guidelines for diagnosis, management of bronchiolitis

Anti-HCV prevalence higher in MSM injection drug users vs. nonusers

Coding variations may have resulted in discrepancy in sepsis trends

Atazanavir associated with higher triglycerides, fat levels vs. darunavir

In utero exposure to ART posed little to no risk for congenital anomalies

High rate of culture conversion observed with bedaqualine for TB

HBV/HCV in mothers led to increased risk for neurological outcomes in infants

HIV transmission linked to shared manicure instruments

HIV, STIs prevalent among male sex workers in Mexico City

HIV associated with increased risk for age-related events

HAV hospitalization rate decreased in US from 2002 to 2011

Meeting News Coverage

ACIP votes to update general recommendations

TURQUOISE-II: Demographics, viral factors did not predict SVR after 3D regimen

Chagas disease on the rise, acquired locally among Texas blood donors

Check Hep C program effective in identifying HCV in New York

Birth cohort screening more accurate in detecting HCV vs. standard method

Dialysis safely delivered to patient with Ebola

Two studies show promise for 8-week treatment with GS-5816

UNITY 2: Fixed-dose combination with BMS-791325 yields SVR12 in treatment-naive, experienced patients

P. knowlesi malaria cases increasing in Malaysia

Long-term efficacy, safety of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate for chronic HBV confirmed

Palivizumab prophylaxis for RSV requires more definitive data

C-SWIFT: Shortest duration of triple therapy for HCV only effective in small percentage of patients

C-WORTHY: Grazoprevir/elbasvir regimen yielded high SVR rates in patients with HCV genotype 1

ACIP accepts proposed updates to typhoid vaccine statement

Combination treatment safe, effective among African children with malaria

Levofloxacin after kidney transplantation did not prevent infection

Serologic testing, guideline adherence low among veterans with HBV in VA care

Pharmacology Consult

HIV and mental illness: Are drug interactions a barrier to effective therapy?

Corey Ball, PharmD; Kati Shihadeh, PharmD