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Antimicrobial stewardship: A work in progress

Ellie J.C. Goldstein, MD

Growing antibiotic resistance threatens surgical procedures, chemotherapy

HCV increases risk for cardiovascular mortality

HepQuant-STAT predicts HCV patients' risk for clinical outcomes

Focus Diagnostics receives FDA clearance for flu, RSV test

General public correctly administers, interprets HIV self-test

FDA warns of serious liver injury risk caused by Viekira Pak, Technivie

MRSA infections decline in hospitals, persist in community

Nevada health officials investigate norovirus outbreak

Nobel Prize recognizes advancements in parasitic disease treatment

Misdiagnosis of mild tick-borne infections leads to increased reports of RMSF

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals announces low-cost Daraprim alternative

Improved retention in care strategies could reduce HIV infections, costs

Individuals with HIV living long enough to develop cancer

FDA grants priority review of Daklinza in difficult-to-treat patients

Bloodstream infections common among liver transplant recipients

California law requires vaccinations for day care workers

FDA allows marketing of CSF test for multiple pathogens

Antibiotic exposure associated with increased risk for depression, anxiety

Clinicians infrequently prescribing ART provide lower quality of HIV care

ACP: Retail health clinics should be used as backup for primary care

Altered immune responses at TB diagnosis predict relapse

Dried blood spots effectively detect HCV

Ebola treatment beds prevented 56,000 cases, 40,000 deaths in Sierra Leone

Ebola virus persists in semen at least 9 months after infection

CRE surveillance reveals high prevalence of prior hospitalizations, indwelling devices

China faces significant dengue threat

'Xenotourism' results in outbreak of Q fever

Convalescent plasma increases HAI antibody titers

SHEA recommends five steps to reduce medical overuse

Shingles vaccine shows poor value in patients aged 50-59 years

Rotavirus burden decreases, epidemiology changes after 2006 vaccination implementation

Recommendation for routine HPV4 vaccination leads to increased uptake

Researchers find possible link between marijuana, HCV

‘Substantial’ percentage of MSM fail to report male sex partners at HIV testing

Urinary biomarker associated with TB infection

Switzerland imports USA300 MRSA strain from US

Universal MRSA screening at admission does not improve hospital infection rates

Supplementary electronic queries help identify infectious CIED complications

TB kills more people annually than any other infectious disease

Rapid MRSA screening results in cost savings

IBD increases risk for invasive pneumococcal disease

Order set improves antibiotic treatment adherence for CAP

Physicians report routine use of contact precautions for MRSA, VRE

Patients with flu-related pneumonia less likely to receive flu vaccine

At Issue

Researchers anticipate results from REPRIEVE trial for CVD prevention in HIV patients

Cover Story

ID in the news: The role of the physician to educate, advise


The next outbreak: Public health emergency prevention, preparation and response

Jeffrey S. Duchin, MD

Eye on ID

Why didn't Ebola just go away this time? Plus other issues ...

Jack Woodall, PhD; Donald Kaye, MD


Experts debate risks, benefits of gain-of-function research

In the Journals

Steam, microfiber cloths reduce cleaning costs, improve efficiency

Shingles booster improves cell-mediated immunity in elderly

HIV ART may protect MSM against HBV

HSV-2 shedding common among Africans regardless of HIV infection

Meeting News Coverage

Solithromycin effective against M. pneumoniae in phase 3 trial

MERS remains viable in hospital room after patient discharge

Infections common in patients who fall

ESBL-producing E. coli increases in community hospitals in southeastern US

Pneumonia patients rarely undergo HIV testing

Measles, HAV vaccination rates low among US international travelers

Low-income HIV patients in ACA health plans show more viral suppression

HIV screening interval influences CD4+ count at initial diagnosis

HBV common in pregnant Haitians

High-dose flu vaccine reduces hospitalizations in elderly

Rising HCV-related mortality in US greater than all other infectious diseases

ART regimens based on HHS guidelines more often achieve positive outcomes

Antimicrobial stewardship reduces pediatric C. difficile infections, costs

Ivermectin interrupts malaria transmission in mosquitoes

UV-C reduces infection with MDROs in hospitalized patients

ACIP approves updates to 2016 adult immunization schedule

2014-2015 flu vaccine reduces severe illness in hospitalized patients

Age has minimal impact on risk for C. difficile infection among elderly

Xpert Ebola test has 'excellent' performance

More than 8 million US children, adolescents susceptible to measles

State-level campaign reduces arthroplasty SSIs

Novel assay detects TB in early stages of disease

Needle exchange reduces risky behaviors during HIV outbreak in Indiana

MSM with HIV experience high rates of asymptomatic chlamydia, gonorrhea

Switch to TAF-based HIV regimens safe, effective

Pharmacology Consult

Role of prophylactic antibiotics for recurrent C. difficile prevention

Jeff Brock, PharmD MBA; Nathan Peterson, PharmD

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