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Simple ID prevention practices crucial for international travelers

Gilead files NDA for once-daily HIV treatment

Parents view vaccine safety, benefits more favorably

Georgia launches HCV elimination program with help from CDC

House passes bill to bolster drug development, streamline clinical testing

Phase 3 trial of vaginal ring to prevent HIV reaches completion

Phase 1 trial of West Nile virus vaccine begins

Cover Story

STDs pose major health threat to MSM


The physician as the health economist: A necessity of today

Michael S. Saag, MD

Eye on ID

Tick tick, can make you sick

Donald Kaye, MD

FDA approvals

FDA approves Technivie for HCV genotype 4

FDA News

FDA approves HIV infection type assay

In the Journals

Repeated deworming of children fails to reduce malaria rate

P. aeruginosa survives in sinks 10 years after hospital outbreak

Physicians urged to consider alternative treatments for at-risk pneumonia patients

Proactive prevention measures limit nosocomial infections

New assay may help predict progression of HCV genotype 1b

Mortality risk greater in children with severe C. difficile, chronic conditions

Military personnel returning to US pose low risk for Ebola transmission

Novel drug candidate thwarts HIV reactivation

Opioid substitution therapy reduces HIV-, drug-related mortality among individuals with HIV, drug addiction

Only two states require HPV vaccination

Novel method identifies FDA-approved antacid as candidate TB treatment

Research on underexamined animal infections benefits human health

TTE appears viable for managing low-risk S. aureus bacteremia

Televised Ebola news coverage influences social media panic

Vaccine program protects Australian women against 4vHPV

Risk for MERS-CoV importation to Canada low

Valley fever cases rise in Missouri

Surveillance program identifies hepatitis disease patterns in India

Risk for hospitalization from community-acquired pneumonia significantly higher in older adults

Researchers urge additional investment in global health aid

Single measles exposure led to $5,600 in clinic costs

Study shows low SVR among veterans on Sovaldi-based regimens

Software identifies sources of fecal water contamination

Expert panel releases prevention recommendations for nosocomial C. difficile

European swine flu may target immunocompromised

Emerging norovirus strain triggers gastroenteritis outbreaks in China

Health care textiles rarely contaminated when washed, stored properly

Harvoni shows promise for HCV genotype 4

H. pylori eradication may reduce gastric cancer incidence

EBOV remains viable for several days under treatment unit conditions

Complera well-tolerated as PEP in MSM

Combination therapy effective for HIV patients with visceral leishmaniasis

Alisporivir plus ribavirin yields high response rates for HCV genotype 3

Ebola vaccine candidate highly effective in phase 3 trial

Early ART beneficial for newly diagnosed TB patients with low CD4

Blood-free transdermal device tests for malaria in seconds

Hepatitis B vaccine boosters unneeded for patients with residual anti-HBs

Infection prevention methods in US vary after cesarean delivery

Increasing secondary education reduces HIV infection rates

Melioidosis cases increase slightly in US

Liberians struggle to identify Ebola

Legionnaires’ disease organism sources largely unknown

Infections responsible for 28% of hospital readmissions

Hospitals continue to use contact precautions to control MRSA spread

Meeting News Coverage

TDF2 OLE: High PrEP adherence results in zero infections

Immune cells in HIV nonprogressors metabolize cholesterol more effectively

Perinatally infected HIV patient maintains remission 11 years after therapy

Pharmacology Consult

C. difficile: Infection prevention and pharmacy considerations

Brandon Ferlas, PharmD, MS; Kati Shihadeh, PharmD