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Two parasite types may worsen malaria in humans

May 29, 2015

Two genetically distinct Plasmodium knowlesi parasite subpopulations associated with different monkey host species in Malaysia are causing malaria in humans, raising the possibility that hybridization could lead to the creation of a more virulent strain with enhanced transmission, according to research published in PLoS Pathogens.

“We were very surprised to find that knowlesi malaria is really two separate zoonoses going on at the same time,” David J. Conway, PhD, professor of biology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said in a press release. “There is a lot of genetic diversity within each of the parasite types, but the high level of divergence between them indicates they are probably different subspecies being transmitted separately within the same areas. If zoonotic transmission continues to be common, it becomes more likely that the two types may hybridize genetically, leading to new possibilities for parasite adaptation to humans or additional mosquito vectors.”

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Infection treatment option proves effective in joint reconstruction cases

May 29, 2015
PRAGUE — There was 78% eradication of infection in total joint replacement procedures at 3 years follow-up with a simple protocol used by orthopaedic surgeons at…
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Higher viral load at admission predicts greater mortality in EVD patients

May 29, 2015
Viral load at admission to a treatment facility could be a major factor in predicting Ebola virus disease mortality, according to research published in The Journal of
Amputation for open lower-limb fractures should not be seen as a failure Meeting News Coverage

Amputation for open lower-limb fractures should not be seen as a failure

May 29, 2015
PRAGUE — Amputation of a limb as a result of an open fracture should not be considered a failure by the patient or medical team, as functional outcomes and quality…
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FDA approves meropenem for infants with abdominal infections

May 29, 2015
The FDA today approved the antibiotic meropenem for the treatment of abdominal infections in neonates and infants aged younger than 3 months, according to a press…
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Infectious Disease Case Consults

The Patient with Hepatitis C

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This CME activity will focus on the diagnosis and management of patients with hepatitis C.
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VIDEO: C-SURFER: Patients with kidney disease, HCV achieve high rates of SVR

VIDEO: C-SURFER: Patients with kidney disease, HCV achieve high rates of SVR

April 25, 2015
VIENNA — Howard Monsour Jr., MD, chief of hepatology, Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas, discussed results of…
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Management of Pediatric Conjunctivitis and Otitis/Conjunctivitis Syndrome

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Acute bacterial conjunctivitis affects approximately 1 of every 8 children each year, and 5 million cases occur in the…
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