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One-third of patients do not receive recommended post-mastectomy radiation

March 3, 2015

Only 65% of women with breast cancer whose disease spread to four or more nearby lymph nodes underwent recommended radiation therapy after mastectomy, according to study results.

“My colleagues and I were quite startled by the finding that a third of patients with N2/N3 disease did not receive post-mastectomy radiation therapy, which is the standard of care,” Quyen D. Chu, MD, MBA, FACS, professor of surgery at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, said in a press release. “From this study, we could not tease out whether patients refuse treatment or there is a lack of awareness among women and physicians about the need for radiation therapy after mastectomy for locally advanced breast cancer. If women with N2/N3 breast cancer who plan a mastectomy are not offered post-mastectomy radiation therapy, they should ask their physician why.”

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Study: No benefit from anticoagulant use in Behçet’s disease

March 3, 2015
Patients with vascular manifestations of Behçet’s disease who received treatment with anticoagulants did not benefit from the therapy given in addition to…
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