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Addition of monoclonal antibody to reduced-intensity conditioning regimen effective in advanced B-cell lymphoma

December 18, 2014

The addition of the CD20-directed monoclonal antibody 90Y-Ibritumomab tiuxetan to a reduced-intensity fludarabine-based conditioning regimen followed by allogeneic transplantation appeared safe and effective in patients with chemosensitive advanced high-risk B-cell lymphoma, according to results of a multicenter phase 2 trial.

Patients with advanced B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma who are refractory to initial chemotherapy or relapse after autologous stem cell transplant have a poor prognosis. Transplantation after a reduced-intensity conditioning regimen may be an effective therapeutic option, yet the high incidence for relapse remains a formidable challenge, according to background information provided by researchers.

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High AKR1B10 protein expression showed promising survival rates for HCC

December 18, 2014
Among a cohort of Korean patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, high aldo-keto reductase 1B10 protein expression predicted longer recurrence-free and disease-specific…
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Ado-trastuzumab emtansine significantly extended OS in HER-2–positive breast cancer with CNS metastases

December 18, 2014
Patients with HER-2–positive advanced breast cancer treated with ado-trastuzumab emtansine experienced similar rates of central nervous system progression as those…
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Early thymic precursor immunophenotype does not affect T-cell ALL outcomes

December 18, 2014
SAN FRANCISCO — Children with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia achieved favorable 5-year EFS and OS outcomes regardless of whether they expressed the early…
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New year, new code: How to get paid for chronic care management in 2015, part 1

December 18, 2014
From international law firm Arnold & Porter LLP comes a timely column that provides views on current regulatory and legislative topics that weigh on the minds of today’s…
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IBIS-I: Tamoxifen provides long-term protection for women at high risk for breast cancer

IBIS-I: Tamoxifen provides long-term protection for women at high risk for breast cancer

December 12, 2014
SAN ANTONIO — Erin W. Hofstatter, MD, director of the Breast Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program at Yale…
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Treatment Decision-Making through the Spectrum of MDS:
Case 2 High Risk MDS

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