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Childhood cancer survivors likely to need federal income assistance as adults

May 27, 2015

Long-term survivors of childhood cancers are more likely to claim supplemental social security income or social security disability insurance as adults than those without a cancer history, according to study findings.

Although the 5-year survival rate from a diagnosis of childhood cancer is 80%, a significant number of those survivors face future health-related challenges as adults, including second malignancies, heart failure and other medical complications, according to study background. These treatment-related complications and a resulting inability to work may lead to financial difficulties, the researchers wrote.

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ATA releases first guidelines for pediatric thyroid nodules, cancer

May 27, 2015
An American Thyroid Association task force recently released guidelines for treating children with thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer that were published in…
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Cancer diagnosis may encourage smoking cessation

May 27, 2015
The receipt of a cancer diagnosis was associated with sustained smoking cessation regardless of the cancer’s prognosis or relation to smoking, according to study…
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Personalized vaccines provoke antitumor activity in melanoma

May 27, 2015
A dendritic cell vaccine targeted at patient-specific neoantigens expanded the antitumor immune response in patients with melanoma, according to study…
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Past breast-feeding may decrease risk for breast cancer recurrence, death

May 27, 2015
Previous breast-feeding was linked to reduced risks for disease recurrence and breast-cancer death in women with breast cancer, according to study results.Women who…
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