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Citalopram for Alzheimer’s disease requires further research

April 29, 2016

Although citalopram appeared to reduce delusions, anxiety and irritability among individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, researchers expressed concern regarding cognitive and cardiac side effects of the treatment.

“No pharmacotherapy has been approved for this indication by the [FDA]. Atypical antipsychotics, which have the best-established albeit limited efficacy, are the most frequently used agents in practice. This is problematic, as growing evidence suggests serious safety concerns, increased mortality, and uncertain efficacy when using antipsychotics in patients with dementia,” Anne K. Leonpacher, MD, of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, and colleagues wrote.

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Physicians who do not certify more likely to receive disciplinary actions

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NIH awards grant to further research potential cause of Alzheimer’s disease

April 28, 2016
The NIH has awarded a $3.6 million grant to Luciano D’Adamio, MD, PhD, of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, to continue his research on how amyloid precursor…

CMS requests feedback on EHR measure of inpatient antipsychotic use in older adults

April 26, 2016
CMS has called for public comments regarding an electronic health record measure of antipsychotic use among older adults in inpatient hospital settings.CMS has been…
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