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Follow a checklist to help decide what to do with estate life insurance

October 20, 2014

Before recent changes in estate laws, it was common for attorneys, financial planners and insurance agents to recommend purchasing life insurance — commonly called survivorship life — in an irrevocable trust designed to provide liquidity at the death of yourself and your spouse. That was then. This is now.

Today, more taxpayers, i.e., those with combined estates less than $10,600,000, no longer have to worry about the big slice of taxes on your accumulated assets when you and your spouse pass away. The question is then — why keep the life insurance you bought for that purpose if the need has vanished?

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Open Payments search tool released

October 20, 2014
CMS announced it has added a simple search tool to its Open Payments website, which now includes more detailed information.Users can search the database in three ways…
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‘Virtual ward’ post-discharge model did not reduce hospital readmissions

October 17, 2014
Using a post-discharge “virtual ward” model of care did not reduce readmission rates or death among high-risk patients discharged from the hospital…
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NIH programs explore genomics application in ‘real world’ setting

October 16, 2014
WASHINGTON — Two large-scale research projects supported by the NIH have been aimed at expanding the use of genomics from the laboratory setting into everyday…
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Death Anxiety in Hospitalized End-of-Life Patients as Captured from a Structured Electronic Health Record: Differences by Patient and Nurse Characteristics

Research in Gerontological Nursing, September/October 2014, Volume 7 Issue 5
The nursing outcomes of hospitalized patients whose plans of care include death anxiety, which is a diagnosis among…
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Scott D. Boden, MD, expands on the increasing population of older patients' demand on orthopedic practices

August 6, 2014
LONDON — At the 15th EFORT Congress – A Combined Program in Partnership with the BOA, Scott D. Boden, MD…
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