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Medical societies express concern as CMS publishes first wave of payment data

September 30, 2014

CMS has come under criticism today for the release of its first batch of Open Payments System data. According to some medical societies, the data are inaccurate and incomplete, and the American Medical Association has asked the media to consider the data carefully before passing judgment about physicians’ and teaching hospitals’ relationships with industry.

“[The] AMA has strongly urged the federal government to adopt sensible measures to ensure that the information released is accurate,” AMA’s leadership wrote in a press release. “Unfortunately, the CMS’ Open Payments program has, to-date, been plagued by significant shortcomings that call into question the accuracy of information that will be published [today], including an inadequate opportunity for physicians to review their individual data and technical problems with the system’s website.”

Proposition 46 under fire: Experts call for better approach to physician drug testing

September 29, 2014
In two editorials published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, three physicians are speaking out against California’s Proposition 46, which would require…
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Elderly patients more likely to adhere to generic statins than brand-name statins

September 26, 2014
Elderly patients who initiated therapy with a generic statin had a better rate of medication adherence and a lower rate of hospitalization for ACS or stroke and…
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Targeted treatment improved complicated grief vs. interpersonal psychotherapy

September 25, 2014
Therapy that specifically targeted complicated grief in older adults based on an attachment theory model was more effective in reducing symptoms than interpersonal…
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Using Branching Simulations in Treatment Fidelity Plans

Research in Gerontological Nursing, September/October 2014, Volume 7 Issue 5
The purpose of this article is to present a new approach to treatment fidelity using branching simulations. Branching…
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Scott D. Boden, MD, expands on the increasing population of older patients' demand on orthopedic practices

August 6, 2014
LONDON — At the 15th EFORT Congress – A Combined Program in Partnership with the BOA, Scott D. Boden, MD…
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