Infectious Diseases in Children


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Behind the label: ADHD over 30 years

Inclusion of rapid test results leaves gaps in CDC foodborne illness data

Parental concerns over MiraLAX laxative continue to spur closer review

READI Act offers incentives for new antibiotics, rapid diagnostics

At Issue

Encountering drug-resistant head lice in the pediatric office

Cover Story

Head lice: Misinformation, resistance in the pediatrician’s office

In the Journals

Vaccination reduced risk of pediatric influenza-related death by 65%

Mite-proof bedding may reduce asthma exacerbation in sensitized children

More than 50% of patients with tree nut-allergy passed an oral food challenge

Nosocomial Ebola transmission rate among children ‘lower than feared’

Reserved antibiotic use differs greatly among children's hospitals

Supervised self-injected epinephrine tutorials improved food-allergic patient, parent comfort levels

Pest management no more effective than education for reducing pediatric mouse allergen-related asthma

Nursery product-related injuries continue to rise in young children

Parental perceptions about influenza vaccine inhibit uptake

Inner-city residence linked to pediatric asthma morbidity, not prevalence

Developmental, behavioral issues more common among rural children

Black teens with mental illnesses at increased risk for HIV, STIs

Maternal Tdap vaccine reduced infant pertussis risk by 91% in first 2 months

Black schoolchildren at higher risk for ambulance-treated asthma attacks

Incidence of perinatal HIV infections remain 1.75 times higher than CDC goal

Hydrocortisone use unrelated to neurodevelopmental impairment in preterm infants

In the Journals Plus

Rapid active sampling quick, effective in measuring norovirus in rural Guatemala

Pharmacology Consult

Addressing a pediatric health epidemic: Implications of the opioid crisis

Edward A Bell, PharmD BCPS

What's Your Diagnosis?

2-month-old girl with chorioretinitis presents with small for gestational age, small head circumference

James H Brien, DO