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New gene expression classifier for testing thyroid nodules released

April 18, 2015

ThyraMIR, a microRNA gene expression classifier for identification of indeterminate benign and malignant thyroid nodules, was recently launched by PDI, Inc., according to a company press release.

Use in combination with ThyGenX, ThyraMIR Interpace Diagnostics’ genetic mutation panel resulted in a negative predictive value of 94% and a positive predictive value of 74%, revealing a cancer prevalence of 32%. The high specificity and sensitivity of ThyraMIR and ThyGenX will allow physicians to identify and rule out thyroid cancer with a single testing regimen.

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Average vocal pitch decrease linked to testosterone dosing

April 17, 2015
Dose- and concentration-dependent decrease in average vocal pitch was found among women with higher levels of testosterone administration over 24 weeks, according to…
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Preterm infants show increased adiponectin levels in first weeks of life

April 17, 2015
In very preterm infants, blood concentrations of adiponectin appear to increase significantly within the first 3 weeks of life, according to recent findings. In an…
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Risk for sudden deafness higher among patients with osteoporosis

April 17, 2015
Sudden sensorineural hearing loss development is increased among people diagnosed with osteoporosis, according to recent study findings published in The Journal of
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Autonomic imbalance may predict multiple poor metabolic outcomes

April 17, 2015
Resting heart rate and heart rate variability may serve as predictors for certain metabolic risk outcomes and diabetes, according to research in The Journal of Clinical
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Obesity Consults: Volume 2, Number 2
Obesity Forum 2014 Highlights

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